Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 509


An academic decathlon team was busy discussing their plans for the competitions.

“Peter, this is a national event. Can you ask them for two days off?” Harrington, the teacher in charge of the decathlon, asked Peter Parker worriedly after hearing that Peter wanted to withdraw from the event. 

“I can’t go to Washington because Mr. Stark needs me, and I have to make sure that I will be there when it happens!” Peter explained solemnly. In order to find a way to prove himself back to Tony Stark, Peter even withdrew from the event that he has sacrificed a year preparing on. 

“Oh, come on! You haven’t even met with Tony Stark himself! You are just an intern of Stark Industries!” Thompson said while leaning on his chair. He was Peter’s classmate, and it was obvious that he wanted to show off in front of others and didn’t like Peter that much. 

Peter was at a loss for words as being an intern at Stark Industries was just a guise. The truth was Tony Stark himself invited him to Berlin to fight against the rogue Avengers! The Captain of the team, Liz Allen, glanced at Peter helplessly. “Flash, you can take Peter’s place if you want,” Liz said to Thompson with a sigh.

“I am not sure. I have to check my schedule first! I have a date with Black Widow later.” Flash said mockingly.

Everyone in the room rolled their eyes at Flash’s mockery. Peter even wanted to brag that he had seen and met Black Widow himself, but it wasn’t possible considering he said he was just an intern. 15 year old was the time when it was hard to hold back immaturity, but Peter was doing a great job in this case. 

At the same time, the door opened, and the principal came with a stranger.

“Mr. Harrington, this is Mr. Ethan! He was responsible for the academic exchange of Wakanda.” The principal said solemnly.

“Hello, Mr. Ethan,” Harrington said as he reached out for a handshake. Harrington has watched the news almost every day, so he already heard about Wakanda. He knew that Wakanda was a powerful and rich country that has developed itself technologically above any other nation. Still, he didn’t understand why such a country would send a representative to high school.

“Hello, Mr. Harrington. I am here to choose a student for our Student Exchange program, Wakanda has decided to open up a chance for people from the other country to experience and learn from our country, so we offered our hands to the most reputable and genuine school all over the world, and your school is one of them.” Ethan said solemnly.

Everyone was surprised to hear the explanation. They knew that Wakanda had the most advanced technolog, so they were curious what they could get from Wakanda if they could participate in that Student Exchange Program.

“But unfortunately, the public still didn’t understand the weight of our Student Exchange Program. Therefore, we will select several elite students from major schools to attend the program. Although it sounds very unfair, we have to set a benchmark so that people can have an open-minded perspective of our program in the future.” Ethan said solemnly.

“That is great!” the principal said happily as she was quite honoured to be on the list of prospective schools. The others followed suit by giving Mr. Ethan applause as they appreciated Wakanda’s effort. Regardless of whether it really was Wakanda’s real goal or not, it was a great opportunity to have nonetheless!

Students with good academic records obviously wanted to stay ahead of the others as it was a tough competition! It was clearly a great strategy as they would have a better future than the others in certain fields!

“Mr. Ethan, I assure you that our school will fully cooperate with your programs! So, if I may ask, how many students would be able to enter this program?” the principal asked curiously.

“We opened 3 to 5 slots per school on the current term. If you have some students with outstanding potential in certain areas of expertise, I would appreciate it if you let me know.” Ethan said gratefully.

Ethan would do everything he could do In order to complete the task that King T’challa gave him! Hearing Ethan’s word, Harrington was both disappointed and surprised at the same time! He thought that he could send all the students under his guidance to enter the Student Exchange Program, but since the program had limited slots, it would be a tough competition for the student later!

While Harrington was stressing over choosing the student who would join the Student Exchange Program, Liz and the other decathlon member chatted excitedly. They thought that the principal and Mr. Ethan came to their room as proof that they would be selected for this program, but now they were busy nominating people to be eliminated themselves!

All students in that room were academic geniuses, so they took pride in being better than the others!

No one wanted to miss out on this opportunity, except for Peter!

“Who do you think has the best opportunity to enter the program?” 

“It hard to say, but I think Liz has the best chance since she has good records and solid leadership! She is also beautiful, giving her the full package, it is hard to see her not being selected for this program.”

“Nonsense, I think Peter has a better chance there!” Liz said as she glanced towards Peter and quickly averted her eyes.

“I will not take that chance. If I were selected by the school to join the program, I would give up my slot and give it to another candidate.” Peter said as he glanced towards Liz. At this stage, he was still fawning over Liz.

If he were selected, he would give that chance to Liz immediately if she wasn’t chosen, but he knew that it would become a suspicious move!

It was a tough decision as Peter was extremely shy!

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