Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 581


“What the fuck are you . . .” The man said before his head falls down and his body spurted blood from where the neck used to be. The thugs died horribly as the body tumbling down into the ground. His friends were horrified by what happened! But, even if they were scared, it was muscle memory for them to take out their gun and shoot at the enemy! 

But clearly, they couldn’t see what was standing before their leader that just died! It was the [World]! And it was ready to pummel them into bits! Dio didn’t even need to say anything as the [World] reacted independently. As the [World] punched the thugs down, they were pulverized into minced meat almost immediately!

“What happened just now? Am I hallucinating?” Someone said while rubbed his eyes constantly as he couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. In fact, several people witnessed the scene, but none of them understood what was happening. The only thing they felt right now was fear as the scene happened.

They believed that they just witnessed an illusion as there was no way something like that could happen. Thus, they choose to leave as they didn’t want to see any more of these shenanigans. But Dio wasn’t keen on letting any thugs go. He knew that those who observed him earlier were all thugs, so he summoned [Red Hot Chili Pepper] to hunt them down!

“Since you have come a long way, why don’t I entertain you a little bit!” Dio said as he let [Red Hot Chili Pepper] loose. The lightning Stand immediately traveled across the power line. It flashed around some part across where Dio was standing, as it represented the death of the thugs that have been watching him earlier. 

Dio checked his phone, and the [Souls] count beneath [World – Over Heaven] gradually increase. Dio was happy to know that the Soul he needed to activate [World – Over Heaven] could be replenished easily as long as he killed his enemy!

Dio watched as his Stands killed many enemies while he was relaxing in front of his car. He checked the souls’ count every once in a while. Even though he had the souls needed to activates [World – Over Heaven] now, he wouldn’t do that as he didn’t need it for now. 

Dio was grateful to a place like Hell’s Kitchen. It was brimming with scumbags that he didn’t have to think twice when it came to killing people here. Dio even thought about visiting Hell’s Kitchen often in the future to replenish his Souls count!

As the scream of despair was be heard in the distance, the Soul count has already reached 44. He specified only to kill the villain. Even though he himself was a little bit unsure that the Stands would understand, he knew that they would get the job done. 

Now that his surrounding has become quiet, Dio decided to learn more about his new ability. All he knew was it needed the [World]’s fist to activate as the [World] could overwrite anything that his fist touched along with 36 souls. 

He thought of trying out this ability just once to know for sure in what situation he should use it later on. But then again, how would he try this power? 

His thought wandered to his legs that were injured earlier when he stabbed them with the Stand Arrow to evolve the [World], but it was no longer bleeding as his regeneration was quite fast. But although it was no longer bleeding, the slight mark of the wound was still there!

It might sound trivial, but using the Reality Overwrite to close up his wound and erase the mark would be the best experiment for now. 

Dio then ordered the [World] to cover his wound with the [World]’s hands and immediately used the Reality Overwrite to overwrite the fact that he was injured in the first place, and then something happened! 

The [World]’s hands immediately glowed purple, and the space around his leg seemed to be distorted, and as soon as the anomalies stopped, Dio saw that the wound on his leg wasn’t there anymore! In fact, when he checked real close, his leg was all smooth, like it was brand new!

Dio was excited as finally his repertoire in saving life increased once again. He could just rewrite someone’s injury like they never received it in the first place!

With [Gold Experience] and the [World – Over Heaven], it could be said that no one would die on his watch as long as he desired it! But treating injuries was only a small part of [The World – Over Heaven] could do!

The power of rewriting reality was so powerful that Dio wasn’t sure where the limit would be. So, which reality could be overwritten and which couldn’t was still a mystery! Whether he could rewrite water as fire or rewrite the dead to come back to life, and how many souls he’d need to do all that was still a complete unknown.

But still, Dio was excited to get his hands on such a cheat-level ability! He hasn’t been this excited for a long time. The one thing in Dio’s for a while now was he needed as many Souls as he could get. The more, the merrier! Thus, Dio instinctively walked towards a gang lair as he would kill them all tonight!

Although Hell’s Kitchen was still chaotic and there was no sign of murder cases going down, the thugs didn’t know that they were the hunted instead of the hunter now!

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