Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 534


After hearing the Ancient One’s explanation, Wanda grimaced. Her power was in a realm that a mortal couldn’t touch! Dio, however, wasn’t of the same opinion. He just perceived the Ancient One’s power as a space manipulation. Moreover, the mirror dimension that the Ancient One controlled was far more amazing than the other mages. They could enter the mirror dimension themselves, but their control over it wouldn’t be as good as the Ancient One.

In other words, if the Ancient One was up against a hundred mages inside the same Mirror Dimension, they would be suppressed by the Ancient One’s dominance inside the mirror dimension! This was one of the perks of being the Sorcerer Supreme!

In ancient times, the Ancient One could have an audience with Odin and many more interdimensional beings. That was another perk as the defender of earth from the multidimensional being!

“Very practical ability.” Dio nodded casually.

“Well, I can teach you if you want.” The Ancient One said casually, surprising Dio a little bit.

“I don’t think you would do it for free. There must be something I have to pay to learn such an ability. Maybe you can tell me what you want, and then we could go on from there.” Dio said indifferently. Dio realized that the Ancient One has known about his existence for a long time. In fact, when the Ancient One said that the Mirror Dimension could be used to observe anyone, she looked at Dio knowingly, which meant that she had used the Mirror Dimension to spy on him before.

But now that the Ancient One herself came to him instead of observing meant that she had something in mind. 

The Ancient One then looked at Dio with a complicated look on her face. Dio knew that the Ancient One’s end was near as Stephen was already walking in New York again, probably preventing the destruction of the Sanctuary. 

“I hope that you can forget the bad memories that you got from Stephen Strange in the past and try to get along with him in the future. After all, he will become the next Sorcerer Supreme in due time.” The Ancient One said with a gentle smile on her face.

“That’s it?” Dio said surprisedly.

“Yes, did you expect something else?” the Ancient One said with a smile on her face. Dio frowned as the condition was too simple. He couldn’t help but wonder if there was more to it behind this condition. 

Dio knew that he had to be careful while dealing with a wise person like the Ancient One. He had to perceive the Ancient One’s intention to the utmost limit. Otherwise, he would be easily fooled by her. But no matter what he thought, Dio couldn’t find any malicious intent in the Ancient One’s request. In fact, it would also help him in the future.

“Yes, but are you certain that I would be able to learn the Mirror Dimension?” Dio asked again, confirming the deal. He knew that he would be able to do anything if he could learn to enter the Mirror Dimension! The most important thing was that he could minimize the impact of his power on the real world!

But if he couldn’t master this difficult technique in a short amount of time, it wouldn’t be worth it.

“Fortunately, your mental fortitude is suitable to learn the spell of the Sorcerer Supreme, but unfortunately, your ability now is what suits you the best. You would have a long way to go if you want to master sorcery, but if it’s only the mirror dimension, it shouldn’t take that much time.” The Ancient One answered honestly.

Dio nodded as he understood what the Ancient One was saying. It was true that the Hamon Energy wouldn’t work well with the Sorcery of Kamar-Taj, but if it were just the Mirror Dimension, it wouldn’t hinder the Hamon Energy much.

“I see, thank you!” Dio said respectfully for the Ancient One’s honesty.

“Then our deal starts now. After a while, you will get what you want, and after that, I will prepare a gift for you.” The Ancient One said with a warm smile on her face. After the Ancient One finished speaking, the mirror dimension shattered, and both Wanda and Dio returned to their seat on the Dessert shop like they’ve never left in the first place. Obviously, the Ancient One was nowhere to be seen.

Dio was a little bit surprised by the Gift that the Ancient One would give him as the Ancient One’s request was too meager.


“Who is the Ancient Master just now? I tried to see what is on her mind, but it was too vast. It was like exploring the ocean or climbing a snowy mountain. It was too much for me!” Wanda asked with a doubtful expression.

“You won’t be able to do it, so please don’t do it again in the future! She is a wise woman that has lived a long time, but she is definitely one of the good guys!” Dio said with a certain expression.

“I do understand that there are still so many secrets on this earth that I didn’t know about,” Wanda said solemnly.

“Yeah, the more you know, the more insignificant you would feel,” Dio said with a smile on his face. But as he looked over to the window, he saw a weird man wrapped in a red cloak, trying to break free from the cloak!

“It’s him again!” Dio said as he looked at Stephen Strange from the window. He saw that Stephen’s left chest was injured. Dio was convinced that Stephen was being chased by the villain. He wanted to ignore Stephen, but he remembered the deal he just made with the Ancient One and realized that he had to help him!

Dio’s expression turned sour as he was really reluctant to help that arrogant bastard!

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