Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 577


Although Ebony Maw is a general among the Black Order, with Supergiant’s mental abilities, she wouldn’t lose against him. The reason why Ebony Maw became the general was due to how cunning and deceptive he was that Supergiant was actually afraid of competing with him. So, now that Supergiant realised that something was wrong, Proxima Midnight was actually a little bit worried.

If the scene where they saw the goddess being killed so easily was just the illusion created by the Reality Gem, that meant the Reality Gem that they recovered was also fake! Surely, something happened almost immediately! 

“Why would you leave this planet so quickly? Let’s play a little bit!” a voice appeared behind Supergiant and touched her face from behind.

Supergiant was shocked and paralyzed as she couldn’t believe someone could sneak up on her like this. Supergiant immediately used her mind control ability to try and take control of this unknown person’s mind. She wasn’t someone that would wait and see what others would do. She was one to act spontaneously!

Supergiant that was nervous at first became confident once more as she realised that her Mind Control ability was a success.

“Feel free to regret not killing me just now because I wouldn’t give you any chance to escape now!” Supergiant said coldly. She turned around and saw that the one behind her was the goddess from earlier and immediately knew that they hadn’t recovered the real Reality Gem yet! 

“Although I didn’t know what method you used to escape my Psychic Link, I can find it on your memory just fine!” Supergiant said as she reached towards the goddess’ head, but just a few seconds after she checked the goddess’ head, she started to scream horrifiedly.

“This is impossible! These are definitely not your memory! Who the fuck are you, and what have you done to me!” Supergiant said as she clutched her head in pain. Because of the pain, Supergiant’s mind control immediately worn off, and the goddess could move again.

The goddess approached Supergiant and smile before she whispered something. “Since you like to peep into other people’s minds so much, I have to show you something you have never seen before! How is it? Did you like my fantasy?” the goddess said.

“Go to hell, bitch!” Supergiant furiously said as she intensified her power’s output. In the Black Order, Supergiant wasn’t only there because of her Psychic Power, but her combat prowess was one of the best too! Her psychic power could be lethal if she wanted to, as she could break apart people with just her mind power. 

Among the Black Order, she was the best general in terms of psionic power alone! Now that she had used her most powerful force, she believed that no one would be able to stand before her! Her power burst out and created an energy blast, right in front of the goddess’ face!

Just like she imagined it would be, the goddess was immediately tossed high to the sky. But as she felt satisfied, the voice came from behind her once again. “Your power is too cruel, don’t you think so too?” the goddess said from behind Supergiant.

“Impossible!” Supergiant said with a look of disbelief on her face. She immediately blasted another psionic blast towards the goddess, and the goddess was immediately tossed high into the sky once again!

“This is impossible! You are supposed to be dead!” Supergiant said nervously. At the same time, rain fell to the ground, and from an unknown place, the goddess’ voice was heard again. “How would you know that I am dead?” the goddess said with a bellowing laugh.

“I killed you myself! I heard your bones crunched before my power!” Supergiant shouted nervously. “Oh, then everything you have seen must be real!” The goddess said while laughing even louder. “Do you even know which is real and which is an illusion in this place? Is anything that you touched even real?” The goddess said with a teasing voice. 

“Want to see what your real look is? I can show it to you.” The goddess said teasingly. “My real look?” Supergiant said confusedly before began to check on his body. She was overly nervous before suddenly a look of realisation hit her. “I am just a bubble?” Supergiant calmly said before she dispersed into hundreds of bubbles.

The goddess appeared behind Supergiant that has turned into bubbles with a sorrowful look on her face. While Supergiant might think that she was up against the goddess for a long time, in reality, it wasn’t even a minute!

Black Dwarf and Proxima Midnight were horrified as they didn’t know what to do at this point. They saw that Supergiant suddenly burst into bubbles and disappeared. They didn’t even know what happened to her. As the goddess appeared behind Supergiant, Proxima Midnight immediately checked the corpse of the goddess that she was supposed to hold, which turned out to be a corpse of a man that smiled happily!

She immediately checked the Cylindrical container that was supposed to contain the Reality Gem, but she was shocked to see that the Ether Particle inside changed into blood!

She genuinely got played! 

Black Dwarf and Proxima Midnight were infuriated as the thought of almost giving blood and a nobody’s corpse to their king crossed their mind. There was no doubt that they would be punished for doing something like that!

But fortunately, there was still room for redemption. Although Supergiant was killed, she noticed that something was wrong beforehand. Now, there was still room for Proxima Midnight to kill the goddess and took the real Reality Gem from her dead body!

Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf looked at the goddess with cold eyes full of killing intent as they no longer held back!

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