Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 19


“Brother Long, come and take a look!”

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, please call me Xiaolong or Xiaoyao. In front of you, I dare not call myself your equal!” Long Xiaoyao bent over, with a respectful attitude, looking like a henchman.

Qin Xiaotian was taken aback.

This guy, could it be after witnessing my strong pressure, he became like this?

Qin Xiaotian was still surprised for a while.

He looked up to me from the bottom of his heart that he’s willing to become my henchman or some sort?

Just when Qin Xiaotian’s heart feel touched, Long Xiaoyao noticed the red token in his hands.

“This… is this… legendary Fire God Inheritance Token?”

“Fire God Inheritance Token?”

“Yes, it is the Fire God Inheritance Token. On the Nine States Continent, it is rumored that there is a Fire God Secret Realm, which is opened every one hundred years. Only those who hold the Fire God Inheritance Token can enter the Secret Realm. Based on the rumors, there are countless heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the Fire God Secret Realm. You will even have a chance to obtain the Fire God inheritance. There are a total of 108 Fire God Inheritance tokens distributed in the hands of each Great Sect cultivator. I did not expect Fellow Daoist Xiaotian to even have one!”

Long Xiaoyao was actually too surprised.

Although this Fire God Inheritance Token is indeed rare, it is still not as rare as the reincarnated master!

“You know a lot!” Qin Xiaotian nodded.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, thank you for the praise. This Long is usually only interested in some anecdotes of the cultivation world. Besides, this Fire God Inheritance Token can’t be considered a super-secret thing. Even if not every one of cultivation world knows, there are still a few cultivators who knew about it. But it seems that there is still more than a year before this Fire God Secret Realm opens!

“Well, then this broken token is useless. After more than a year, I might reach the Golden Core and Nascent Soul at that time!” Qin Xiaotian said quite contemplatively, speaking very casually.

But this casual tone made Long Xiaoyao’s mind tremble.

What kind of cultivation base Golden Core and Nascent Soul again? I don’t know how many cultivators managed to reach that realm in their lifetime.

Even those who have an amazing family background, without 80 or 100 years of painstaking cultivation, I dare not say that they still can break through Golden Core Realm!

But when it came to Qin Xiaotian’s mouth… Golden Core and Nascent Soul are like his plaything.

Prior to witnessing Qin Xiaotian’s poetry performance, he will just brush off what Qin Xiaotian said as a child’s nonsense, not knowing the immensity of Heaven and Earth.

But now… it’s obvious it has a hidden meaning!

Long Xiaoyao became more certain of what he was thinking.


The next day.

Qin Xiaotian and Long Xiaoyao left Myriad Springs Tower and set off for the Immortal Spirit Mountain Range.

The Immortal Spirit Mountain Range is said to be one of the top ten Spirit Veins in Kyushu, and the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is built on the Spirit Vein.

Therefore, in the eyes of countless cultivators, Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is a rare Holy Land of Cultivation.

All Seven Aristocratic Families squeezed their heads and wanted to send the clan’s younger generations into the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. Just to have the entry permit, they will do anything and spend everything.

However, even if you get the promotion order, it does not necessarily mean that you can become a disciple of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

Holding an admission/entry order only means that you are eligible to participate in the Dao Academy assessment. If you fail the assessment, you will be brushed down!

On the way to the Immortal Spirit Mountain Range, Qin Xiaotian found more cultivators on the road.

It’s like rushing to the college entrance examination!

After reaching the foot of the Immortal Spirit Mountain Range, there were even more people.

There are so many people. These cultivators are young and old, men and women.

Their cultivation base ranges from Qi Refining 9th Layer to Foundation Establishment 5th Layer. At this time, the gate of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy had not yet opened. And so, many cultivators began to have conversations.

“Did you know? It is said that there are only two conditions for the examination of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. First, the cultivator who participates in the examination holds an admission order and is not more than twenty years old. Second, he/she must successfully climb 100 steps of the Immortal Spirit Stairs.”

“Brother, this first condition is expected to be met by everyone. Can you talk about this second condition; what is Immortal Spirit Stairs?”

“Hehe, you are a bit ignorant. This Immortal Spirit Stairs might look like an ordinary staircase with a total of 1,080 steps, but it was co-built by several Nascent Soul supreme experts by casting Nine Nine Eighty Dao Array.”

“This array is not lethal, but as long as you step on the Immortal Spirit Stairs, there will be strong spiritual pressure. The more steps you climb, the stronger the pressure is. There will be even all kinds of illusions appearing along the way. Those who are not sufficiently cultivated or have a weak mind will not be able to reach the 100th step at all!”

“Yes, there are as many as tens of thousands of genius students in each examination of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, and only a small part of them has passed the examination. The examination that takes place three years ago, I was only sixteen years old in the Qi Refining 9th Layer’s cultivation base, and I reached the 92nd step, but unfortunately, I failed in the end. Now I am almost 20 years old. If I fail the assessment this time, I will never be able to enter the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy!”

“There was someone from the previous session that managed to climb to more than 300 steps. As soon as he entered the Dao Academy, he was appointed as the First New Student to control the Law Enforcement Power and even received direct teaching by a Nascent Soul powerhouse. Ascending to the skies with a single leap*! “

*TL note: Reaching Heaven in a single bound / Ascending to the Skies with a single leap (一步登天 yī bù dēng tiān) Meaning: to attain instant success

“In that case, the higher you climb, the higher your talent is, and the more it can be valued by Dao Academy!”

“Yes, since the founding of the Immortal Spirit Academy, all students who can reach the 300th floor or more will be trained by the Dao Academy. It is said that there was once a peerless talent who was on the 509th floor during the assessment and created the highest record in history, breaking through Golden Core one year after enrolling, breaking through Nascent Soul two decades later, and at the age of 100 becoming the youngest Dividing Spirit stage powerhouse in the Kyushu Continent! He created countless myths!”

“The person that you just mentioned, could it be from 3.000 years ago, Sword Immortal Chiyang, able to move unhindered in the world?”


“Don’t talk about such fabulous people, climbing the Immortal Spirit Stairs for more than five hundred steps… I can’t even imagine. Being able to climb up to the hundredth floor and successfully pass the examination is enough for me!”

Listening to the discussion among the people, Qin Xiaotian was also very interested.

“I wonder how many steps can I go up?”

When Qin Xiaotian was in high spirits, his figure attracted the attention of many people.

Among the cultivators of the previous examination Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, there are many young people. Thirteen or fourteen-year-olds and even eleven or twelve-year-olds are not uncommon.

But children like Qin Xiaotian, five or six years old, have never really appeared. It’s quite normal to play mud on the ground at this age!

“Look, why is there a little brat with a fart there?”

“Really? I guess this little kid will also come to participate in the examination too!”

“Haha! Brother is quite humorous!”

“Don’t make me laugh. This brat with the size of a radish head might be this brat family member of a cultivator. Maybe they bring him here to watch the fun!”

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