Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 512


“Are you Mr. Peter Parker? Mr. Stark specifically told us to make sure that you didn’t run around aimlessly.” JoJo said with a smile on his face.

“Is Mr. Stark coming?” Peter said surprisedly.

“We are not sure yet, but Mr. Stark did order us to tell you that specifically,” JoJo said honestly.

Peter knew that Tony Stark wanted him to cherish this opportunity and perform the best he could be, but Peter couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that he didn’t get to meet with Tony this time. However, since Tony already implied that he should take the opportunity, he would let go of his Spider Man persona just for this event!

After finishing what he came for, Mr. JoJo immediately left the room with a smile on his face. Mr. JoJo walked into his room and immediately removed the transformation effect from [Khnum], pulled out his phone, and immediately called Robbie.

“The Spider Man is out of the pictures now, so you are free to do anything you want!” Dio said on the phone with a relaxed look on his face. He didn’t care what happened to the gang member that the Ghost Rider would deal with as they probably deserved it. Even the police wouldn’t care that much about what happened to these gang members. 

Maybe Dio’s plan was a little over the top, but Peter wouldn’t notice anything this way. After hanging up the phone, Dio went to the penthouse and looked into the distance. He already cleared the biggest obstacle for Ghost Rider. The rest depended on what happened on the field!


Night came quietly. The gang members of Fifth Street were spotted near a certain property. They were having an issue as some of them were attacked on the street earlier. The gang’s top brasses were a little spooked as it was clear that someone was targeting them.

Johnson, one of the Fifth Street’s top brasses, was undoubtedly cautious as he has climbed all the way to his current position after shedding blood and tears. He didn’t care about anyone else, and as long as he was alive, he knew that he could reap more money and reputation later.

Now, he was hiding in his lover’s bedroom, holding her with him and listening to what luxury goods that she wanted. The room was hidden inside a gambling venue that was managed by the lover’s brother. He knew that the place was one of the safest locations!

Usually, he would agree to whatever his girlfriend asked, but now he was a little bit restless and kept looking out to the window. His instinct told him that a disaster is imminent in the air. After a while, he got annoyed with his girlfriend, who kept rambling about the stuff she wanted.

“Shut up for a second!” Johnson said commandingly.

The woman immediately shut her mouth tight as she realised that Johnson was a little bit spooked tonight. As he wanted to relax once more, Johnson noticed that an unusual light was seen through the crack on the door. He noticed that it was probably the enemy, so he immediately bolted out of the window. But before he could do that, a chain bounded him to the floor.

“What the hell is this! What are you?!” Johnson said as he saw a burning skeleton entered the room. The woman screamed in horror as she was petrified beside the sofa, unable to do anything to help Johnson.

“The killing begins with you. Look into my eyes!” Robbie said as he stared at Johnson’s eyes. After that, Robbie left the woman with the charred body beside her. Although the body was charred like this, the terror on the face was still clear as day! 

The Ghost Rider was on a roll tonight. The list that Dio handed was the list of information for the middle to high-ranking members of the Fifth Street Gang. Although there weren’t that many people on the list, it was obvious that these men had so many hideouts that Robbie had to flush out.

Furthermore, although his hell ride allowed him to move faster between his objectives, Robbie didn’t use it! He listened to Dio’s word to not make too much noise over the night to keep himself away from unnecessary attention like the last time with the Spider Man! 

However, Robbie proved to be difficult not to draw unnecessary attention as several police cars showed up on his thirteenth kill of the night.

Knowing that he couldn’t advance further, Robbie gave up the idea to finish it all off tonight and quietly left before he was seen. He knew that the rest of the gang members wouldn’t run away if he waited only just for one night!

Dio already did some investigation, and these people already had a small family of their own, meaning that they couldn’t get away so easily!

In the morning, the news about the killing of Fifth Street Gang Members immediately spread throughout the city. A bunch of small-time thugs that joined Fifth Street quit as they feared that they would become the next target later.

Unfortunately, there were still a handful of witnesses who saw Ghost Rider in the night, describing the flaming skeleton to the news station like they saw an incarnation of the demon itself!

Many people didn’t believe the witness and brushed it off as a mass hallucination, but as police stated that the burned body didn’t have any signs of gasoline, gun powder, or other instances that could trigger fire, people started to doubt what they saw was just a hallucination!

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