Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 18


Bai Yiyi’s mood at the moment is being overturned by seas and rivers*.

*TL note: Overturning Rivers and Seas (翻江倒海fān jiāng dǎo hǎi) Meaning: overwhelming; earth-shattering; in a spectacular mess.

She never expected that the master who could make two masterpieces of the ages was actually this five or six-year-old boy!

Qin Xiaotian’s image suddenly became extremely tall in the eyes of everyone. So much so that he radiated a bottomless aura. There seemed to be a huge amount of energy in that small body. No one dared to take him lightly anymore.

“If you agree to bet, you must accept to lose, Young Master Xiao. Or, do you want to have a debt to a child?” Qin Xiaotian reminded him.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Xiao Zhan.

“You······ Okay, very good! This Xiao is willing to pay the bet!” Xiao Zhan said with downcast eyes, gnashing his teeth**.

**TL note: 咬牙切齿 yǎo yá qiè chǐ; gnashing one’s teeth (idiom); displaying extreme anger; fuming with rage between gritted teeth.

Even if he were reluctant in his heart, he would not break a promise in front of everybody.


“Little brother, I still don’t know your name. May I know your name?” Bai Yiyi asked.

“My name is Qin Xiaotian. Big Sister, now you can have a nice drink with me!” Qin Xiaotian smiled slightly, stretched out his little hand, and naturally grabbed Bai Yiyi’s snow-white lily-white hand.

His hand movement is very skilled. The precision is just right. It won’t make people feel abrupt or embarrassed!

Bai Yiyi instinctively wanted to retract his hand. But, just think about it for a moment. The other party is only a child; there is no way he would have such a sinister idea. This gesture of grabbing her hand was an instinct to get close to her. Therefore, she didn’t resist.

Looking at the child with flatulence in front of her, Bai Yiyi showed a wry smile unconsciously.

Her original intention was to seek a life companion. Experience an unforgettable love.

Her master once said that love in the world is the easiest thing to make people sweet and happy, and it is also the easiest thing to break one’s heart.

If she does not experience a section of the emotion of love, she will never appreciate the taste, nor will she know the bitterness of it!

Seven Emotions Dao Enlightenment Sect; to learn through experience in worldly affairs, using the seven emotions to comprehend the Dao.

Love. It is a process that one must experience!

This is a disaster and an opportunity. If you can endure the broken heart, then you can realize the Dao!

It’s just that… the person she chose was a child of 6 years old!

Is she going to have enlightenment with a child with no hair? Even if she is willing, she may not be able to do it!

Sure enough, the road to love is bumpy!

“Little brother, it’s not that this sister doesn’t want to talk to you, but that you are too young. At your age, you still don’t know much about men and women. If you grow up one day, you can come to Seven Seven Emotions Dao Enlightenment Sect to find me. Here. This token is from me. This token is not very useful to me, but for you, it might be useful.” Bai Yiyi glanced at Qin Xiaotian softly, and a red token appeared out of thin air in her hand.

This red token is red all over. It’s impossible to see what kind of material was used to forge the token.

The word “Fire” is engraved on the token.

It vaguely exuded a strong surge of power fluctuations. But this spiritual power was like a pool of stagnant water, and it seemed to be suppressed by something.

Qin Xiaotian couldn’t see what it was. But, since Bai Yiyi took it out carefully as a gift, it should be a big deal.

From beginning to end, Qin Xiaotian didn’t see exactly see what Bai Yiyi looked like!

Although there were inevitably some regrets in his heart, there are still some gains.


Back in Box No. 43, Qin Xiaotian began to organize his spoils of war.

The first is 10.000 low-grade spirit stones. These ten thousand low-grade spirit stones are not at all small.

According to Long Xiaoyao’s words, the Seven Aristocratic Families’ total income in the capital city is only 20.000 low-grade spirit stones a year.

Even for Golden Core powerhouse, 10.000 low-grade spirit stone is not a small number.

Fire Spirit Sword and Flame Gold Crystal(Yanhuo Jinjing) are even more out of the ordinary.

