Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 578


Although Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf couldn’t stand Supergiant at most times, they were ordered to retrieve the Reality Gem together. Therefore they were responsible for each other out here, but they just watched Supergiant got obliterated so easily without being able to do anything! The most worrying thing was that Supergiant was truly stronger than both of them!

That was when both of them realised that getting their hand on the Reality Gem would be hard, if not impossible! “We have to attack her together! Supergiant was defeated. We can’t go back empty-handed now!” Proxima Midnight said to Black Dwarf frustratedly. 

Black Dwarf frowned as his thought of escaping and planning their next attack was down in the drain now. He knew that Proxima Midnight was right. If he got back to the spaceship now, the king would be the one that killed them! So, he stood his ground and got ready to attack the goddess! 

Both of them knew that they had to be cautious of what the woman in front of them could do as they didn’t really know the effect of Reality Gem that well. If they failed to predict the woman’s attack, both of them could end up like Supergiant!

The two immediately attacked the goddess cautiously. It was obvious that they were trying their best while remaining cautious of what the goddess could do. Proxima Midnight kept shooting her Death Ray, while Black Dwarf was trying to pressure her by attacking the spot where she would evade the Death Ray! 

Although she was cornered by two skillful fighters, the goddess was still smiling! At the same time, Proxima Midnight realised that the one in front of her right now was not the real goddess! She began to wonder where the real body would be and what affected them exactly. Was it just an illusion that they saw, or was it really a body double? But Proxima Midnight immediately shook off that thought as she realised that Supergiant would saw right through it immediately!

But what could the power of the goddess be? The inscription talking about the Infinity Gems was rare, and if there were any at all, the language on the inscription was long gone! Had it not for the king’s task to exterminate the eternals, they wouldn’t have any idea how to find the Infinity Gems at all!

Unfortunately, one of the gems that they sought after had a host now, and the host couldn’t be underestimated! As if being directed orderly, the people that worshipped the goddess earlier came around and started attacking Black Dwarf and Proxima Midnight again, making them lost sight of the goddess!

Proxima Midnight felt a sense of dread as she knew that it would end up in two ways. Either they were killed by these mobs, or the goddess sneaked behind them and killed them as she did to Supergiant! But the most horrifying thing was the possibility that the goddess might sneak upon them. Thus they have to keep their vigilance while going on the defensive! 

Just as the two of them stared bitterly at what might become their final moment, the sky got dark! Both of them looked up and saw that the sun was blocked by their spaceship! A figure immediately jumped out of the spaceship, and it was none other than Ebony Maw himself!

Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf frowned as they knew that they have fucked up! It was clear that the king saw how incompetent they were and sent Ebony Maw himself! Their thought was immediately confirmed as soon as Ebony Maw talked to them indifferently.

“Go back! The Master’s patience has run out! Supergiant’s death is the nail on the coffin, and the Master is extremely unhappy about it!” Ebony Maw said indifferently.

“Give us another chance! Supergiant’s death was pure carelessness on her part!” Proxima Midnight tried to bargain to clear her name.

“The Master has spoken. Please don’t make it hard for yourself and return at once!” Ebony Maw said still in an indifferent manner. Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf were stunned as their complexion turned pale before reluctantly nodding towards him. 

Weirdly enough, the goddess didn’t do anything even though the three of them were clearly not ready for a sneak attack. Ebony Maw looked around and also noticed this fact. He frowned as he never thought that the goddess would be cautious of his approach. But it wouldn’t matter since the result would be the same either way. There was nothing in the universe that the Master wantd but couldn’t get!

After a while, Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf, who has entered the spaceship, immediately fell to their knee as they tried to plead for mercy. But the figure that still sits on his throne didn’t even acknowledge them! “Let’s get started!” the figure said to Corvus Glaive at the side. 

“Right away, master!” Corvus Glaive said as the spaceship’s entire weapon system was aimed at the ground. The scene was outright overkill as it was unnecessary to bring out so many weapons towards a small planet without any defensive mechanism. But it was probably the right attitude as Supergiant was killed on that planet!

“Open Fire!” The figure said commandingly. Corvus Glaive nodded and immediately fired all weapons towards the planet below. Ebony Maw got inside the ship while looking down indifferently as he knew that the goddess wouldn’t have any place to hide!

The angry mobs below were instantly wiped out, and even though the goddess could change her appearance into anything or anyone, she couldn’t change the fact that she still existed! So, she had to show herself and defend herself properly against the attack! Reality Gem could easily help her defend the planet, but it would attract the attention of her enemy!

Sure enough, as soon as the attack from the spaceship stopped, an aircraft landed in front of her. The hatch opened, and a purple alien came out of the aircraft, followed by Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive. As for Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf, they were still kneeling in front of their king back in the spaceship.

“You came for the Aether?” the goddess asked solemnly.

“How dare you act so rude in front of the Master of the Universe! Kneel at once!” Ebony Maw shouted angrily. However, the purple figure raised his hand and stopped him. 

“You have killed Supergiant. Therefore I will give you two choices! One, I kill you and take away the Reality Gem out from you and then proceed to destroy this planet for her burial. Or you came with us to fill out her position give me the Reality Gem peacefully.” Thanos said calmly. 

Ebony Maw and Corvus Glaive didn’t expect their Master to recruit the goddess that has killed Supergiant, but it wasn’t their decision, and they have to abide by the Master’s word! 

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