Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 505


“How do you feel?” Robbie asked Dio after he transformed into the Ghost Rider and the car was already in the ghost state.

“Fine, nothing bad,” Dio said honestly.

“Hmm, maybe we can start to the second amusement, called ‘look into my eyes!’” Robbie said as he suddenly stared into Dio with his black ashen eyes. Dio smirked and immediately pulled out a gun and shot it right in the Ghost Rider’s eyes. Ghost Rider’s head was tilted back, and a big hole opened in his skull, but a few seconds after that, the injury on his skull was restored back to normal.

“It hurts!” Robbie said annoyedly.

“Is there any cooler amusement you can show me?” Dio said uninterestedly. Robbie shrugged and returned to the car. He immediately controlled the car quickly and directed it towards Dio. 

Dio didn’t flinch even when the car was already close enough to ram him. That was because Dio already transformed the car into a bomb under [Killer Queen] ability, so as the car came close, Dio detonated it and blew it up to the sky!

“It is a waste to destroy such a beautiful car, but I’ll ask T’challa for another one tomorrow,” Dio said indifferently. But still, Dio knew that the Ghost Rider wouldn’t be affected by the explosion earlier.

“You’re clearly not a normal person!” Robbie said as he walked out of the car wreck with a chain wrapped around his shoulder.

“It’s just a little trick out of my sleeve,” Dio said indifferently, and suddenly, a miniature-sized tank appeared on Dio’s hand, and he marched it towards Robbie. This was [Sheer Heart Attack] ability that belonged to [Killer Queen]! This miniature tank was very resilient as it was difficult to destroy!

But Robbie’s Reyes froze on the spot as he saw something appeared behind Dio that looked inhuman, he didn’t really notice the tank was already creeping up his feet, and once he realised it, he was puzzled by what the miniature tank could do.

Then the next moment, the miniature tank lit up and exploded! But even after it exploded, [Sheer Heart Attack] wasn’t destroyed and kept on crawling towards Robbie. After 5 to 6 explosions in a row, Robbie immediately chained the miniature tank with his chain to keep it away from him. 

The chain infused with hellfire seemed to hold the miniature tanks in place. But the next second, the explosion happened again and destroyed the hell chain in Robbie’s grip. [Sheer Heart Attack] would always explode once it came into contact with the target’s heat signal, and since Robbie was enveloped with hellfire, the chain that he used was also enveloped by the hellfire, [Sheer Heart Attack] would always explode! 

Once the chain was destroyed, the miniature tank resumed its advance towards Robbie.

“What the fuck is this!” Robbie said annoyedly. He immediately untied another chain on his shoulder and tried to smash the mini tank with it. But once again, it didn’t do anything to the mini tank! Robbie was annoyed beyond belief, and he started to spin the chain, making it into a huge ball of flaming iron chain, and slammed it on the mini tank.

It was like witnessing a meteor strike, but the mini-tank was still intact! Not even a scratch was seen on the mini tank’s body!

Dio smirked as he knew that [Sheer Heart Attack] was indestructible in a way, but it wasn’t completely omnipotent! There was a way to avert its focus, thus redirecting it away from the target. But in this situation, Dio didn’t think that Robbie would have any clue what to do.

Dio wanted to mess with Robbie even more, and thus he shot a bullet from [Emperor] towards Robbie. This time, Robbie heard the gunshot and raised the chain to block the bullets from Dio, but as the [Emperor] could control the bullet trajectory, the bullet curved and hit Robbie right between the eye nonetheless.

But Dio’s attack was not over yet! The [Emperor]’s bullet was also infused with [Killer Queen]’s ability, causing it to explode upon impact, destroying Robbie’s skull completely!

The flames that surrounded Robbie’s body immediately ceased as Robbie obviously took a significant amount of damage. The chain fell weakly into the ground, allowing the [Sheer Heart Attack] to crawl towards Robbie unhindered, exploding again!

It was one explosion after another!

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