Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 483


The next day, the newly appointed King Eric was almost impatient to attack the outside world!

He has already packed many boxes of weapons ready to be transported to the outside world to initiate war into the Fighter Jet!

“Everything went according to plan!” W’kabi said as he reported back to Eric.

He. W’kabi, the frontier tribe chief in Wakanda, was eager to make Wakanda known to the world, but because he was T’challa’s best friend, he was forced to behave conservatively.

“Have the spies been notified?” Eric asked casually.

Although he knew that Wakanda is a powerful nation, he didn’t realise the extent of Wakanda’s power until he became the King!

“Yes, but there were some spies who oppose our mission. But the one on London, New York, and Beijing were on standby!”

“Alright, then we would proceed as planned,” Eric said casually.

“After seeing our weaponry and what it could do, the world will fear us soon!”

“What about the Avengers? We are too late to stop them from fleeing the other night.” W’kabi asked curiously.

“They’re not that formidable when it comes to numbers. They are just some people who have earned an adequate reputation, but now, they’ve already lost those reputations. I don’t think they would interfere with our plan.” Eric said dismissively.

But suddenly, an explosion happened outside of the palace.

Everyone immediately looked at what has happened outside and saw that a huge battleship appeared out of thin air.

“It’s the Avenger’s ships! They are back!” W’kabi shouted worriedly.

Eric frowned as he didn’t expect this turn of events. It was clear that the Avenger was looking for trouble!

But just as he wanted to order the soldiers to retaliate, a voice that he wanted the least to hear shouted on the hall!

“Eric! I am back. Let’s pick up where we left off!” T’challa shouted as he came towards the Throne room wearing his Black Panther outfit.

“It’s T’challa!”

“He’s alive !?”

Everyone was taken aback by T’challa’s sudden appearance but immediately calmed down since the frown on Eric’s face was clearer and clearer, “You are a sore loser! The challenge is already over, and I am now the official King of Wakanda!”

“But apparently, you didn’t kill me off just yet!” T’challa said tauntingly.

Clearly annoyed, Eric immediately ordered the royal guard to capture T’challa and destroy the battleship!

Most people obeyed the order and immediately took arms against T’challa, but Okoye, who believed that a killer like Eric didn’t deserve the position as a King of Wakanda, chose to stand with T’challa!

As a result, T’challa was now with Okoye, fighting against the royal guards and Eric! But it was obvious that T’challa was at a disadvantage as W’kabi joined the fight.

But suddenly, a blue blur appeared, and the Avenger arrived one after another.

“Now it seems we’re evenly matched!” Quicksilver said with a smirk on his face.

He brought Steve and the rest of the Avenger except for Mantis to the throne room.

“Well, I am sorry for the trouble!” T’challa said as he smiled under his mask.

T’challa knew that even if Wakanda technology was advanced, it still couldn’t defeat the Avengers. He knew this firsthand as he struggled just to capture Bucky earlier.

On the other hand, Dio, who didn’t show up in the throne room, was sitting in the Dark Battleship, shooting down as many fighter jets as he could from the air.

The situation has tipped the scale to T’challa’s favour.

“W’kabi! It’s already too late! You should stop now!” T’challa shouted as he wanted to get his best friend back.

But W’kabi was already too disappointed by T’challa that he didn’t want to let go of Eric’s plan just yet!

“I can no longer tolerate Wakanda living in the shadow of the world! Although Eric might not be the best King, he would certainly change Wakanda!” W’kabi said confidently.

“He surely would change Wakanda, but it wouldn’t be for the better! Does the future of Wakanda not concern you?” T’challa asked worriedly.

At the same time, everyone was fighting everywhere, except for Quicksilver, who came and went as he pleased.

Wanda could use her ability to fend off a bunch of enemies, which was the best scenario as the enemy would end up unconscious. On the other hand, Steve was charging forward with his shield, mowing down the enemy in his path, rendering them immobile, while Sam provided support from the sky.

The most obvious one out of them was Scott, who suddenly transformed into a giant and started to kick the soldiers away!

With just one kick from Scott, the soldiers lost their will to fight! The energy barrier that was provided by the cape that was also infused with Vibranium was rendered useless!

Seeing the disadvantage he was currently in, Eric realized he was underestimating the Avengers too much!

The Heart-Shaped Grass and the Black Panther’s power indeed increased his combat effectiveness, but it was clear that he couldn’t handle the power of those monsters!

So, the only thing that he was thinking at the moment was to escape!

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