Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 576


“Who are you?” the goddess asked as Black Dwarf and Proxima Midnight appeared in front of her. 

“We don’t have time to answer your irrelevant question!” Proxima Midnight said coldly. She then raised her hand and waved her spear-like weapon towards the people gathered to pray towards the goddess. Intangible energy immediately swept the crowd and tossed them aside!

The goddess immediately ran away as she knew that the three people that just came in were bad news! 

“It doesn’t matter where you go. We will find you anyway!” Supergiant shouted indifferently.

“Let’s go! we shouldn’t make his majesty wait any longer!” Black Dwarf said as he walked toward the goddess. Supergiant and Proxima Midnight followed Black Dwarf without saying anything. 

. . . . . . . . .

When the three Black Orders came to the platform where the goddess used to stand, the people praying in front of the platform had already been killed! Several women who seem to have high standing were waiting for them in the platform, but none of them was the goddess that possessed the Reality Gem!

Black Dwarf was annoyed by the scene in front of him and immediately cleaved the women in front of him with his giant axe! The sheer power of the Black Dwarf even split the platform into two as he didn’t hold back at all.

After the dust subsided, the burly figure of the Black Dwarf was the only one that remained on top of the platform, but he seemed to be annoyed as he didn’t see the goddess’ trace anywhere.

“Idiot!” Supergiant said with a sigh as she shook her head profusely. She knew that each of the Infinity Gems held a great power that even a lower creature could raze their surroundings when they get their hands on it!

Their king thought it would be hard for any of them to finish the task alone, so he sent three of them out there to make the task a little bit easier. But the musclehead Black Dwarf has started trashing down the place that it would be hard to retrieve the Reality Gem easily.

“Go and support that idiot!” Supergiant ordered Proxima Midnight with her telepathy. She immediately started looking for the goddess with her Psychic Power, and once she found her target, she shared it with Proxima Midnight immediately.

Although Proxima Midnight wasn’t happy that she was being ordered around by Supergiant, this wasn’t the time for that! As the king’s most loyal subordinate, she must finish the task quickly! So after hearing Supergiant’s order, she snorted coldly and used Supergiant psychic positioning to find the target among the crowd as soon as possible. 

Proxima Midnight immediately fired three death rays towards the target, and the people that stood between her and her target were immediately killed as the death rays erased their whole bodies. With little effort, Proxima Midnight easily created a path that she could use to capture the target!

The death rays were still going as it was supposed to hit the target, but when the goddess noticed that her cover was already blown immediately changed her path. However, the death rays were still chasing after her as they would always chase after the target until they hit the target. 

Knowing this, the goddess immediately stopped running! She stood still as if she had already accepted her fate. The three death rays immediately hit her and created a huge hole in the ground. Everyone gasped as they knew that there was no way the goddess was unscathed after taking those death rays head-on!

“They killed the Goddess!” one man from the crowd shouted!

“We have to avenge her!” another shouted angrily.

“Kill them!” the crowd yelled as they charged towards Proxima Midnight with glowing red eyes. Several of them also charged in towards the Black Dwarf as he already killed their priestess. 

These people were brainwashed by the Reality Gem’s power. The goddess made them assume that she was killed, making them wanted to avenge her in return! At the same time, Supergiant quickly rushed towards the supposed goddess’ corpse and lifted her to see it for herself, and sure enough, the target has been eliminated! 

She was satisfied and immediately pulled out a familiar cylinder container to take the Reality Gem. The weird ether particle was quickly absorbed into the cylinder container. She couldn’t wait to return and have the king praised her for her good work.

Although she kind of thought that it went too smoothly, she believed that it was because the three of them were really powerful, so she didn’t think too much of it. Furthermore, the Reality Gem was one of the most powerful gems among the Infinity Gem that was hard to control. In all universe, his majesty, the tyrant, maybe the only one that could control it perfectly!

After collecting all the ether particles, she looked towards her friend and saw that the Black Dwarf was fuming as he wasn’t the one who finished the task. He kept swinging his axes towards the crowd as they tried to attack him relentlessly.

Some of them even started to rush towards the Supergiant, but her telepathy and mind control ability was too strong that no one could even step foot in front of her! She even made the crowd go against each other as it would be easier for the three of them.

“We have secured the target. We have to return now!” Supergiant said excitedly. Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf nodded and immediately walked towards the spaceship, leaving the crowds behind. But as the three of them walked towards the spaceship, Supergiant sensed something.

“Wait, I think something is not right!” Supergiant said as she frowned.

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