Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 504


After a busy day, Robbie Reyes said goodbye to his colleague and got ready to go home, but after walking to his pickup truck, he found that all of his tires were busted. He was annoyed by the situation as it was clearly someone’s doing. But fortunately, he worked in a repair garage, so he could change his tire in a jiffy.

Suddenly, a car that he worked on earlier stopped in front of his car.

“Hey, we meet again!” Dio said as he stepped out of his car.

“You did this, right?” Robbie asked annoyedly.

“Yes, but rest assured, I will compensate you later. So, would you come with me for a moment?” Dio said politely.

Robbie was annoyed at the man in front of him, and a flash of fire could be seen in his eyes faintly, but he quickly took a deep breath and immediately walked away from Dio. Dio, in turn, smirked and immediately went with plan number 2.

“You know, I looked into your file at SHIELD, and it said that you have brought over an evil entity back to earth with a book,” Dio said while leaning to his car. Robbie instantly stopped and immediately turned back to face Dio.

“Are you from SHIELD!?” Robbie asked coldly.

“No, but I have worked there sometimes ago, but my relationship with them is the same as you are now,” Dio said honestly.

Robbie couldn’t help but narrow his eyes at Dio as he didn’t completely trust him. 

“It was you who was with Spider Boy a few nights ago, right?” Robbie said annoyedly.

“Wow, what makes you think of that?” Dio raised his brow as his appearance was different using [Khnum].

“Your soul! No matter how you changed your appearance, your soul would be the same!” Robbie said indifferently.

“Well, you’ve already recognised me during the day earlier then.” Dio said amusedly.

Robbie didn’t say anything as he just stared at Dio nervously. 

“Don’t be so nervous. I didn’t have any ill intent coming here tonight.” Dio said indifferently.

“So what is your purpose!?” Robbie said coldly.

“My purpose? Probably just to satisfy my curiosity. After Hell, Demon, and whatever you are stuck with was very interesting.” Dio said indifferently.

“You should just read the myths and stories. You will have everything that would satisfy your curiosity there, or better yet, just read the bible!” Robbie said indifferently.

“Well, that works too, but field experiment is my thing. So, how about I cut you a deal? You will satisfy my curiosity in exchange for me keeping your secrets, and I will not bother whatever it is your end goal is.” Dio said indifferently as he flung his cigar into the Auto Repair Sign.

“Have you heard a word curiosity killed a cat?” Robbie said threateningly.

“Sure, if you can do it, I will back away,” Dio said indifferently.

Robbie just stared at Dio, unmoving as both of them obviously had a lot of confidence in their own power. But eventually, Robbie realised that whether he could win against the man in front of him, the situation would be annoying nonetheless. “It seems that I don’t have a choice here,” Robbie said with a sigh.

“Come on in, you drive,” Dio said as he threw his car keys to Robbie and entered the passenger side. Robbie immediately entered the car and left the auto repair shop without any proper direction in mind.

But Robbie knew that he still had to solve his problem tonight. “Are you ready to experience your first amusement?” Robbie asked while his head was already half-skeleton.

“Sure, fire away!” Dio said excitedly. It felt like Dio was a tourist who came to experience an amusement park ride.

“Sit still and don’t move too much!” Robbie said right before he completely transformed into the flaming skeleton with chilling laughter. Then Dio’s car immediately transformed into something else entirely due to the Ghost Rider’s power.

It was changed into a hell-themed ride, which was because of the hellfire from the Ghost Rider! Dio began to think that hellfire was a good artifact to make edgy stuff.

It didn’t take any effort to change something plain and boring into something cool and metal. 

After the transformation, Robbie, who has now fully transformed into Ghost Rider, laughed maniacally and stepped on the throttle, going for the maximum speed the car could dish out, leaving a trail of blazing flame from the tires marks!

Dio, who has never experienced the thrill, felt excited to see everything faded away quickly from the window. The flame that burst out below the car and the roar of the engine really made the experience much more thrilling.

In just a moment, the car had reached 300 Mph. The car actually created a little tremor to the surrounding, making it like the car tore the ground as it passed! It didn’t take long before they reach a deserted place, and the ghost rider finally slowed down.

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