Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 588


Dio stood next to Mrs. Gao’s body, holding a Dark Light ball that was Mrs. Gao’s soul. After evolving [The World], he found out that a human soul was like a disappearing mist after they were dead, and the evil ones turned darker the worse things they had done when they were alive! Dio had never seen the soul of a good person yet, but he thought that their souls would be white!

Dio shook his head as he wanted to walk away after throwing Mrs. Gao’s soul to [The World], and suddenly his soul count increased by a thousand! Dio was surprised by this, but it seemed the quality of the soul affected the soul count too. But he soon frowned as he knew that a high-quality evil soul was hard to find! Mrs. Gao has lived her life for 400 years, so her crime was countless! Compared to her, small-time thugs were like an insect!

Dio immediately recollected his thought, ready to walk away. However, he had to burn down the drug factories before he left. He had to do it for the sake of the unfortunate people that had nowhere else to go and had to call Hell’s Kitchen their homes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After dawn, Hell’s Kitchen looked a little bit deserted as the usual thugs that roamed the street were nowhere to be seen. But several thugs that survived Dio’s hunt last night knew just how many people died in one night! The gang’s decision to fight the mysterious killer with number seemed like a joke now as everybody was dead! 

The 2.000 people arming themselves and walked around the street to search for the killer were all dead in vain! All the gang leaders in the vicinity were scared shitless as they couldn’t think of anything at the moment. Moreover, the drug factories that Mrs. Gao of the Hand created were burned down last night! It was a surprising news as everyone knew how ruthless the old woman could be. But even after such an incident, Mrs. Gao hadn’t shown herself up!

It was a weird situation as everyone knew how attached Mrs. Gao to her factory was! So, with the circumstance in hand, everyone came to a conclusion that Mrs. Gao has been killed!

. . . . . . . . . . . .

At the same time, Mrs. Gao’s body was placed in the middle of some ritual table, and 4 figures surrounded her. 

“Now, the ritual to resurrect Mrs. Gao will take place. Let’s take a vote of the current situation.” A figure said across the room. After a few minutes, the 4 figures then stood, and the voting end. “Two votes in favour of resurrecting her, one against it, and one abstain. Without further ado, let the ceremony begin!” The figure across the room said solemnly. The 4 figures nodded and began performing the ceremony. But after a while, the look of surprise was painted on everyone’s face.

“The resurrection failed! The killer didn’t only take her life, but also her soul! Who in the world can do such a thing!” The figure across the room shouted worriedly.

“Is it a demon? There is no way Mrs. Gao would make such an amateurish mistake!” one of the four figures said with a frown on his face. The reason why they were quick to judge that Mrs. Gao was killed by a demon was that the magic that they used was derived from the devil himself!

“This devil is the worst kind! He killed thousands of people in the past two days, but he is smart enough to do it specifically in Hell’s Kitchen, where such matter wouldn’t become the head news of the country!” one of the 4 figures said solemnly.

“Anyway, the demon is a threat! We have to formulate a plan to deal with this as soon as possible!” one of the 4 figures said angrily.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dio was sitting in his car while eavesdropping on the conversation. He had planted a special tracking device that Shuri made for him inside Mrs. Gao’s body, and it seemed his decision was a good one as Mrs. Gao was immediately taken and brought somewhere else for the Hand to resurrect! Fortunately for Dio, in order to resurrect Mrs. Gao, the Hand had to assemble the remaining Fingers as well!

Dio believed as long as he would be set for the next battle if he could kill all of them! With enough soul, he could get through any crisis in the future! With that in mind, he created a mirror dimension and dragged the whole building inside. If his suspicion was on the mark, everyone inside the building should be affiliated with the Hand!

“Raise up!” Dio said as he flicked his hand up. The whole building suddenly flew into the sky, 10 kilometres away from the ground in a blink of an eye!

“Fall apart!” Dio said, and the building soon cracked apart, with everyone inside falling freely to the ground! They were caught unprepared as no one was able to figure out what was going on.

One by one, the Hand’s members that fell to the ground plopped like a falling tomato, leaving a big blood-stained mark on where they fell. Dio’s soul count increased rapidly, and he nodded with a satisfied look on his face as the building was indeed one of the Hand’s bases!

Dio smirked as some of the Fingers that he hoped would be there also fell down. Although they were deemed immortal due to their everlasting age and were strong too, as they were capable martial artists, it didn’t mean they couldn’t die! 

In this case, no matter what they did, falling from such a height would certainly spell their doom!

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