Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 490


Scott, who has disguised himself, sat in a café across Hope’s house. Scott knew that Hope and Hank should have known what happened yesterday, and he hoped that they would make their approach soon. The only thing he could do right now was to wait for them to fetch him as he really had no idea where they were.

After waiting for quite a while, finally, Scott got his release! He saw an ant crawling under his cup and gradually formed the word ‘Hope.’ So, without further question, Scott picked up a newspaper to conceal the ant from plain sight while excitedly whispers to the ants. “Hope, it’s me, Scott! Where are you?”

The ant soon lined up once again, forming a line ‘Flower Shop. Van. License plate number.’ Respectively. This is the best hidden message ever, as there was no way a normal person would suspect a colony of ants. But still, Scott had to be careful of his surroundings! But several ants began to show odd behaviour. They began to spin in place, making Scott a little confused about what Hope was trying to say.

Curious by what was happening, Scott entered the toilet and changed into his Ant-man suit. After he was at the size of an ant, he immediately rushed towards the flower shop. Sure enough, he found a mini-size van under the bench.

Scott excitedly rushed towards the car, and before he could see what was inside, the van door opened, and someone immediately dragged him inside and drove away. Just several minutes after, several CIA agents in casual clothes gathered around the Flower Shop and immediately searched for Scott, but he was long gone!

. . . . . . .

“Hey, Hope, Hank! I’m so happy to see you’re all right!” Scott said happily, but after seeing Hope’s frowning face, Scott immediately fell silent.

“Thanks to you, our freedom is gone! But of course, you got to be a happy guy among others!” Hope said, still with a frown.

“I am sorry, the Avengers appeared all of a sudden, saying that they need my help to save the Captain. I didn’t know that it would turn out this big!” Scott said, trying to defend himself.

“Scott, we are here not to hear about your apology but to determine something!”

“What is it?”

“Did you enter the Quantum Field yesterday?” Hank asked inquisitively.

Scott froze for a moment and nodded. He was a little bit afraid of acknowledging it as he knows that Hank has specifically told him that he couldn’t enter the Quantum Field! But he was a little bit confused as he saw Hank and Hope smiling at each other.

“But, how did you know about it? Did you monitor the CIA?” Scott responded confusedly.

“Of course we did! You are the biggest security threat to America, and therefore we have to know what the government was thinking.” Hope said casually. In fact, Hope also monitored Casey, but unlike the CIA, she only sent the ant to scout the surrounding house and didn’t violate Casey’s privacy.

After moving around for 20 minutes, the van stopped in front of an abandoned apartment in the suburb, and Hank immediately reverted the van to its original size. Obviously, Hank Pym has made many breakthroughs with the Pym Particle, so he could already apply it to many things.


At the same time, Dio, who has already altered his appearance, walked through the street of New York. Dio was a little bit annoyed that troubles kept showing its rear end since Dio came back to Earth, so he wanted to see everything that he left behind in his spare time.

He walked towards the Villa that Jessica originally lived in. When Dio arrived near the Villa, he could see a sports car in front of the Villa and a pair of beautiful eyes staring at him. Dio immediately realised that it was Irene herself! Dio was a little dumbfounded as he saw that Irene already grew up into a beautiful teenager.

But Dio didn’t let his own emotion get the better of him, so before the girl could ask who he was, Dio got back inside his car and drove away. And right after he left, Jessica and Will walked out of the house. “Irene, what did you see? Why are you running there?” Jessica asked curiously.

“I don’t know; I thought I saw someone familiar!” Irene said dejectedly. She thought she saw Dio for a moment, but the height was different, making her doubt it. But one thing for sure was that she missed Dio a lot!

. . . . . . . . .

After that, Dio immediately drove towards Strange’s Private Clinic, but as soon as he got there, the name has already changed.

“Hello, isn’t this Dr. Stephen Strange’s Private Clinic?” Dio asked the waiting nurse on the information desk.

“Oh, Dr. Stephen Strange had a car accident a while back, and this clinic has been sold to Dr. October.”

Dio froze for a moment as he didn’t expect that Dr. Strange’s accident has already taken place. He just hoped that he found his way to the Kamartaj just like the plot in the movie. “Did you know where the working Doctors’ whereabout?” Dio asked curiously. He only wanted about Cristine’s whereabout but refrain from asking about it specifically.

“I am sorry, but I didn’t know them well. After Dr. Strange’s accident, he drove everyone away!” the nurse said apologetically.

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