Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 16


“Why is there a kid there? Hurry him off!”

“This little kid must be confused. Does he think he is a master?”

“Haha! Don’t tease him! If he is a master, he will chop off your head and sit on you as a stool!”

Bai Yiyi watched the little kid walking step by step in front of her.

She was a little hesitant seeing this.

“Little brother, be good and listen to what this sister said. Go play elsewhere, and this sister will give you sweets later!” Bai Yiyi touched Qin Xiaotian’s head and said gently.

“Little girl, you’re way too near-sighted. Just now, you called this master to come up, and now you want to drive this master down again. Could it be that you are the kind of person who judges people by appearance?! Don’t you want to talk to this master?” Qin Xiaotian pushed the opponent’s hand away with a proud face.

“Little brother, you mean…?” Bai Yiyi said this with a pause in his tone.

“Yes, the Shuidiao Getou poem you chanted just now came from this master!”

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was dumbfounded.

After two seconds of silence, the hall roared with laughter.

“Hahahaha! I can’t stop laughing- this kid!”

“Little brother, it’s wrong to lie. Do you want to get beaten up?!”

“Noisy!” Qin Xiaotian snorted coldly.

An incomparably terrifying coldness suddenly burst out of his body. Almost instantly, the temperature in the air dropped by dozens of degrees.

The people there, who were still laughing and scolding, all had his hair on top.

When they looked at Qin Xiaotian again, their faces made expressions like they just witness a ghost.

“How can this be?”

“How can a five or six-year-old child have such a powerful aura?”

“Being able to burst into such an aura, that’s probably Foundation Establishment 5th Layer!

“He reached Foundation Establishment at six? “

“There is such a freak?”


“No, the feeling of ice-cold is a bit similar to the power of Profound Ice Pearl. Could it be that this bear child is carrying a treasure?”

At one time, there were several hidden auras in the crowd, showing greedy eyes.

“Little brother, it’s not that this sister doesn’t believe you. The main reason is that you are too young, and this poem has a profound artistic conception. It really doesn’t seem to be something your age can make!” Bai Yiyi glanced at Qin Xiaotian with some surprise. Although there was already a huge wave in her heart, her tone of voice was deliberately calm.

At this time, from the crowd, a young man with dashing eyebrows, star-eyed, and sharp facial features stood up.

Although this person looks handsome, his eyes are somewhat gloomy. It can make people feel uncomfortable when looking at each other.

“Young Lady Yiyi, I, Xiao has a suggestion. I don’t know if it should be said or not?”

“Young Master Xiao might as well say it.” Bai Yiyi nodded.

“It’s Xiao Zhan, he’s from Fire Poison Sect(Huodumen)!” Someone commented in the crowd.

“What kind of sect is Fire Poison Sect? I haven’t heard of it. Is this Xiao Zhan very famous?”

“Fire Poison Sect is indeed not very well-known in the land of Zhongzhou, but in Yanshan(Southern State Flame Mountain), it is one of the most frightening cultivation sects. Its disciples are arrogant and domineering, and each has a fierce temper. If they don’t agree, they will fight. Xiao Zhan himself is the son of Xiao Yanshan, the head of Fire Poison Sect.”

“Xiao Yanshan? I have heard of him! 80 years ago, he was also a Xianling Taoist Academy student, born in a poor and humble family, but he was very talented!”

“After being admitted to the Xianling Taoist Academy, his strength improved by leaps and bounds, and he became the top three geniuses in that year. It’s just that this person has a surly temperament. He violated the rules of the Taoist Academy and was expelled from the academy! Unexpectedly, ten years later, this Xiao Yanshan cultivation base break through the Golden Core Stage even founded Fire Poison Sect, which is also an amazing feat. It is said that Xiao Yanshan’s cultivation base today has reached the status of Golden Core Great Perfection. One more step, and he can break through Nascent Soul. That said, this Xiao Zhan’s identity background is really unusual, and I don’t know what is the meaning of him standing up right now.”

“What else can be interesting? It’s the treasure on that little kid! The cultivation method of Fire Poison Sect is extremely violent. Although its cultivation method resulting in formidable power, it’s still a method by being eroded by poison fire. The higher the cultivation base, the pain is even greater. If this little kid really has spirit treasures like Profound Ice Pearl on his body, it will have a miraculous effect on suppressing fire poison; how could Xiao Zhan not be tempted?”

“Surely, Xiao Zhan doesn’t want this little kid to get intimate with Bai Yiyi. After all, Seven Emotions Enlightenment Dao Sect is not something that he can offend.”

When many cultivators whispered to each other, Xiao Zhan spoke.

“This little ‘Fellow Daoist’, you are so young, yet you have such a cultivation base, which is really impressive. But cultivation base and the way of literature are completely different directions. At your age, to insist that you made this Shuidiao Getou is really unbelievable, even if thrds artnbyouywue the words. It doesn’t necessarily that you did make it! Maybe it really is the masterpiece of a famous master, but it’s just not known to the world. You just happened to see it, presenting the Buddha with borrowed flowers*, that’s all! I wonder if you think this analysis by Xiao is somewhat reasonable!” Xiao Zhan’s voice fell off.

*TL note: to win favor or influence using somebody else’s property; plagiarism

Most of the spectators nodded.

They think what he said is not unreasonable. Even Bai Yiyi showed a skeptical look.

Qin Xiaotian’s face suddenly went dark!

Initially, he just wanted to make waves!

Unexpectedly, someone jumped out to slap him in the face.

Not only a child’s face was slapped, he even went for a beating- pow, pow, pow! Don’t say it yet. This Xiao Zhan analysis is really quite right. Qin Xiaotian was suddenly upset!

Not to mention, this Xiao Zhan analysis is really quite right.

Qin Xiaotian was suddenly upset!

“I don’t want to be harsh, but you dare to play around. Do you know why huā ér** is so popular?”

**TL note: 花儿 (花兒) huā ér; style of folk song popular in Gansu, Qinghai, and Ningxia

At this time, Xiao Zhan had the upper hand, making him even more unreasonable.

“Huh! You’re still young, yet you enjoy plagiarizing someone else honest masterpiece. Do you think you can do anything when you’re still young? But you are still just a child. It’s not possible for a child to have such a sinister thought. If a child would make such a move, someone behind the scenes must have to coax the child in order to get close to the Young Lady Yiyi. As for the plot, This Xiao doesn’t know!”

When Xiao Zhan said this, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

The more they think about it, the more it makes sense

Someone must have instigated this little kid!

Such an awful plot.

For a moment, the eyes of everyone looked at Qin Xiaotian with full of intense malice.

Qin Xiaotian was also intoxicated.

This guy set off his cannon with his mouth full of artillery, deliberately trapped him in injustice, and thought he had understood the situations.

Could it be, because I’m still a kid, I can be easily bullied, and he thought that I have some treasures, so that’s why he wanted to profit from somebody else’s misfortune?

Thinking of this made Qin Xiaotian is even more upset!

“Young Master Xiao, right? Since you said I did not make this Shuidiao Getou, what evidence do you have?!” Qin Xiaotian asked.

“Hehe! Indeed, there is no evidence, but since you claim that you make this masterpiece of the ages, you probably don’t mind making a masterpiece with the same profound artistic conception. If you can make it, this Xiao will have nothing to say!”

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