Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 585


The poor man had no time to completely turn around as he suddenly fell into eternal darkness, but he wasn’t alone as many people were also destined to accompany him that night. As time went by, Dio reaped many Souls in Hell’s Kitchen. He even used Mirror Dimension to make sure no one found out about his hunt!

But as more people were found dead or missing, Hell’s Kitchen seemed to be woken up from its slumber. A large number of thugs began to gather with various weapons in their hands. It was clear that they were determined to confront whatever it was that targeted their missing or dead friend tonight.

In only ten minutes, a siege team of 2.000 people began searching for the killer. They were determined to find the killer until they turned Hell’s Kitchen upside down! Little did they know that Dio was hunting for them at the same time! 

There was no way Dio would miss the opportunity to get 2.000 souls that were ready for the taking! Furthermore, they were already grouped up so nicely that it saved Dio the trouble searching for them! To make it even easier for himself, Dio took care of the small group of thugs that strayed off from the large group. He couldn’t afford to scare the 2.000 people as it would be troublesome if they started running away. As much as Dio wanted to shout his lungs out to announce his hunt, he refrained from doing so.

At the same time, he used Mirror Dimension to hide the corpses, making sure that the main group did not discover them. He found Mirror Dimension really convenient in a hunt like this as he could do anything he wanted to the people he trapped inside! 

But after hundreds of men were missing mysteriously, the main group began to sense how grave the situation was. They stuck closely and actively told anyone not to stray off from the group. They seemed to be aware that the killer was hunting them too, but they seemed to be thinking that the killer wouldn’t attack them if they were together from the fact that the killer was after the people that strayed off from the main group!

With that in mind, the thousands of people seemed to be relieved and regained their courage. But the truth was far from that. If Dio knew what the thugs were thinking, he would be laughing so hard at these thugs!

After a while, Dio suddenly appeared and dragged more than a thousand people towards the Mirror Dimension! Once inside, Dio summoned the two Ice Stands before the thugs had the time to react. In an instant, a huge magic circle appeared above the thousands of men, and huge ice was materialised above it! 

“Fall down!” Dio shouted, and countless ice spears blasted the crowd like a downpour! 

“Look out! Hail is coming!” The crowds shouted in horror and confusion. They didn’t understand why it was hailing all of a sudden, but it was too late! The ice spears pierced the crowds head-on with nowhere to run!

The situation got chaotic real quick as they were desperate to run into the open field, and to that end, they didn’t care if they had to trample their own friends to get away, but then again, it was already too late!

“Oh, God! Save us!” the thugs screamed horrifiedly as the ground began to soak in blood from countless people!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

When Dio stopped the ice bombardment, more than a thousand people have been killed! The ice and blood have mixed together, creating a beautiful pool of blood and bodies on the open field! Dio then moved the bodies together using the Mirror Dimension ability and sealed it into an ice sculpture. After all the bodies were sealed in ice, he shattered it completely, turning them into snowflakes!

After everything was taken care of, Dio nodded in satisfaction as he successfully accumulated a lot of souls and cleaned up the aftermath. He then walked out of the Mirror Dimension before closing it up. He noticed that the ice also returned to the real world, but he knew that it would melt once morning came.

But just as Dio wanted to continue hunting the thugs, three sharp blades appeared from behind aimed at his head, heart, and abdomen, respectively. But the next scene shocked everyone in the area as the blades didn’t even scratch his shirt, let alone pierce Dio’s body!

In their opinion, Dio should be dead from the attack, but it was clear that they were wrong!

“This is impossible!” the attacker said before he leapt out towards the shadow of the building.

Dio smirked as he had no intention to let the little rat escape and hide.

“This is interesting! A ninja? Or is it an assassin with a superpower? This is great. I am flattered to find you come out of your way to get me!” Dio said as he suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of one of the attackers and grabbed his neck! 

The attacker was shocked to see he was captured so easily as this was the first time it happened throughout his life! He tried to attack Dio’s heart once again, “This is my power!” The man said as he aimed his short sword directly at Dio’s heart, but the reality was cruel as once again, his sword bounced off Dio’s body as if it just hit a metal!

He looked at his sword and saw that its tip was broken, so there was no point in him struggling any further! He was confused as he didn’t see any protective layer beneath Dio’s shirt that could break his sword, but he clearly knew that his life was coming to an end!

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