Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 582


When the sunlight illuminated the earth again, the game of hunt that Dio has been doing all night long came to an end. The streets were covered in blood, and dead bodies were lying around for curious onlookers to see. The people on Hell’s Kitchen itself didn’t know what happened late at night as they thought that it was just a turf war between some gang, but apparently, that wasn’t the case! 

Reason was people know that the gang would clean up their mess. They wouldn’t leave this many dead bodies out in the open! That was the rule here on Hell’s Kitchen, so people immediately noticed that it wasn’t some turf war! The policeman has been called at the time, and they immediately dispatched reinforcement to investigate the situation in Hell’s Kitchen with a frown on their face. 

Nevertheless, the police didn’t think much of this situation as they knew that the investigation in Hell’s Kitchen was just a waste of time. They were just there to clean up the mess and took off as soon as they were done as they didn’t want anything to do with the thugs on these parts of New York!

At the same time, the thugs that lived in Hell’s Kitchen were in panic mode! They clearly noticed that an outsider was massacring them at an alarming rate in just one night! They didn’t care about the police that roamed around their turf at the moment as they had a more pressing matter at hand. 

A dozen of small gangs just vanished in a night. There was no telling when the same fate would befall them. According to some survivor’s statement, it was said that a man driving in a luxury car was killing the thugs with some magic! Although it wasn’t something that could be comprehended with the right mind, they knew that the killing wasn’t only one person’s doing!

However, after all that happened last night, they couldn’t rule out the possibility that the survivor’s statement was the actual truth! As for what kind of witchcraft the man practiced was something that they couldn’t investigate at the moment. 

The event last night was actually doing something good for Hell’s Kitchen as the series of gangs that fought over their turf in Hell’s Kitchen put aside their differences for once and chose to wait out and see what would happen next. They agreed to kill the outsider first before settling their own differences later! 

. . . . . . . . . . .

Instead of returning to Wanda right away, Dio returned to the suburbs. He didn’t know the repercussion of his action last night had bothered several sensitive figures. Nevertheless, he would be so much happier as he didn’t really care about the number of people that might go after him. 

After all, it was a hassle to go to their turf just to pick a fight. It would save him the trouble if they were the ones coming at him! Although he was killing many people at an alarming rate, he didn’t feel guilty at all as all he did was getting rid of society’s trash anyway. 

Furthermore, the thought of filling his soul count excited him! That alone eliminated the remorse he felt toward the thugs that he killed. So, Dio immediately checked the number of souls that he accumulated last night and noticed that it was 647! Dio nodded in satisfaction as he got a good haul over a night of hunting. Furthermore, he already used [The World – Over Heaven]’s ability last night, so his soul count should be nearing the 700 mark!

Perhaps some of the people that he killed last night weren’t that bad. Some of them might just join the gang out of necessity to survive in this unfair world, but Dio didn’t care about that stuff. On his mind, once you dirtied your hands, you would get roped towards all other criminal activity. Therefore you wouldn’t be so innocent in the end. 

Dio wasn’t kind enough to let them get away just because they weren’t that bad. After all, Dio didn’t want to waste energy just to investigate whether or not the people he killed was truly evil. 

He wasn’t sorry at all, even if the people that he killed still could be saved! After all, he wasn’t a saint! 

Dio observed his surroundings and wanted to experiment with [The World – Over Heaven]! He had an ample amount of souls on his grasp, and he obviously wanted to know the extent of the Reality Overwrite ability! 

Yesterday, he verified that the Reality Overwrite could be used for treatment purposes, but it wasn’t exactly a treatment! More accurately, it overwrote the injury like it wasn’t there in the first place! So, Dio wondered what he could experiment on and saw several mice running around on an abandoned building.

He immediately captured the mice and smirked as he now realised why the scientist always experimented on them for their project. After all, there were plenty of mice in this world! 

So without much preparation, Dio took the first mouse and cut its tail before summoning the [World – Over Heaven]! He touched the mouse’s tail where he cut it before, and [The World] also did the same thing, overlapping its hand with Dio’s hand. 

“Reality Overwrite!” Dio said excitedly. Suddenly, a purple light enveloped the mouse’s tail and distorted the space within it. When the light was gone, Dio removed his hand, and he saw that the mouse’s tail was fully intact once more! 

Dio smirked as he found the experiment interesting, and he immediately used another 36 souls for another experiment right away!

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  1. Well. If he can kill mice, bugs, or fish to get the souls, why bother kill humans.

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