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Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 99 Buy A Car


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Dio noticed that SHIELD did deal with Pete’s situation fairly, but he still didn’t know what the reason why Nick Fury would do that much was.

However, now he had another urgent matter at hand!

He already made an appointment with Jessica to buy a car and a house for himself.

When Jessica arrived at the restaurant, she greeted Dio playfully while also noticing that the Snail, Little Remo, was already attached to Dio’s shoulder. She found that the snail wasn’t repulsive or disgusting at all!

In fact, it looked cute on Dio’s shoulder.

Dio and Jessica immediately hit the road to find a new car for Dio.

On their way to the best car seller from Jessica’s perspective, she asked Dio his criteria for the new car he was about to buy.

Dio still didn’t really know what he had to buy as he has never seen the need to find out about them.

All he knew was as long as it wasn’t Mercedes-Benz, it should be okay, and he would buy anything that he wished!

After a while, Jessica brought Dio to BMW Showroom to see if anything struck Dio’s interest.

As soon as they parked their car, many salesmen approached to ask for any car that they could help Dio searched for.

Dio immediately waved his hand in annoyance, he said that he will look for it himself and will call one of them if any of the cars suit his fancy!

The salesmen smiled brightly and said that Dio should go ahead and find any car that he wanted; their brand was one of the best quality cars in the world!

Jessica nodded and immediately said that one of them should accompany Jessica if, by any case, she needed insight of the seller.

Dio immediately looked at Jessica weirdly; he didn’t know that Jessica wanted to buy another car for herself.

Seeing that Dio was looking at her with a strange look, Jessica immediately giggled and said that the car wasn’t for her, it will be a present for Irene’s birthday, which was right around the corner!

Dio nodded in understanding while also thinking for a gift for the little girl himself. He knew that Jessica deliberately told him about Irene’s birthday so that he could prepare a gift himself.

Dio and Jessica looked at various types of cars as they were being led by the salesman earlier, they didn’t see anything that sparked their interest until they found a Pink Mini, which was suitable for Irene.

It was very girlish in style and wasn’t expensive, very suitable for Irene’s first car. Jessica immediately asked for Dio’s opinion about the car. He nodded his head and said that Irene would definitely love it, which weren’t the words that Jessica really searched from Dio.

She sighed and immediately took care of all the paperwork needed to buy the car.

Once she was done with that, she came out of the sales office to find Dio again and was slightly startled to find Dio was having a good chat with a very sexy and beautiful lady.

Once Dio noticed that Jessica was coming his way, he immediately told Natasha not to do anything stupid around her. She smirked a little bit and seemed to ignore Dio’s threat like it was nothing.

Once Jessica was close enough, Natasha immediately introduced herself as Nancy, Dio’s old colleague. She told Jessica that she didn’t expect to see Dio there today and, therefore, was sorry to bother Jessica’s time with Dio.

Jessica seemed a little confused with Nancy’s approach, an old friend of Dio? She suddenly felt insecure about her own beauty after seeing that lady. She immediately introduced herself as Jessica, Dio’s friend! She felt insecure and unsure of introducing herself as anything more.

Natasha smirked while saying that it was a shame, Dio always missed any good opportunities in his life while winking at Jessica knowingly.

Dio immediately cleared his throat to warn Natasha not to say anything else to provoke Jessica.

Jessica immediately laughed after hearing Natasha’s word and immediately said that it was fine, and she really was just Dio’s friend.

Natasha wanted to say something else, but she felt chills down her spine and dangerous aura near her, which she was fully aware of, she immediately bailed, saying that she still had something to do. She turned around and looked at Dio with a meaningful look on her eyes, she said to Dio that Dio shouldn’t forget his promise between them and that that night would be an unforgettable night!

Dio froze after hearing Natasha’s word, it was clear that Natasha wanted to mess with Dio and Jessica’s relationship!

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