Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 556


“Spider-Man!?” Flash said surprisedly inside of Venom. He then felt worried as his appearance resembled a monster right now, and he was afraid that Spiderman would treat him as a villain! But then again, Flash didn’t have any power to control Venom right now. 

Before Flash could do anything to stop Venom from becoming a villain, it was already too late! Venom attacked Spiderman with the intention to eat him!

“I want to bite off your head!” Venom greedily said as he charged into Spiderman. Flash paled as his dream to become a superhero has been squashed by Venom’s appetite. Now, he would become a supervillain that the Avenger would search for and apprehend.

While Flash was busy pitying himself, Venom was in a fight with Spiderman. Although there were quite a distance from the town centre, it doesn’t mean there was nobody on the street. Quite on the contrary, people started to flock and recorded Spiderman’s fight with a monster-like creature.

. . . . . . . . .

“It’s already happening!” Stephen said as he called Dio.

“What else did you foresee?” Dio asked curiously.

“It’s not something that I foresaw, but it is already happening! Check the news yourself!” Stephen said worriedly.

The news? Dio that has become curious about what happened, immediately checked the news on his phone. He then saw the news about Spiderman fighting against a strange monster in the street of New York! 

“This thing is Venom!” Dio said as he recognised the black monster that Spiderman was fighting against. He recalled the word Stephen said earlier regarding his vision, and Dio began to wonder whether one of the disasters that Strange saw was the Venom’s race planet invasion that coincidentally happened to be Planet Earth!

“So, a Sorcerer Supreme also uses Internet Searches nowadays?” Dio curiously asked as he thought the power of time gem was far more powerful than the internet.

“Well, the internet is still one of the best ways to get information these days. No matter in which part of the world it was, someone would definitely post it online if something happened!” Stephen said casually.

“Is it your excuses for being addicted to the internet?” Dio said with a smirk on his face.

But the phone call ended abruptly. It was clear that Stephen was annoyed by Dio’s question and felt no need to answer any of them. 

“What’s wrong? Find any information yet?” Wanda said as she brought a plate of fruit to snack together with Dio. 

“Yes, I will go there straight away,” Dio casually said, and then he stood up.

“Well, I am coming along!” Wanda said as she followed Dio. Dio just nodded without much hesitation, Venom wasn’t as dangerous as any other Disaster that he has thought about, and Wanda was a woman that could hold her ground!

“Pietro!” Wanda called, but Dio immediately stoped her.

“He doesn’t need to come with us. Just the two of us are enough. We still need someone to hold the fort while we’re away.” Dio said indifferently. Wanda nodded her head and changed her clothes before following Dio outside. 

Meanwhile, Pietro was playing a fighting game in his room! He was on a roll and tapping his gamepad frantically as he won fights after fights with his online buddies. He has already broken 99 gamepads today alone and on the verge to use the 100th gamepad as his current gamepad has begun to show an error!

. . . . . . . . . .

When Dio and Wanda arrived at the scene, they were too late as they couldn’t see Venom and Spiderman anywhere. But he received a message from Stephen with an address on it.

So, Dio and Wanda quickly went to the address shown on the message, and Dio found a trace of Mirror Dimension opened there. He then led Wanda towards the Mirror Dimension as he knew that Stephen was the one who opened the portal. 

“Look, over there!” Wanda said as she pointed her finger towards Stephen, who was currently fighting against Venom with Spiderman’s aid. The fight was fierce as Venom kept regenerating no matter how much damage it took. It could be said that although it was two against one, Venom had the upper hand. Spiderman wouldn’t kill it as his strong sense of justice prevented him from doing so, and Stephen was still learning offensive spell as it wasn’t that long since he became the Sorcerer Supreme. 

“Step aside!” Dio yelled as he rushed towards the battleground and summoned [Red Magician] to burn Venom. Peter and Stephen immediately got out of Dio’s way as they know what was coming. The raging fire that Dio used would surely burn them along if they didn’t get out of the way.

As Peter’s webbing stopped, Venom was ready to run away. But the raging flames that suddenly appeared halted his movement. As a creature that was born in a deficit oxygen environment, Venom couldn’t stand a high pitched sound wave and high-temperature flames!

Venom tried his best to run away from the surging flames, but Wanda wouldn’t let it happen. Although she didn’t even talk it out with Dio beforehand, she understood what she needed to do. She stood on a path that Dio marked as Venom’s ‘escape path’ and locked Venom down with her power.

Venom that couldn’t move anymore was burned and screamed horrifiedly at Wanda. The monster that Peter and Stephen took a long time fighting off was immediately put down in seconds after Wanda and Dio arrived!

Venom that couldn’t bear the scorching flame any longer, immediately retracted back to Flash’s body. 

“Flash?” Peter said as he was surprised to see his friend was the monster all along. Peter immediately switched his webbing to the high-temperature resistant webbing and rescued Flash from the flames. Dio was annoyed by Peter’s action once again as he was too late to stop Peter from rescuing Flash.

As soon as Peter caught Flash’s body, a large amount of black liquid gushed out of Flash’s body and entered Peter’s body! Peter was surprised and tried to get the black liquid off of him in panic. But all of that was in vain!

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