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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 23


After Qin Xiaotian climbed a few steps again, he finally couldn’t hold it anymore. In the end, Qin Xiaotian stopped at the 515th step. For this result, he is fairly satisfied. Although he couldn’t climb to the highest point, he was enough to stand out from the crowd.

The older-looking Nascent Soul, who was still paying attention to the examination, could no longer restrain his inner excitement.

“Senior Brother Zhou, this child’s innate talent is exceptional; rare in ancient or even in the modern era. This Wang loves him very much, and I hope Senior Brother Zhou will not fight me for this. Just give Junior Brother a face!” The old Nascent Soul said in a hurry.

“Listening to Junior Brother Wang, do you want to accept this little child as your direct disciple?” The teenager-looking Nascent Soul supreme expert calmly asked.

“Yes, Senior Brother Zhou.”

“Junior Brother Wang, this Zhou feels that you are not thinking well by rashly accepting this little child as a direct disciple. I’m afraid it might be the wrong decision!”

“What’s wrong, Senior Brother Zhou? You really don’t want to sell your Junior Brother a favor? You already have three direct disciples under your wing, while this Wang only has one. So today, I will put the words here; regardless of whether the Senior Brother allows or not, I’ve decided on this little child! “

The older-looking Nascent Soul blows his beard with an extremely tough attitude.

If you don’t give me respect, I will cut off from you!

“Junior Brother, don’t be anxious. I did not mean to compete with you for disciples!” Nascent Soul supreme expert, who looked like a teenager, explained.

“So what does Senior Brother Zhou mean?”

The elder Nascent Soul, who looked like an old man, showed a suspicious look.

“Junior Brother, let me ask you, when you were admitted to the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, how many steps did you climb at the Immortal Spirit Stairs?”

“Senior Brother, if you didn’t mention it, I might have forgotten about it. I remember when I took the examination, I was only 18 years old that year. It should be more than 300 years ago. It’s not the best, and my talent is not the highest among the participants. But I remember, it should have been two hundred and ninety steps in total!” The older-looking Nascent Soul recalled.

“Yes, Junior Brother. You have climbed more than 290 steps, and I also climbed 350 steps back then. Looking at the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy since it was founded 10,000 years ago, only Senior Chiyang that managed to reach the 509th step in the freshmen examination, no one has surpassed it for so many years!” The younger-looking Nascent Soul said with emotion.

“That is to say; the little child broke Senior Chiyang’s record… Then that means, isn’t he the peerless genius that I have been waiting?” Asked the old-looking Nascent Soul.

“He is indeed a genius, but his innate talent is a bit too much!” The young-looking Nascent Soul said meaningfully.

“Please forgive this Wang for being stupid, but I still don’t know what the Senior Brother meant. Is being so talented wrong?” The old-looking Nascent Soul was stunned.

“Junior Brother, why don’t you pay attention again? Let me ask you again; how old is this child?”

“He should be about six years old. Whether it’s his appearance or life aura, he is undoubtedly six years old!” Confirmed the old-looking Nascent Soul.

“Yes, a six-year-old child should have been in a stage of ignorance or just growing up!”

“Look at him. Although he is only six years old, his cultivation has reached the Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer. His physical body is probably not much different from that of the Golden Core cultivator. He also has fire and water elements cultivation techniques. That all kinds of miraculous performances still are not enough to explain anything? Even if all of that can be explained by his extraordinary innate talent, what about his unparalleled determination? Is his calm gaze really that of a six-year-old child?”

The young-looking Nascent Soul said this, and the older-looking Nascent Soul finally revealed a glimmer of realization.

“Senior Brother meant to say that this child is actually a reincarnated person?” The older-looking Nascent Soul said silently.

“Yes. It’s because I concern for you, brother. That’s why I want the Junior Brother to consider carefully. If ‘he’ is really a reincarnated soul, his previous incarnation’s cultivation level might be higher than ours. And you insist on accepting him as your disciple, isn’t this a joke? Who will teach whom?!” The younger-looking Nascent Soul spread his hands, showing a wry smile.

“Thank you, brother, for your advice. Wang is indeed ignorant. Then, according to brother, how should this child be handled?” the old-looking Nascent Soul asked.

“Whether he is a reincarnated person or not, since he came to my Immortal Dao Academy for examination, he should have no malice. Leave him alone for the time being. Just treat it as a good destiny!”

In this way, without Qin Xiaotian’s knowledge, he had already been arranged clearly!

The examination is over. A total of more than two thousand disciples passed the examination.

Under the guidance of a Golden Core Stage Teacher, they officially entered the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

Qin Xiaotian followed the crowd all the way and had a feeling of entering Immortal Paradise.

The immortal qi in this Dao Academy is ethereal, covering almost hundreds of miles. Numerous palaces, dojos, and pavilions were built among them. There are also specialized medicine gardens/farms, alchemy pavilions, artifact refining pavilions, student trading markets, competitive arenas, and so on.

Qin Xiaotian has never seen anything like this before, and he kept feeling strange every time he sees new things!

Among the new students, all the disciples who can climb two hundred steps of the Immortal Spirit Stairs are awarded blue robe and independent cultivation Cave Mansion! And those below two hundred steps can only receive white robe clothing, and they live in ordinary lofts!

As for Qin Xiaotian, who ranks first among freshmen, was awarded a special purple robe.

This kind of purple daoist robe is very rare in the entire Dao Academy. This is a status symbol. It is also a symbol of honor.

Immortal Spirit Dao Academy indeed deserves the title Holy Land of Cultivation.

The spiritual qi in the Dao Academy seems to be three times stronger than the outside world, and the spiritual qi in the Cave Mansion is five times stronger than the outside world!

After Qin Xiaotian received his daoist robe and Cave Mansion, no one would take him lightly anymore!

Just like that, three days have passed.

Qin Xiaotian was so sore!

In this Dao Academy, no cultivation techniques are taught because no teacher came to him.

At first, Qin Xiaotian thought that there would be many big shots vying to invite him as their disciple. All kinds of magic treasures, medicine pills, and secret books are waiting for him to choose from. But now, there is nothing.

He even wondered if he had come to the wrong place.

At this time, Long Xiaoyao came over after some inquiry.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, finally found you, have you heard? The new student, Gu Ling’er of the second-ranked and Xiao Zhan of the third-ranked, have been accepted as a direct disciple by Nascent Soul supreme expert It’s up!” Long Xiaoyao reported carelessly without knowing what Qin Xiaotian was currently feeling.

“Is that so, then why didn’t anyone come to me?” Hearing this, Qin Xiaotian expressed his confusion.

“It stands to reason that the young master is exceptionally talented. In the Immortal Spirit Stairs examination, both your talent and willpower surpass others by a large margin, and you even broke the record left by the Immortal Sword Chiyang… Could it be that they are blind?”

“Instead of choosing me the peerless genius, they picked a rubbish like Xiao Zhan?! Could it be that their head is just a decoration?”

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