Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 513


While the incidents happened here and there in New York, Peter and the other didn’t know anything about it as they were spending their time relaxing in the hotel. 

When they were swimming in the pool, Liz’s beautiful figure drew people’s attention as she had a curve of a woman already. And, of course, Peter couldn’t avert his eyes the entire time! When he returned to his room, Peter was still thinking about Liz’s figure in the pool! 

He even had a wet dream about Liz that night!

The next day …

“Hi, Peter!” Liz greets Peter with a smile on her face.

“Hi, Liz,” Peter said awkwardly as he couldn’t see Liz in the eye. Peter’s face was flushed red as he still remembered his dream last night. 

“Peter, what’s wrong? Did you have a fever?” Ned asked as he walked toward Peter. Peter glared at him annoyedly as he wasn’t being helpful right now.

“Hey, tomorrow is my birthday! I wanted to have a party at home, but seeing that we are still in this event, I would like to throw a party here in the hotel. I hope all of you can come.” Liz said with a smile on her face that could stop Peter’s heart from beating!

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Peter said while his gaze never left Liz’s face.

“Anyway, what would we do in the hotel other than that tomorrow night, right?” Ned said while chuckling lightly.

“Yeah, well, I am going to read in my room now. See you later.” Liz said helplessly after hearing Ned’s remark.

After Liz was gone, Peter never felt anything more annoying than Ned right now as he obtrusively cut his time short with Liz. But the thing that made Peter speechless was that Ned didn’t even notice what he had done! 

“Hey, look what I found!” Ned exclaimed enthusiastically. “It turns out the Demon was a real thing!” Ned said as he pulled out his phone. Peter was going to ignore him, but after hearing the word Demon, he remembered about the Demon that he fought a few nights ago.

When Peter thought that it might be a coincidence, Ned showed him the news from last night. There were even photos of a burnt corpse, and Peter immediately confirmed that it was the Demon that he knew! The burned corpse in the photo had the exact same trait as the corpse that he found before fighting the Demon!

Peter racked his brain to figure out what he needed to do right now. How would he stop that Demon? He knew that he didn’t have the power to stop it. He didn’t even know where to find the Demon again. Furthermore, he couldn’t leave the hotel right now! Should he call Happy and Mr Stark to help him take care of the Demon?

But he knew that it was hard to convince Happy to trust him, and Mr Stark could be busy and couldn’t be bothered by something that he didn’t really consider important to deal with.

Peter’s expression turned sour, scaring Ned a little bit.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Shouldn’t you stop this Demon from rampaging? But then again, Mr Harrington would never let you go!” Ned said nervously. He already knew that Peter was the Spider Man.

“I can’t sit here idly while knowing that the demon was on a rampage!” Peter said solemnly while Ned was regretting his decision to tell Peter.

“Do you really have to? You will be disqualified from the program, and you wouldn’t be able to join Liz’s birthday party tomorrow!” Ned said as he tried to change Peter’s mind.

After remembering his promise to Liz earlier, Peter’s expression becomes complicated once more. Ned saw that he had hit the spot and figured out that he had to distract Peter more. “The situation out there is still unclear right now. Even if you go out there, you may not find it again! It is better to wait for the right moment after this program is over! That way, you wouldn’t disappoint Liz.” Ned said persuasively.

Peter couldn’t say anything to that and thus nodded his head hesitantly.

“Let’s go! It’s lunchtime, and I am famished!” Ned said as he dragged Peter to the buffet.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

At the same time, Dio was using Wakanda’s information network to keep tabs on the remaining middle to high ranking member of Fifth Street. Some of them was still hiding in their hideout, while the others tried to run away from New York! 

Dio was responsible for capturing those who tried to run out of town as part of his deal with Ghost Rider. But Dio knew that with Ghost Rider’s spectacular show, everyone was bound to notice that something was amiss. 

But Dio was surprised to hear that Duke, the boss of Fifth Street, didn’t do anything regarding his crew’s incident. He should’ve done something after seeing all his grunts were trying to quit! As the boss, he was supposed to catch the perpetrator and unite his men once more! 

Although Dio thought that Mephisto might have something to do with it, he couldn’t do anything right now! He had to wait and see what happened next before making his next move.

In the night, the killing started again as Robbie was killing the remaining member of Fifth Street one by one while Dio was catching the runaways, but a few hours later, Dio’s phone suddenly rang.

“Duke is not here!” Robbie’s cold voice came from the phone. He had already killed the rest of middle to high ranking members, but now that he wanted to end it with the head of the Fifth Street, he couldn’t find him!

“He is not there, huh? Stand by. I will contact you soon.” Dio said as he hung up and called T’challa for the next information regarding the head of Fifth Street.

“What happened?” T’challa asked.

“All the members have been dealt with, but Duke is not where he’s supposed to be!” Dio said indifferently.

“The worst-case scenario is happening then! Our contact who keeps tabs on Duke was disconnected a few minutes ago. The rest that stands by nearby couldn’t find their tracks. I am afraid they might have been killed!” T’challa said worriedly.

Dio sighed as he knows that something wasn’t right. He knew that a normal agent wouldn’t be able to deal with Mephisto or even his minion, so he figured out that he had to deal with it himself!

“Tell your men to back off for now. I will go in myself!” Dio said annoyedly. Although T’challa’s intelligence network worked wonder, they didn’t have any special powers. He then called Robbie and let him know about the situation before asking him to come to his location to discuss their next plan!

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