Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 557


A proverb that said ‘a good bird choose a good tree to make its nest.’ could be applied to almost everything. In this instance, Venom, that realized he was being cornered, gave up Flash’s weak body and entered Peter’s body that was much stronger, at the very least a hundred times better!

Fortunately, Flash has passed out at the moment. Thus he didn’t know he was being cheated right now.

“Remember my name, for I am Venom, and you will become my new ride!” Venom said inside Peter’s head. 

“No! get out of my body!” Peter said as he struggled with Venom inside his mind. His bright red suit gradually turned black. The Dark Spiderman was born, or was it the Spider Venom? Dio shook his head helplessly as he sighed annoyedly. The Venom suit that Spiderman was wearing now probably the best suit that Spiderman could ever dream of. 

Had it not for the obvious weakness and the food aspect for Venom to keep it in check, probably Spiderman would become the most excellent host for the squidgy alien! 

“Wanda, hold him in place!” Dio shouted. Wanda nodded her head and immediately used her power to hold Spiderman down, but Spiderman’s Spider-Sense warned Venom of the danger. Venom immediately controlled Peter’s body and shot a series of webs to cover Wanda’s line of sight and immediately escaped at high speed!

Venom would increase in strength according to its host. The stronger the host was, the stronger Venom would be! But for Dio, no matter how strong Venom’s host would be, its weakness remained the same! Dio then de-summoned [Red Magician] and summoned [Echo ACT2] out. He then ordered [Echo ACT2] to send a high pitch frequency soundwave directly towards Spiderman.

Although Venom couldn’t see Dio’s Stand, Spiderman’s Spider-Sense helped him escape from dangerous situations. But soundwave wasn’t something Venom could react to as he was still trying to adapt with his newfound power. Dio’s soundwave hit Spiderman head-on, and his ears started ringing!

It only took a few seconds, and the black liquid started to come out of Peter’s body. But Dio remembered something and stopped his soundwave attack. He still needed to force a lot of things out of Venom. Besides, he could easily kill it later if he wanted to! 

“Wanda, help me restrain it. I have something to ask.” Dio said to Wanda as he walked towards Spiderman. Wanda nodded and used her power to lock Spiderman in place. With Venom and Spiderman weakened by the sound wave attack, Wanda easily pinned them down, leaving them no room to resist.

“Now, I will ask you questions, and you better answer honestly. If I catch you lying, I will make sure you regret it!” Dio said as he turned the soundwave back on again for a second to threaten Venom. At this point, Dio didn’t really care about Peter being under Venom’s control.

“Do you understand, or do I need to repeat that for you?” Dio said coldly. Venom immediately nodded weakly, but no one was really sure that it would tell the honest answer. Dio, however, didn’t care. He had the perfect method to torture Venom all day long if he had to.

“So, let’s start with the basics. How did you arrive on Earth?” Dio asked coldly.

“Our Symbiont Family lives on a comet. Our homeland is called Battleworld, and that place is the only place for us to live without our symbiote.” Venom said weakly. Dio and the others began to wonder about a magical planet that Venom called Battleworld, but they immediately cast away their imagination go as they still had to hear what Venom had to say.

“It’s not that we found you; it’s the other way around! We are stragglers looking for food when your people suddenly came and collected us without thinking. We know that a living creature would bring us to a living planet, meaning that your people would bring us to a new source of food! So, we let them take us into your planet, and once we have the direction to your planet, we would bring our entire army to invade your planet to become our new cattle planet!” Venom said weakly.

Stephen frowned as he heard that Venom had an entire army waiting for good news to start the invasion. If Venom managed to slip away from Stephen and Dio’s radar, it would become bad news as they would have to fight an entire fleet of aliens with super regeneration!

Just thinking about the scene of numerous Venoms invading the Earth was horrifying, and there was no doubt that the Earth wouldn’t stand a chance!

At the same time, Stephen and Dio were sure that the three disasters that Stephen predicted would include the symbiote invasion! Fortunately, they have found the source in advance, and thus they could formulate a plan to prevent the invasion!

They had to destroy the symbiote that NASA retrieved, and that should be the end of the Symbiote Invasion as their homeworld would never receive the news regarding Earth. But Dio still didn’t understand one part of it all.

“On my curiosity, you were coming to Earth deliberately, and according to your war pact, you and your compatriots that comes here should be the vanguard, right? On that note, I want to know why you’re betraying your group like this? Or deceiving us is part of your scheme or something?” Dio coldly said as he stared right into Spiderman’s eyes.

“No, I don’t need to scheme anything right now, because after I come here, I saw endless food, but if I bring my people here, it wouldn’t be long before this planet would die! In that fact, why would I share this knowledge with others? Well, I also assume that you wouldn’t want your planet dying either, right? If my guess was right, then we could join hands to kill all those other symbiotes!” Venom said with a weak smirk on his face.

Dio fell silent for a while as he considered Venom’s word. Dio knew that Venom had the potential to become a tamed wild card, but Dio had to consider Venom’s selfish nature too! Then again, no matter how hard he saw it in every perspective, Venom’s plan was beneficial for the Earth’s survival!

“Now, Give me a reason not to end you after I kill all the other symbiote!” Dio said coldly.

“Well, haven’t you eaten before?” Venom said with a frown on his face. Dio laughed as he found Venom’s answer funny. Nevertheless, it was a warning sign that Venom has eaten a human before!

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  1. Kan says:

    Venom’s personality is worlds apart from the OG but a lot of characters have gone OOC in this book so I can’t really say much, but I just want to point out that Venom’s habits and behavior is botched here too. I would recc the *Author* (Not translators, cuz yes, I do know that this is a translation site) to see Game Theory’s video on Venom, it really is a game changer

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