Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 586


Dio’s Hamon Energy enveloped his entire body, which was why the attacker’s sword didn’t even graze his clothes! Dio then grabbed the assailant’s neck and lifted him up high. Another two assailants came and throw several shurikens towards Dio, which still couldn’t penetrate Dio’s Hamon Energy barrier! It seemed Dio’s suspicion that they were ninja were spot-on.

Several shurikens hit the ninja in Dio’s hand, and he immediately vomited blood! Dio frowned as he realised that the ninja coated the shuriken with some type of deadly poison! But what surprised Dio was that the ninja was quick to sacrifice their companion to complete their task! 

After their failed attempt, the ninja that was poisoned immediately turned into ash while the other two ninjas were still calmly assessing Dio from afar. Dio immediately realised that the ninjas were likely to be trained and brainwashed from an early age, which explained their abilities to react calmly and heartlessly! 

Dio also noticed that they didn’t feel any fear towards death in their eyes. When the one that was poisoned earlier was about to die, they didn’t even bat an eye! With this knowledge, Dio knew that he didn’t have to keep any of these ninjas alive!

So, without wasting any more of his time, Dio pulled out one poker card from his pocket and pulled out [Reaper’s Gaze] from within the card! He then threw the huge scythe towards the ninjas and successfully pinned down both of the ninjas to the wall! Dio then whistled to control the scythe from afar, and the pinned ninjas were caught off guard as they didn’t expect the weapon could still move even though Dio didn’t touch it!

In the end, the pinned-down ninjas were easily cut in two, but they immediately turned to ashes without any warning as soon as they were cut in half. Dio frowned as he felt familiar when e saw this scene, but he couldn’t quite wrap his head around it. 

So, he summoned [Moody Blues] to investigate the ninjas as he knew that whoever it was that contracted the ninjas could provide him an extra amount of souls! After all, the ninjas that he just killed provide additional three souls for him tonight!

Furthermore, [Moody Blues] could easily track these ninjas’ origin to Dio’s convenience! 

. . . . . . . . . .

In a factory in Hell’s Kitchen’s vicinity, an old woman wearing a white shirt with a crutch on her hand was watching the process of ‘Washing Powder’ making! Almost all her workers were Asian, old and young, men and women, but the common thing among them aside from their race was the empty look on their eyes! 

An old lady entered the factory, and immediately the worker stopped whatever they were doing and stood up to salute the old lady like a soldier! This old lady was one of the five fingers that controlled a group of mercenaries, The Hand, was called Mrs. Gao.

After the fall of the Kingpin, with the help of Rand Corp, Mrs. Gao absorbed many Drugs businesses and used Hell’s Kitchen as her base. Although people might think that she was just a 60- or 70-year-old woman, they absolutely had no idea that the old woman has lived 400 years old! 

In addition to that, this old woman absolutely enjoyed terrorizing her enemy, either physically or mentally! Anyone that dared to cross her would disappear without any trace! 

After inspecting the factory, Mrs. Gao walked towards her office.

“How’s the situation? Has the killer been found?” Mrs. Gao asked no one in particular, but suddenly a figure emerged from the shadow.

“Yes, number 3, number 4, and number 5 have departed to clean the mess. They will bring back the killer’s head soon!” the figure said indifferently.

“Good!” Mrs. Gao arrogantly said as she poured herself a cup of tea. She was perfectly calm as she didn’t care that much about the killer that caused unrest in Hell’s Kitchen. Had it not for her drugs business, she wouldn’t even interrupt this killer’s activities. But suddenly, she heard a commotion nearby.

Mrs. Gao frowned and lowered her teacup. “See what trouble is coming our way, kill them and put them in concrete.” Mrs. Gao said with a frown still on her face.

The figure nodded and stepped out without saying anything. Mrs. Gao was satisfied by the figure’s loyalty as she was always confident with her strength and the organisation behind her. But this time, her confidence came back to bite her! After a few minutes, the commotion stopped, and a strong smell seeped in!

Mrs. Gao immediately realised what smell it was as she was no stranger to it after living for 400 years! However, it was not normal right now as her ninja hasn’t returned to her yet. Mrs. Gao immediately stood up with her cane, but before she could walk towards the door, a footstep was heard approaching the door.

A polite knock was heard, and Mrs. Gao sat down once again, “Come in!” She said as she realised she wouldn’t be able to get away anyway. An Asian man opened the door with a smile on his face and sat in a chair opposite of her. 

“Where are my people?” Mrs. Gao asked curiously.

“Did you mean those ninjas? They all turned into ashes.” Dio answered indifferently. Mrs. Gao nodded her head while humiliation filled her emotion. She hadn’t felt this way in hundreds of years! 

“May I know your name? I don’t seem to see you around before.” Mrs. Gao asked curiously.

“Well, that is why I have to come here myself. You see, we don’t know each other, but why would you send some people to trouble me?” Dio asked coldly. The slight smile on Mrs. Gao’s face instantly disappeared as she heard Dio’s word.

“Oh dear, it turns out you are the killer that caused unrest on Hell’s Kitchen!” Mrs. Gao said calmly with a little bit of irony in her tone.

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