The Fire Spirit Sword is a third-ranked Magical Artifact Flying Sword of Fire Attribute. It is a scarce thing for the cultivator of the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Because the Magical Artifact used by most Foundation Establishment cultivators is only 2nd Grade. Foundation Establishment cultivators that can use 3rd Grade Magical Artifact are definitely the wealthy and imposing generation!

Qin Xiaotian was very satisfied with this brilliant flying sword.

As for Flame Gold Crystal. It is said to be a top-grade artifact refining material that can smelt 4th Grade Magical Artifact. I don’t know if this thing can be eaten.

It seems that in the world of food, there is nothing that cannot be eaten.

Qin Xiaotian has been a picky eater since he ate Profound Ice Pearl!

After eating ordinary food, you can’t learn any skills at all, and the increase in spirit power is minimal.

It seems that as the level increases, more energy is required to level up.

Looking at the Flame Gold Crystal with terrifying temperature in his hand, Qin Xiaotian hesitated for a second, but then took a bite and bit it down.

Without the hot temperature, the taste is actually delicious!

I wonder what kind of level my teeth have reached.

This Flame Gold Crystal is ten times harder than steel, but it is easily chewed like fruits and vegetables in his mouth.

Very quickly and easily, this fist-sized Flame Gold Crystal was eaten by him.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV12!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV13!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host’s cultivation base for breaking through Foundation Establishment 2nd Layer!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host’s cultivation base for breaking through Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning Fiery Flame Burning the Heaven(Yanhuo Fentian Jue)!”

【Fiery Flame Burning the Heaven: High-level fire controlling technique; can control flames and burst fire into a strong destructive power. This technique can be upgraded when the host devours more than three types of Strange Fire of Heaven and Earth; it can be upgraded to True Samadhi Fire. Burn all living things on Heaven and Earth! 】

“Yes, it’s awesome!”

Unexpectedly, the Fiery Flame Burning the Heaven secret art can actually be upgraded. It can form a legendary level flame the True Samadhi Fire.

It is said that the True Samadhi Fire is extremely domineering. Even if Nascent Soul’s big shot encounters this kind of flame, they can get injured or even die.

It seems that the only way to upgrade the skill is to eat more awesome heaven and earth treasures!

“dong dong dong!” Suddenly, there was a knock outside the door.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, may this Long come in?” Long Xiaoyao asked outside the door.

“Come in!” Qin Xiaotian said casually.

I have to say that this Long Xiaoyao is a very thoughtful person. He is also very eloquent.

When Qin Xiaotian sorted out the spoils of war, this guy found an excuse to sneak out.

His attitude became more respectful. In fact, after Qin Xiaotian’s performance, Long Xiaoyao never dare to treat him as a small child ever again!

There was even a hint of doubt in Long Xiaoyao’s mind.

Qin Xiaotian’s various performances, whether in thought, wisdom, or behavior, are entirely unlike a five or six-year-old child.

Seemingly frivolous, yet he takes every opportunity.

His attitude far exceeds his actual age.

The most amazing thing is that he even has such a high level of literary knowledge. His famous words that have come out of his mouth; almost reached the level of Grandmaster of a Generation

That is a bit unreasonable!

There is only one possibility to do this.

That is… Qin Xiaotian is a reincarnated person to recultivate!

What kind of person can reincarnate and recultivate? Only those who have a cultivation base that has reached the Nascent Soul stage or above will have a chance to reincarnate and recultivate at the time of Nirvana and still retain the memories from their previous life.

Judging by Qin Xiaotian’s various performances, this possibility is not little.

The thought that Qin Xiaotian might be the supreme powerhouse’s reincarnation made Long Xiaoyao go crazy with excitement.

This is a godsend opportunity.

What kind of dogshit luck did Long Xiaoyao have to meet the reincarnated person of the supreme powerhouse.

As long as you behave well in front of the boss, you may get the chance to be accepted as a discipline by this big shot.

Even without this luck, being taught by a big shot is enough for him to reap the benefits for a lifetime.

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