Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 592


Steve was struggling to deal with the Ghost Rider as he couldn’t look at the demon in the eyes. He also kept an eye on the blue flame that was constantly flaring from the Ghost Rider! 

However, Robbie had no intention to play along with these people, and so he tried to ignore them, but they kept getting in his way. Finally, Robbie grew impatient and rammed his car towards the Sanctuary!

Almost every Ghost Riders had their own unique skill, and Robbie was no exception. But usually, the Ghost Rider needed their ride to perform this Special Ability. With that fact, Robbie activated his ability and immediately summoned a copy of himself! This Copy could do everything he could as long as his ride was intact!

“Stop them!” Robbie shouted in command. The Copy immediately nodded and charged towards Steve and the others with chains in their hand. He swung his chain towards Sam and immediately caught Sam’s wing and tore it apart, which caused Sam unable to fly anymore. Then the Copy swung his chain around, creating a wall that prevented Steve and Scott from coming close to Robbie. 

But, the chain didn’t stop Scott from moving forward! He shrunk down to ant-size and leaped over the Copy’s head. The Copy didn’t seem to realise it at first, but he suddenly turned his head around and attacked Scott with the Hellfire! Steve was too far away from Scott to save him, and Scott himself was not in a position to manoeuvre out to safety. 

So, with a limited option, Scott shrank down again, entering the Quantum Realm to stay out of the fire! But unfortunately, Steve and Sam didn’t know that Scott has managed to get away as they thought that Scott was burned to death! Steve was angry that he couldn’t save his comrade and attacked the Copy in a blind rage!

But it was useless as the Copy itself was as tough as the real Ghost Rider, so once again, the real Ghost Rider could focus on attacking the Sanctuary. Then as he saw that Steve and Sam were still occupied with his Copy, he immediately gathered the Hellfire beneath his feet and exploded it, causing a surge of Hellfire inside the Sanctuary! 

Steve and Sam immediately sensed impending danger from the explosion and immediately jumped toward the portal on the corridor without any hesitation! 

The Sanctuary was engulfed in the blue Hellfire, destroyed completely without any trace! 

Steve and Sam that barely escaped death arrived at Kamar-Taj with injuries across their body. The landing wasn’t smooth, and the portal that connected Kamar-Taj with Hong Kong Sanctuary has been destroyed as well!

But when the dust subsided, a dazzling light emerged from the once Hong Kong Sanctuary. Scott arrived safely from the Quantum Realm! But as he didn’t know what happened, he was surprised to see that everything was already in shambles! He looked around, but the portal that was supposed to connect Hong Kong Sanctuary with Kamar-Taj was already destroyed too!

“Steve? Sam? Where are you?” Scott shouted as he didn’t know what happened to both Steve and Sam. He hoped that either one of them would respond to his call, but he didn’t hear any response. 

At the time, both Steve and Scott thought that they both must have died!

Robbie that was still in the vicinity looked at Scott indifferently. He knew that Scott no longer possessed a threat to him. He then carved a series of demonic words to the ruins according to the content of his contract!

Suddenly, after the demonic words were carved into the ruins, the ground turned dark red, and a pungent sulphuric smell immediately wafted through the air! After seeing the situation, Robbie frowned. He noticed what was happening right now and was confused why Mephisto wanted him to destroy 3 buildings that were too far apart. Furthermore, the words that he carved to the ruins looked suspicious. 

But after seeing what happened once he destroyed the building and carved the demonic words to the ruins, he knew that he was summoning the Hell itself! 

Although he wanted to get rid of the Spirit of Vengeance, he wouldn’t do it if the entire world was at stake! He would rather live under the curse forever, rather than become the cause of mankind’s destruction!

Fortunately, it wasn’t too late for him to do the right thing as he has only destroyed one of the three buildings that Mephisto ordered him to destroy! Mephisto clearly underestimated him too much! 

At the same time, a portal suddenly appeared. Stephen walked out the portal to take the lead, and Dio, accompanied by Steve and Sam, followed after Stephen not too long after. They had solved the army issue temporarily and got the news that the Ghost Rider was attacking the Hong Kong Sanctuary! So, Dio and Stephen got into Kamar-Taj from their respective Sanctuary only to find that the portal to Hong Kong has been destroyed!

Stephen burst into anger as he saw what happened in Hong Kong, but he didn’t fall into a blind rage immediately as he tried to use the Eye of Agamotto to reverse the time, in the hope that the Sanctuary would be restored.

But it was already too late! No matter how hard Stephen tried to twist the Green Magic Array on his hands, the Sanctuary couldn’t be restored to what it was before! Just like the Dark Dimension invasion in the past, the power of the time gem couldn’t drive out another dimension from influencing the earth! 

“It’s too late! This area has been transformed into Hell Ground, and as the two-dimension intertwined, Hell has the power to create a gate of Hell here!” Robbie said from the side.

Dio and the others have surrounded Robbie while Stephen was trying to restore the Sanctuary, ready to strike at any given moment, but they were surprised that the Ghost Rider was willing to comply!

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