Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 589


Dio wasn’t keen on wasting his time, so he immediately restored the building like it used to be and pinned it down on the ground. As he did so, Dio saw 4 people walking on the street while staring furiously at Dio. 

“Who are you!” one of the 4 figures asked Dio. But Dio wasn’t in the mood to answer any question, and so, he pulled out [Reaper’s Gaze]  from the playing card and summoned [The World] immediately. He immediately stopped the time with [The World]’s power, and Dio immediately rushed forward and slashed the 4 figures with his scythe! 

After his attack, Dio resumed the flow of time again and the 4 figures splattered to the ground, looking like a lump of meat. The black souls also came out of these 4 figures, and Dio immediately let [The World] absorb all of them. The black souls that came from these 4 figures were also jet black, the same as Mrs. Gao’s soul.

Dio immediately checked the soul count and was excited to see that the amount of soul that he had now was more than 8.000! The Five Fingers of the Hand alone has contributed more than 5.000 souls! But something bothered Dio like he was missing something. 

And only after dawn that Dio forgot to ask about the Dark Magic that the Hand was adept in. Dio immediately sighed in annoyance as he couldn’t ask any of the Finger of the Hand now about it. “I hope there is some clue about it on their base!” Dio said to himself as he immediately followed the tracker that he left on Mrs. Gao’s body. 

But before he entered the building, he undid the Mirror Dimension as it didn’t serve any purpose now. Once he entered the building, he followed the tracker into a secret room where he believed where the Hand was planning to resurrect Mrs. Gao. He immediately searched around the room to see any clue about their Dark Magic, but he couldn’t find anything! 

To make sure he didn’t miss anything, Dio immediately summoned [Moody Blues] and rewinded the event on the room. After a moment, his choice to use [Moody Blues] turned out to be correct as it showed a wall, which was another secret door leading to another secret room! He then searched the second room and was a little bit surprised that it was littered with so much information! 

The second secret room contained documents about K’un Lun, Hydra, Resurrection, and many other secret documents! It even contained a document about a certain mystical artefact buried below New York and their plan to seize it! 

There were so many things here that piqued Dio’s interest, but he couldn’t possibly read it all right now. But certainly, there were so many documents depicting the Hand’s cruel nature, such as experiments on children and such. And so, Dio started skimming through all the documents he could find and finally found what he came for! It was an old document with a few lines of spells engraved on it. 

Dio immediately put the old parchment in his pocket and left the secret room. Although he wanted to burn everything down out of disgust for what the Hand had done, he knew that it was better to let the world know about this organisation and let someone else took care of them. Dio even considered letting K’un Lun know about this Hand’s Base to hasten their purge of the Hand.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

Two days later, in a Chinese Restaurant inside Chinatown, New York. A blonde man with curly hair was enjoying his fried rice when suddenly a white man in a suit came and sit in front of him.

“Mr. Danny Rand?” The man in the suit asked indifferently.

“Who are you? I don’t think we have met before.” Danny asked confusedly. 

“We indeed never met before, but I know you. A person that has been declared dead 15 years ago has returned to the Rand Corporation and wants to take back what belongs to him. It sounds so fictional now, doesn’t it?” The man in the suit said with a smile on his face. Danny was surprised and even stopped eating as soon as he heard the man’s words. He was totally confused right now, but he tried to keep his cool as best as he could.

“Who sent you here? Are you here to kill me?” Danny asked with a frown on his face. While he was talking, Danny concentrated an ample amount of energy on his fist below the desk as a countermeasure if the man attacked him. 

“Quite the contrary, I am here to give something that may interest you.” The man said as he put a paper with a certain address written on it and a key on the table.

Danny took a look at the address on the paper and saw a note indicating that it was the Hand’s base. “How did I know this isn’t a trap?” Danny asked with a frown on his face.

“You don’t, but if you want to find out, you better go there yourself! My job here is done, goodbye!” The man in the suit said as he stood up and walked away. 

The frown on Danny’s face became clearer as he was really suspicious of the man, but the note clearly drew his attention. It said ‘Five Fingers of the Hand has been cut off, the cleanup is up to K’un Lun. Don’t let me down! – a man who happens to strolls by.’ 

Danny couldn’t believe it as he knew that the Hand was one of the most secretive and formidable organisation that has been a thorn in K’un Lun’s path for a long time! Yet someone immediately recognised him and even brought up K’un Lun even though he has just arrived in New York not too long ago! 

Although Danny thought it was a trap as there was no way the five fingers could be killed so easily, his intuition told him that the man was telling the truth! Danny knew that he had to take a risk and visited the address. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have a good sleep tonight!

So, without waiting any longer, Danny paid for his meal and took the paper and the key before immediately driving towards the address on the paper. At the same time, the same man in the suit that gave the paper and the key to Danny was watching him inside a car while making a phone call. “The target has received the objective and is making his way towards the address as we speak.” The man said stoically.

“Good job, now take some rest,” Dio said from New York sanctuary. He was in the middle of cooking lunch at the moment, and as soon as he hung up the call, he threw the phone to the sofa and serve the lunch on the table. “Wanda! Pietro! Lunch is ready, come on, I made seafood fried rice and sweet & sour pork!” Dio shouted as Wanda was in her Yoga session while Pietro was immersed in his game.

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