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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 482


To be honest, Dio couldn’t understand the Heart-Shaped Grass’ complex origin. It could give someone the Black Panther’s power, while consuming it again would take away the power!

And now, the purple energy that was clearly the Black Panther’s power inside T’challa was consuming the life energy that Dio gave to save his life!

Dio sighed and injected the life energy directly from [Gold Experience] to T’challa. The Black Panther’s power inside T’challa began to grow as it consumed the life energy at a very significant rate, but it also immediately treated T’challa’s injury.

Dio found it interesting as he inspected what the purple energy was doing inside T’challa’s body.

At the same time, everyone else couldn’t see what Dio’s doing, but they could see the golden light shining in Dio’s hand, and T’challa’s complexion gradually returning to normal.

 Everyone realised that Dio’s treatment was working quite well.

After a minute or so, Dio injected some life energy into the snail so it could fragment itself again later and de-summoned the [Gold Experience] immediately right after.

Dio sighed again as this time he consumed 200.000 Hamon energy to save T’challa!

Dio wouldn’t do such a thing if he weren’t the Black Panther!

Right after Dio de-summoned [Gold Experience], T’challa opened his eyes. Shuri immediately rushed toward him with excitement and joy as she saw her brother finally opened his eyes again!

However, none of the Avengers seemed relieved or amazed at all as they already knew from the beginning that T’challa would be saved.

“Where are we?” T’challa asked as he smiled at the three most important women in his life.

Although he didn’t know what happened after he fell from the cliff, he didn’t expect that he would survive!

So, Shuri immediately began to fill T’challa in with what happened after that.

T’challa wasn’t surprised to hear that Eric has become the new king and gained the Black Panther’s power.

However, hearing Dio helped the royal family escape along with his search and treatment was surprising for T’challa.

“Thank you! But can I get a blanket or a piece of clothing here?” T’challa asked Shuri awkwardly.

Shuri sighed, but she didn’t bring any towel and gave a necklace instead that was supposed to be T’challa’s new Black Panther suit to T’challa.

And therefore, T’challa was back with his Black Panther Suit, looking gallant as ever!

“I will take back my throne! Although it was rude of me to ask this to my guest, I hope that you all will help me! I can’t promise anything to you now, but I will entrust with my life in your hands in the future!” T’challa said to Dio and the rest of the Avenger sincerely.

Although he believed that as long as the news that he was still alive reached the royal palace, Eric would undoubtedly do anything to get rid of T’challa. T’challa believed that Dio’s help was paramount for him to get his throne back as there was no way he could fight against the Wakanda royal army by himself!

T’challa knew that his request was too much, and therefore, even if Dio and the Avenger ended up not helping him, he would always recognize them as his friend.

“Well, it was not a bad thing to befriend a king. After all, I don’t want Wakanda that has the most advanced equipment in this world, falling into the hand of a murderer!” Steve said casually.

Sam and Bucky nodded as they would always join up with Steve, while the rest was waiting for Dio to agree.

Aside from Barton, who has made his way back to his home as he realised that he was no longer a wanted man, everyone considered Dio, their leader.

“Let’s just say that we are even after this. Don’t bring it up again in the future!” Dio said as he sighed exasperatedly.

Everyone was confused by what Dio was talking about, but T’challa and Shuri immediately knew what Dio was talking about!

“So it really was you! You finally admitted it!” T’challa said excitedly.

“But, you are the only one who was able to reclaim your throne! We will try our best to secure your path, but the rest is up to you!” Dio said solemnly, ignoring T’challa’s excitement and Shuri wonderment.

“Okay, you won! I will do as you say!” T’challa said with a smile on his face.

Steve and the others didn’t really know what happened in the past.

They clearly look puzzled, but Dio wouldn’t tell them anything as he was quite embarrassed by what he had done in the past.

So, after discussing what they would do, it was decided that they would have one night rest and settle the score with Eric tomorrow!

With the presence of T’challa, the former king, all they had to do was cause a diversion and drew the attention of Eric’s Royal Guard and let T’challa fights against Eric himself!

That way, T’challa’s reign wouldn’t be questioned by the Wakandan later on!

The only thing that Dio and the Avengers had to watch out for was refraining from killing too many soldiers in this battle. After all, they’re simply following their king’s orders!

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