Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 591


Dio’s response was quite fast, but Stephen didn’t realise what was happening that fast! In addition to that, Stephen didn’t even let the soldier enter as his pride prevented him from doing so. 

“Fire and destroy this place!” The general shouted as he was getting annoyed by Stephen’s uncooperative behaviour. 

Stephen’s complexion changed right after, and he immediately raised his hands to create a big shield from his spell. The soldier was shocked to see Stephen’s spell and immediately thought of the worst! 

“He is an alien! He isn’t human!” The soldier shouted frantically. 

“Kill that Alien heretic!” The general angrily shouted as he fired his gun at Stephen. He was at a loss as the higher-ups wanted him to destroy a building in a public space like this, but knowing that they had a good reason right now, he was elated! So, the army started to fire their weapon at Stephen, while Stephen tried his best to defend the Sanctuary and himself! 

Stephen used a spell that he had learned in his spare time and split himself into several copies. He learned this spell to deal with the Ghost Rider, but it seemed that he has to use it now! He had to give his best as he couldn’t let the London Sanctuary fall! 

“Destroy their weapons!” Stephen ordered his copies. The copies immediately conjured a magic whip and disarmed the army. Wong, who was standing at the door the whole time also stepped down to help Stephen fight the army without harming them. Stephen frowned as this wouldn’t end well as he was exposed now! The Sorcerer Supreme had a mission to protect the Earth from any danger from the other realm, but doing so while keeping secrecy from the world government was a must!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Dio didn’t really have a hard time. He trapped the soldier inside the Mirror Dimension until they gave up! It seems to work wonders as the soldier’s morale dramatically dropped since they couldn’t even make a dent on the wall of the Sanctuary!

To make matters worse for the soldiers, Dio summoned [Red Hot Chili Pepper] and gave them a shock therapy that they wouldn’t forget!

. . . . . . . .

Watching their comrades fell one after another by sudden electrocution, the rest of the soldiers suddenly felt their lives were in danger, but clearly, Dio wouldn’t let them go that easily! 

Although Dio summoned [Red Hot Chili Pepper], he didn’t mean to kill anyone. He summoned the electric Stand so that he could stun and knock the soldiers unconscious! And after he knocked everyone out, he undid the Mirror Dimension, but at the same time, an additional Jet Fighter was dispatched towards New York Sanctuary with a missile attached!

Dio noticed the incoming Jet and frowned as it seemed the government has gone mad! How could the government launched a missile towards a plaza full of civilians without any warning! He then summoned [White Album] to stop the missiles from detonating!

He reached out towards the missiles, dropping the temperature around him extremely, and thick ice was building up around the missiles before it fell to the ground without detonating! 

“Here, I will give it back to you!” Dio said as he took the missiles from the ground and threw it at the Jet Fighter after strengthening his arm with Hamon Energy. The missile hit the Jet Fighter head-on and exploded in mid-air!

Dio wasn’t quite sure whether all of this was orchestrated by the Ghost Rider or Mephisto, but the situation didn’t look good right now! Still, Dio knew that the Sanctuary couldn’t stay here as the government would certainly check this place thoroughly later!

However, he had to solve the current situation first. So, without any delay, he called T’challa and ask him to call the USA Government under the name of Wakanda to call off this operation. He knew that the government would be sanctioned by the United Nations for attacking a civilian building in the middle of the crowded city!

But after waiting for a while, Dio found out that the situation was worse than he thought!

. . . . . . . . . .

Unlike the New York and London Sanctuary, Hong Kong Sanctuary wasn’t swarmed with soldiers. In fact, there were so many tourists and local residents walking in the street in front of the Sanctuary! But, Robbie that was still in his human form was among those tourists! His target was Hong Kong Sanctuary all along, and the soldier was a good diversion for his plan! 

Without waiting any longer, he transformed to his Ghost Rider’s form and immediately used a crane nearby and turned it into a catapult with his Hellfire’s demonification! Robbie laughed as he attacked the Sanctuary mercilessly while the crowds were screaming from the terrifying presence! 

Scott was shocked as he saw the Ghost Rider for the first time. “What is that? Will I also become like that once I die?” He asked Steve as he looked at the Ghost Rider curiously. 

“No time to play, Scott! We have to defend the building at all cost, but remember, never look into that demon’s eyes! Don’t get burned with his fire, either. Otherwise, we won’t get off unscathed!” Steve said as he raised his shield and parried one rock that the Ghost Rider threw at them. 

“Okay, Captain! I will go and wear my gear first!” Scott said as he ran towards his room. Unlike Captain America that was always ready, Scott and Sam needed their gear to fight. So, after a few days without any action, they didn’t wear their gear right now. 

Steve sighed but said nothing about it as he gripped his shield tighter and got ready for a fight. Honestly, Steve regretted his decision to protect the Sanctuary with these two, but it was too late to complain right now!

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