Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 574


Mephisto sat on his throne, looking bored. He stretched his hand forward, and suddenly a golden ball appeared! Upon a closer look, the Golden Ball had a soul inside! The soul was Robbie’s and the Spirit of Vengeance that was with him from the contract. 

Mephisto laughed and stood up from his throne. He flew outside, and he descended to a massive Hellfire. Mephisto smirked and threw the golden ball into the river of lava! He didn’t seem concerned at all that the Hellfire would destroy the golden ball. 

The golden ball immediately sank to the bottom of the lava, completely vanishing from view. Mephisto calmly watched the scene as he waited for a result. Even when the lava exploded and rained down on the ground, Mephisto didn’t even bat an eye. 

In all honesty, the lava wouldn’t be able to hurt Mephisto, he could even take a bath inside the lava, and it would barely do anything to him. As some moment passed, Mephisto showed his smile as the lava started to bubble.

A skeleton emerged from the lava and walked towards the lava bank slowly. As the skeleton walked to the dry ground, it looked towards Mephisto sinisterly. The skeleton was immediately covered with blue flames, and a racing suit appeared out of nowhere, covering the skeleton’s frame completely.

Mephisto nodded in satisfaction. “Well, I got to have some of your memory now as per the agreement we had previously. If you don’t want to be my puppet completely, you should try to complete your contract as soon as possible! But I am curious how many more times you would return in this condition.” Mephisto said with an evil grin on his face.

Robbie felt strange as he should be worried or frightened with the devil himself taking his memory away, but he didn’t even know what memories he lost. As Robbie began to think hard about some inconsistencies in his memory, his brain couldn’t cope with it and failed to figure out anything.

“There will be no next time!” Robbie coldly said as he opened the dimensional portal to Earth and stepped in without saying anything else.

Mephisto just laughed as he found Robbie’s confidence and attitude were hilarious. Robbie no longer remembered what the Sacred Dagger that he used to kill Duke was for as all the memory he had about that person was gone! 

“The game has just begun! I hope that you would make things interesting!” Mephisto said as he laughed again billowingly.

. . . . . . . . . . .

The next day.

Dio compiled all the information he had on the new Ghost Rider and sent it to Steve. Dio shared the information about the fight that he was in earlier and asked Steve to join in. After all, Dio and Stephen had to look out for three spots, and there was only so much they could do with only two people!

So, Dio drafted Steve and T’challa’s power to help him. Even if this was the problem for the Sorcerer Supreme, it would affect the safety of mankind itself if left alone! 

The good news is that the three sanctuaries were connected with each other through a portal that was connected to Kamar-Taj. They were free to travel to other Sanctuary using the portal as long as they were inside one. That, in theory, could strengthen the defence of each Sanctuary.

But the bad news was that the new Ghost Rider was too special! He could destroy the Sanctuary with just one attack! It would be a problem if the ones in charge of defending the Sanctuary failed to hold back the Ghost Rider’s advance in time! 

As long as Steve took someone else or several Avengers with him to one of the Sanctuary, it should be okay! Dio believed that they should be able to stop the Ghost Rider. As for the other two Sanctuaries, Dio and Stephen themselves would guard one each.

But this was only a temporary solution as it was impossible for everyone to stay inside the Sanctuary all the time. In the end, they had to find the Ghost Rider and restrain him somewhere that would pose no danger to the Earth! Otherwise, the Ghost Rider would just keep coming!

It was impossible to stop the Ghost Rider right now as the demon could come during the day too!

In comparison, Dormammu looked like a weakling in front of this new Ghost Rider as he gave up easily. This was proven by how easy it was for Stephen to talk Dormammu out of invading the Earth despite already destroying 2 out of 3 Sanctuaries!

If only Dio could have the Time Gem for himself, he could only imagine how powerful he might get! Sometimes Dio was really disappointed at the Ancient One as her ability could destroy anything that came her way, but she didn’t do it on the basis that she wasn’t strong enough.

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