Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 573


Stephen that has done nothing for a long time finally played a small role in this fight. He drew a portal, placed it under Dio, and connected it to the sky above the Ghost Rider. Dio that was forced on defence against the Ghost Rider finally managed to break free and attacked the Ghost Rider for a turn.

Dio that fell above the Ghost Rider set aside his Scythe for a moment and created a turbulent wind with his Hamon Energy! Pulling out his Scythe once again, Dio dropped down towards the Ghost Rider with the help of the wind like a meteor! 

At this point, the Angel who lost the opportunity to attack Dio was bedazzled as he didn’t see Dio anywhere! The Angel was infuriated for a moment as his sword didn’t hit anything, but at the same time, Dio’s attack was ready to strike him from his blind spot!

“DIE!” Dio shouted from the air and sliced the Angel with the Scythe several times in a second! The Ghost Rider was still holding his sword as Dio finished his attack, but as soon as the Ghost Rider tried to move a little bit, he immediately crumbled into a pile of bones! Every bone was cut cleanly and evenly as if it was a machine’s doing!

However, even after Dio dismembered the Ghost Rider into pieces, the blue flame was still burning vigorously! Thus, the Ghost Rider started to regenerate once again. But Dio had enough! He wouldn’t let the Ghost Rider regenerate! Dio immediately swapped his Stand to [The Hand]!

Dio then attacked the Ghost Rider with [The Hand], erasing the Ghost Rider from the space! As soon as Dio waved his hands, part of Ghost Rider’s bones was completely erased! Even the blue flame couldn’t regenerate the Ghost Rider fast enough to counter [The Hand]’s power!

In the meantime, Dio felt excitement as he wanted to test whether this method could remove the Spirit of Vengeance completely and prevent the resurrection of the Ghost Rider! But he couldn’t be so sure until he completely deleted all the Ghost Rider’s bones, and he didn’t know what effect his action led to.

Dio saw the dagger that the Ghost Rider transformed into a sword earlier has fallen to the ground. He immediately took it and looked around to check whether something would come out as soon as he took the dagger. Dio knew that the Ghost Rider might come around anytime as a little piece of his bone could resurrect him completely!

“Is it over? Did you kill the Ghost Rider?” Stephen curiously asked as he floated towards Dio. 

“I sure hope it is, but most likely, the Ghost Rider would just resurrect later,” Dio said as he shook his head. Stephen frowned as it wasn’t a good news for him. The Ghost Rider’s goal was to destroy the Supreme Sanctuaries. Today, he might fail to do so, but there was no telling what would happen next!

Stephen even went as far as using the power of Eye of Agammoto, and he could barely keep New York Sanctuary intact today. Even then, it was because of Dio that he managed to pull it off. But then again, Dio’s word really worried him! 

If the Ghost Rider would really attack again in the future, the other two Sanctuaries wouldn’t be safe either! He knew that ultimately, it was just him against the Ghost Rider as Dio wouldn’t be able to get to the sanctuary every time. 

Once all the sanctuaries were destroyed, the Hell Army would march to earth! If that day ever happened, the earth would plunge into chaos. Furthermore, the whole effort that the Ancient One has put in to protect the earth would be in vain!

Therefore, he had to find a way to solve this problem fundamentally! Otherwise, the outcome wouldn’t be good! While Stephen was thinking of the countermeasure against the Ghost Rider, Dio was trying to find any clue regarding this new Ghost Rider! He knew that the Ghost Rider’s normal weakness wouldn’t work, so he had to find a new weakness!

Dio noticed a few things from his fight. For example, the Spirit of Vengeance that controlled the Ghost Rider this time may be used to be an angel. Mephisto must have roped in the Angel to become his Spirit of Vengeance!

If that were the truth, then it’s understandable that the new Ghost Rider didn’t retain its previous weakness! The Angel would retain its previous memory and power, thus making a demon weakness his strength! The thought of a Ghost Rider that could turn into the Ghost Rider’s form in the day was seriously worrying. 

So, how should he deal with something like this? The Ghost Rider was immortal, but it didn’t really pose a threat to Dio due to its weakness. But now that this new Ghost Rider didn’t have its weakness, it would be hard to deal with it.

“Where is Robbie when I need him! Did he die in hell? Or Has he find any way to kill a Ghost Rider just yet?” Dio said to himself while frowning. Robbie was Dio’s last source of information right now as he didn’t have any good means to get information about hell. 

“After we leave this Mirror Dimension, you have to be more vigilant! If my hunch is correct, it will take a few more days before the Ghost Rider regenerate!” Dio said solemnly to Stephen.

Stephen nodded but said nothing. He undid the Mirror Dimension and left. Dio was still wondering, but he left to return to Wanda. 

Stephen thought about the probability of any Ancient One leaving any record about the Ghost Rider. Well, Stephen had to pull an all-nighter tonight as he had to look through all Ancient One’s records and books!

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