Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 508


Dio realise that somebody was coming as the sound of a helicopter reverberated in the air. Dio knew that it was the military that tried to investigate the abnormal phenomenon that happened here.
“Don’t run around for two days. I will give you the news soon!” Dio said as he summoned Galaxy and flew away from the scene, leaving Robbie behind. Robbie was a little bit annoyed that Dio left him while the helicopters already pointed their spotlight towards where he stood. Furthermore, he didn’t have any car right now as the one they rode was already destroyed to pieces!
“Some residence said that they saw the sun rises in the sky late night earlier!”
“An accident occurred during a military exercise last night. The military claims that one of their helicopters was missing, but the pilot was found still alive with a slight injury on their body.”
“Spider Man vs Robber, seriously injured the owner of a convenience store in the vicinity! Do these superheroes who tried capturing these criminals really have the similar power as our Law Enforcement?”
Dio watched the news the next morning while enjoying his breakfast. He smirked a little bit as he realised what Robbie had done to escape the scene last night. Furthermore, Dio had already started his investigation on the Fifth Street Gang as he used Wakanda’s network and resources to find them. It was surprisingly easy as Wakanda’s information network was really amazing!
When Dio came to the Auto Repair Shop again to find Robbie at noon that day, he couldn’t find him, and thus he started to make a scene.
“Hey, get this man out of his hiding! I want him to pay up as he ordered two girls at my establishment but run away in the morning! I came here to get my deserved money!” Dio said with a slight smirk on his face while showing Robbie’s picture.
The boss and some colleague of Robbie were surprised that Robbie would do something like that and looked in Robbie’s direction confusedly. Even Justin frowned as he thought that it might be why Robbie never lend him money recently. Apparently, he thought that Robbie was hooked up by some prostitute.
“Oh, man!” Robbie said annoyedly while throwing the rag that he held angrily to the ground and frowning at Dio.
“Well, I will wait for my money outside! You don’t have to be angry, pantsy boy!” Dio said with a smirk on his face. Everyone else heard what Dio was saying and started laughing at Robbie. It was obvious that they would talk about it for weeks to no end and teased Robbie for it!
At the same time, Robbie was thinking of punching Dio in the face and wondered whether he could get away with it. Robbie walked out of the shop and heading to the corner to find Dio. “So, what is it now?” Robbie asked annoyedly.
“I came here to get my money,” Dio said teasingly.
“Stop it! I swear I will punch you right in the face if you keep that up!” Robbie said annoyedly. Apparently, his colleagues were eavesdropping on them from the side and started laughing after they heard Robbie raising his voice.
“Don’t worry, Reyes! We will help you raise money so that you can pay back the pimp for his money!” Justin shouted while laughing loudly.
Dio smirked and realized that Robbie was truly furious by what just happened. His eyes were locked onto Dio as he really wanted to punch him now.
“Relax, Reyes! You can’t even beat me at night, now how would you plan to do that now that we are in the light of day?” Dio said quietly.
Robbie was fuming with anger, and Dio was starting to laugh a little bit, but at the same time, he had enough fun for the day. So he finally stated what he came for. “Fifth Street, I have what you wanted!” Dio said indifferently.
Dio saw Robbie flinched a little after hearing the gang name that he wanted to destroy so bad. “This is all the information regarding Fifth Street that I found, including the boss, the executives, their estates, and hideout as well. You can destroy them alone. I am too lazy of dealing with small fries like them!” Dio said indifferently as he handed over a thick document to Robbie.
“Thank you!” Robbie said as he took a deep breath.
“Well, I hope you still remember our deal, I won’t get involved in your matters with them, but I would come to you again after you crush them,” Dio said with a shrug.
“Maybe we can speed up this deal we have. You need me as the Ghost Rider, not Robbie Reyes. And once I destroyed them, you wouldn’t have the Ghost Rider anymore.” Robbie said solemnly. Dio just laughed as he heard what Robbie had to say as he thought that Robbie was too serious and confident that his contract with Mephisto would be nullified that easily.
“There is no need for that. You will know when the time comes. For the sake of our new friendship, let me give you a piece of advice. The devil’s contract wouldn’t be so easy to complete. It is best that you prepare yourself for the worst in advance!” Dio said as he patted Robbie’s shoulder meaningfully.
Robbie frowned as he was also worried about the same thing, but he didn’t have any other choice but to complete it! But as he wanted to return to his work, he remembered something. “Did you know that Spider Boy from earlier?” Robbie asked curiously.
“Sort of, he was an enthusiastic High School student with a respectable sense of justice. What do you want to know?” Dio said indifferently.
“He is trouble! I just want to warn you in advance.” Robbie said as he walked away. The thing that worried Robbie was the naivety that the Spider Boy still had on his charisma. If the spider boy was a criminal, it would be so easy to defeat him! He knew that if he made a fuzz in New York again, the Spider Boy would come again.
“I get what you are trying to say, chill! I will find some solution to distract that Spider Boy away from your scene. When it happens, no one would be holding you back.” Dio said as he nodded his head.
“Good, then I will count on your word!” Robbie said as he entered the Auto Repair Shop once more, leaving Dio outside to go on his way.

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