Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 24


Qin Xiaotian’s cheek was sore.

He really didn’t understand why the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy would turn a blind eye to him!

So far, even the Golden Core stage, let alone Nascent Soul powerhouse, has not come rushing to invite him as an apprentice.

“Is it because I’m so handsome, that’s why everyone is bullying me?” Qin Xiaotian said to himself, looking like a baby very distressed!

“No, no!” Long Xiaoyao laughed awkwardly aside.

“Senior Xiaotian, actually I think Dao Academy’s elders are not bullying you, they should have seen through your true identity, so this might be intentional!”

“True identity? Mister, what is my true identity? Also, why do you brat call me ‘Senior’?” Qin Xiaotian frowned.

There was a hint of bad speculation in his heart.

Are Nascent Soul supreme experts really so awesome that they can see through my reincarnation from Earth? That be too scary!

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaotian was a little uncomfortable!

“Senior, please don’t hide things from me. This Junior knows that there is a special existence in the realm of cultivation, called the reincarnation spirit by the world. Such an existence generally refers to a strong person whose cultivation base reaches above the Nascent Soul Stage. At the time of death- in Nirvana, one’s true thread of the departed soul was not extinguished, and he/she will reincarnate with the memory of previous life. Although this situation is extremely rare, it is not impossible! In fact, when I was in Wanchunlou, this Junior had doubts in his mind. When Senior broke the Sword Immortal Chiyang’s record, I became more certain of what I thought. This Junior had no other intentions except for  following Senior and support Senior for the rest of my life!” After Long Xiaoyao said this, he knelt on one knee before Qin Xiaotian and looked as if he were not afraid of death.

Qin Xiaotian frowned.

It seems this Long Xiaoyao misunderstood, thinking that Qin Xiaotian was the reincarnation of some awesome bigshot, so he deliberately stuck with Qin Xiaotian!

It seemed that during the time with Qin Xiaotian, Qin Xiaotian’s behavior really didn’t look like a normal child. Qin Xiaotian’s tone, wisdom, and behavior are what causing Long Xiaoyao’s misunderstanding.

Qin Xiaotian finally understood why the Dao Academy would ignore him!

Since Long Xiaoyao can see that he is not a normal child, then the Dao Academy powerhouse’s Nascent Soul big shots are naturally more spiteful!

In all likelihood, they have the same conjecture as Long Xiaoyao.

Since Qin Xiaotian has been identified as an almighty powerhouse reincarnation, it’s possible to say that his previous life’s cultivation base was higher than theirs. These masters of the Nascent Soul Stage will naturally not come over to take him as their disciple! It would be the reason why they ignore him!

“Damn, I knew doing low-profile performance isn’t possible during the examination. Now that I have overdone myself, I’m in an embarrassing situation!” Qin Xiaotian was secretly annoyed, but on the surface, he was calm.

Facing Long Xiaoyao, who was kneeling in front of him, Qin Xiaotian posed with his hands on his back and then nodded indifferently.

“That’s it! Since you have seen through this Eminence’s true self, this Eminence will no longer hide from you. Xiaoyao, this Eminence has been paying attention to you during our traveling. Although you have an innate talent, exquisite, intelligent, cautious, and humble, you do not have the impetuousness of those Aristocratic Family Young Masters. This Eminence is very optimistic about you!”

After receiving Qin Xiaotian’s praise, Long Xiaoyao instantly showed ecstasy!

“Thank you for the praise, Senior. Although, this Junior is still mediocre compared to Senior, and in this Dao Academy, there are a lot more disciples better than me… It is a blessing to be regarded by Senior!” Long Xiaoyao said humbly.

Although Qin Xiaotian didn’t mention accepting him as a disciple, the other party’s appreciation was a good signal. In addition, he knew Qin Xiaotian’s biggest secret. As long as you behave well in front of big shots in the future, getting advice from those big shots is hardly difficult!

Long Xiaoyao was very excited when he thought that he could cling to someone so influential that no one else knew!

“Xiaoyao, you also know the current situation of this Eminence. Although this Eminence is invincible in the past life, now, after the reincarnation, all of my cultivation has been completely wiped out. So far, the cultivation of this Eminence hasn’t even yet been restored to 0,1%. So I still have no way to protect you. Perhaps only by finding some precious treasures, this Eminence’s cultivation base can be recovered faster!”

As soon as Qin Xiaotian said this, Long Xiaoyao’s heart instantly set off a towering wave!

Although the Qin Xiaotian’s current cultivation is not a peerless master, it’s still abnormal. Especially his physical strength is so close to the Golden Core powerhouse’s.

But even so, his cultivation base has not even yet recovered to 0,1%? How terrifying was he in his heyday?

Was he at Almighty Supreme stage? Or was he an invincible existence of a higher realm?

The thought of that made Long Xiaoyao’s body began to tremble uncontrollably!

Such a powerful existence! Once his cultivation base of the heyday is restored, even a little finger is enough to destroy the entire Immortal Spirit Dao Academy!

With such a power covering him, couldn’t he the entire Kyushu move sideways?

Excited! Excitement! The blood is boiling!

“What Senior said; Xiaoyao will remember. From now on, Xiaoyao will do everything he can to find the treasures for Senior!” Long Xiaoyao said more respectfully.

“I will teach you. You can rest assured. Since you help this Eminence, I will definitely not mistreat you in the future!” Qin Xiaotian nodded calmly.

Just at this time, not far away, came a dissonant voice.

“Long Xiaoyao, you really are a kid. I said before that you are getting worse and worse. You actually kneel down to a brat who doesn’t even have hair. You will lose all the seniors’ faces!”

“Hehe, maybe people still want to curry favor with the First New Student. I thought I could find a backer. I don’t know if the kid’s been arranged by the Dao Academy officials or not, but the fact is, no one seems willing to take that brat under their wings.

“Haha! A First New Student not being taught by Nascent Soul expert? He’s just bullshit then!”

“Recently, I heard an interesting rumor. I heard that this brat cheated on the Immortal Spirit Stairs. He must have used some unknown magic treasure so that he could reach five hundred steps. He did that to save his face. Because of that, his achievements are not counted. So until now, no one cares about him!”

“Everything happens for a reason, and it seems that this rumor is not without reason!”

Five students wearing blue daoist robes pointed to Qin Xiaotian and Long Xiaoyao.

The words are full of provocation.

Generally speaking, it is very common for senior students to bully the new students in any school. The same is true of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

However, it’s really rare to have senior students provoke the First New Student!

It was probably because it was Qin Xiaotian, as a hot First New Student, who was unexpectedly ignored by the Dao Academy officials; all of a sudden, some crazy rumors appeared in the Dao Academy!

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