Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 535


Dio frowned as he remembered what the Ancient One said earlier. He had to forget the bad impression that he got from Stephen Strange in the past and help him in the future! He immediately realized that the Ancient One has already seen this scene with her future reading! 

Dio couldn’t help but think that he was being set up!

He looked over towards Stephen once more and sighed as Stephen wasn’t able to draw his portal for quite a long time now. Was this the next Sorcerer Supreme? There must be more charming people qualified for that position other than Stephen, right?

“I will go over there for a moment. Stay put for now, sweetheart.” Dio said charmingly to Wanda. Now that he had promised the Ancient One that he would help Stephen Strange, he couldn’t go back on his word.

But he was a little bit confused on why the Ancient One didn’t help her disciple on her own. She should have already known that it would be much easier if she helped her disciple on her own, wouldn’t she? She must have her own reason, but even so, Dio couldn’t help but wonder what plan the Ancient One had in store for him in the future. 

The magical red cloak that Stephen wore now surely had its own consciousness as it kept looking after Stephen and helped him on several occasions, but in the end, it was just a cloak! When the enemy came close, and the cloak knew that Stephen wasn’t able to do much for now, it immediately strangled the enemy to buy enough time for Stephen to escape.

Thankfully, Stephen was finally able to open the portal and hobbled to walk through the portal. Unfortunately for him, Kaecillus’ men escaped the cloak’s clutch and slammed Stephen to the ground, effectively rendering him unconscious and therefore closing the portal that Stephen created with so much effort.

At this rate, Stephen would surely be killed in a matter of minutes! But clearly, Stephen still had more fights than what he shows. He used his spiritual body to drag out the enemy from his body to fight it out on the spiritual realm.

The two spiritual bodies desperately duke it out to get the upper hands. Fortunately, no one could see what was happening as no one could see anything that happened in the spiritual realm except for Dio.

Suddenly, a purple vine appeared and grabbed Stephen to the side, while Kaecillus’ men were caught on fire and burned to nothingness! It was the flames created by [Magician’s Red]! It could burn anything to a cinder, including anything in the spiritual sense too!

As the soul burned to nothingness, the body instantly died too. But, as the body died, a mark appeared on Kaecillus’ men’s head. Although there was only a handful of ways to damage the spiritual body, it was a simple task for Dio as all of his Stands were byproducts of Spiritual Energy. It had the same nature as the Spiritual Body that Stephen was currently in. 

“You!” Stephen surprisedly exclaimed as he knew the man that was currently seizing him with the purple vines. He struggled earlier to get out of the vines’ clutch, but once he realised who it was, he stopped struggling.

He also saw the bird-headed human that burned his opponent earlier stood beside the familiar figure. He was terrified of what the bird-headed human could do, but it was clear that the familiar figure was the controller of such a creature!

But how could he attack a spiritual body? And why was none of them fazed by the sight of the Bird-headed human? Couldn’t they see such a creature? But as Stephen was still shocked by the experience he was currently in, Dio de-summoned [Magician’s Red] and [Hermit Purple] back, releasing Stephen’s spiritual body.

“Wait for a while and then return to your body,” Dio said impatiently. Although he promised the Ancient One to help Stephen, he was still annoyed to see Stephen’s face!

Stephen obviously had so much to ask, but he knew that the current situation wasn’t the best for chitchat. So he immediately returned to his body before Dio came to his side and checked his condition. Stephen, who was conscious in his own body, now felt displeased as the familiar man only looked at his wound without doing anything. But he knew that he couldn’t be rude as the man has helped him escape the immediate danger!

“I have to go to the hospital as soon as possible!” Stephen weakly said as he thought that the familiar man had no intention to help him further. He immediately tried to stand up and tried to draw another portal, but Dio pressed him back to lay down. 

“What are you doing? What hospital would help you if you end up dead on their doorstep!” Dio said coldly. Stephen clicked his tongue as he realised he barely has the strength to draw the portal, let alone resist this man. But there was another variable that Stephen forgot to consider. It was the magic cloak that helped him earlier.

The magic cloak rushed towards Dio aggressively as it was trying to save its host once more.

“Behave!” Dio said coldly, and the magic cloak suddenly stopped moving as it noticed Dio’s powerful killing intent. It also saw [The World] stood besides Dio, ready to tear it apart at any given moment.

The magical cloak pitifully laid still on the ground. Both collars on it were folded as if making a sad expression, which was weird for an item to do, but Dio didn’t care at all as it wasn’t something that he could use, so he didn’t take any interest in it.

Dio took out the snail from his pocket and placed it directly on Stephen’s injury. The snail immediately enveloped in a golden light, healing Stephen’s injuries and rejuvenating his body to perfect condition. Stephen’s pale complexion immediately turned rosy, meaning that even his blood was regenerated to a healthy level.

Stephen realised that the man in front of him was helping him, not letting him die on the sidewalk as he thought earlier.

“The blood is accumulated on the pericardium, and it must be drawn out!” Stephen said out of habit and immediately regretted it once he saw the familiar man’s response to his word.

Dio immediately cut Stephen’s chest and cut his pericardium! Due to the difference between the internal and the external pressure of a human’s body, the blood accumulating inside the pericardium spurted out like a fountain!

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