Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 100 Before Meal


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Dio knew that Natasha did it on purpose; she acted more casual towards Dio after knowing that Dio won’t attack her without any reason.

However, as soon as Natasha left, Jessica acted like Natasha’s remark earlier never happen.

Seeing her reaction like that, Dio felt like he had to explain himself a little bit.

“Hey, listen. That’s just how she is. She tends to say nonsense every time she meets me. I promised her that I would give treatment to one of her sick friends. I am going over to see her friend’s condition later tonight!” Dio said casually.

“I know. My intuition tells me that she doesn’t have that kind of relationship with you. She just said that to tease me, I think. But you guys might be acting for all I know, but that would make you better than most A list actor!” Jessica said while laughing contently.

Dio knew immediately that a woman’s instinct was not something that could be taken lightly.

Jessica immediately pulled Dio’s hand towards the Porsche Car Dealer, and Dio immediately took an interest in the silver Porsche in the middle of the showroom.

It was a Porsche Spider 918, which was a hybrid car with a 4.6-liter V8 and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powered three electric motors with a total 887 horsepower!

Dio immediately asked for the prices of the car to the dealer excitedly.

The dealer said that the price of the car was as much as $929.999!

The high price deterred Dio a little bit. He knew that if the Battle of New York took place, the car might be destroyed, and thus 1 Million-dollar went away in the drain. So, Dio immediately found a dealer to make a deal about the car.

Dio went for a 60-month payment installment as his choice of payment while also applying for custom insurance for the car, which he also paid a bit more than normal insurance.

Jessica was a little bit surprised that Dio didn’t pay the car bill in one go, she asked if Dio forgot to bring his wallet, if that was the case, he could use Jessica’s for paying the car, she wouldn’t mind.

But Dio only smiled at her and said that he didn’t want to pay fully, in case something came up, he wouldn’t regret his action.

While describing his insurance term one by one, Dio looked very satisfied. He already covered all damage that could possibly happen to the car in case the Battle of New York happened.

However, the salesman who wrote all the terms, and he was a little bit curious about why Dio paid more only to ask for a weird term like that!

The insurance that Dio took included the damage caused by fallen debris, alien attack, and another absurd catastrophe damage that really wouldn’t happen under normal circumstances!

After buying the car, Jessica immediately led Dio to a villa not too far from the Chinatown.

Dio was excited to see a beautiful villa, which was quite cheap for the amount of money he currently had, but the thought of having the place destroyed after the Battle of New York was really stopping him from buying the place.

Instead, he signed a contract to rent the villa for two years.

The landlord happily received Dio’s money.

Again, Jessica felt that Dio was a weird guy, she knew that Dio should be able to buy everything he needed, but he didn’t do so.

After he signed the contract, paid the landlord, and received the keys for the house, he immediately took his personal belonging from the restaurant to bring it to his new house.

Dio and Jessica went to the supermarket right after that to buy the necessary ingredients for their lunch and the necessities of everyday household items.

After he cleaned the house and prepared to make a lunch for Jessica, she came towards Dio in her underwear asking whether it was really the time to cook, which Dio responded by turning off the stove and dropped the spatula that he was currently holding and immediately strode over and lifted Jessica bridal style to the bedroom.

Sex before the meal was a little bit common act in a dating world.

It didn’t take long for the room to be filled with a symphony of grunting and moaning!

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