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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 27


“Senior Xiaotian, the student market is ahead. There are various shops specially opened by the Dao Academy in this market, and many students set up street stalls here every day. I usually refine some medicines, and then come here in exchange for some spiritual stones, and buy some for my own cultivation! There are many things in it, all kinds of Magical Artifact, medicine pills, secret books, talisman, spirit grass, metal and stone materials, Demon Beast inner core, etc. in short, there are all kinds of strange things! Senior Xiaotian, if you have anything you usually need, you can also come to this place to buy something or exchange something!”

Long Xiaoyao explained while walking.

It’s like a dedicated tour guide.

After a while, Qin Xiaotian found a long street in front of him.

This street is very lively. At a glance, all kinds of stalls, shouts, shopping are not that much different than the lively and bustling Wanda Plaza* on earth!

*TL note: real life place in China. Wanda Plaza (Chinese: 昆明西山万达广场) is a complex of two supertall skyscrapers in Kunming, Yunnan, China. The towers are called Fanya International Finance Building North and Fanya International Finance Building South. They have been topped out at a height of 317.8 meters (1,043 ft). Construction began on 3 June 2012 and ended in 2016.

Various cultivators were wearing white, blue, purple, red, green, and black robes in an endless stream!

Qin Xiaotian entered the street and came in front of a stall selling medicine pills.

The stall owner was a female cultivator wearing a red daoist robe, she looked about twenty, and she was bright and beautiful. However, the pill she sells only one type of pill; “Essence Nurturing Pill(Peiyuan Pill)!

“Little brother, come take a look. This is the cultivating pill that I have just refined. It is full of spiritual power. For the cultivator in the Foundation Establishment Stage, it has the effect of improving cultivation. It’s the same as your monthly painstaking cultivation. Don’t miss it. It’s a fair price, and I’m not deceiving…”

“Senior Sister Tang Rou, it’s you!” Long Xiaoyao said hello familiarly.” Long Xiaoyao greeted him familiarly.

“Junior Brother Xiaoyao, is this little brother with you?”

“Yeah, Senio-… Fellow Daoist Xiaotian is a freshman this year. He’s not familiar with the environment yet, so I took him around!” Long Xiaoyao touched the back of his head a little embarrassedly, then turned to Qin Xiaotian and said, “Senior Sister Tang Rou is my last senior. Although she is also a second-tier alchemist like me, her alchemy skills are far above mine, just a little bit before she reaches the 3rd Grade Alchemist!”

Qin Xiaotian nodded.

Long Xiaoyao is clearly in love with her.

After seeing Senior Sister Tang Rou in front of him, Long Xiaoyao’s words began to flicker. His eyes were erratic as if telling everyone he was interested in this Senior Sister.

“Senior Sister Tang Rou, how much Essence Nurturing Pill do you have? I want it!” Qin Xiaotian said boldly.

“Uh, uh, I have twenty Essence Nurturing Pills. I usually sell one hundred and twenty pieces of low-grade spirit stones for each pill, but since you are with Junior Brother, I will sell them cheaper. Well, one hundred low grade spirit stones, a total of two thousand low grade spirit stones!”

Without hesitation, Qin Xiaotian directly took out two thousand low-grade spirit stones from his Universe Bag and paid them to the other party.

Tang Rou was slightly surprised. It’s true that he looked like a normal kid, but she didn’t expect that he was quite generous.

Two thousand low-grade spirit stones… she might not be able to sell so many in a month, although she basically set up a stall every three days.

Alchemists are actually very profitable by selling the pills they refine. In fact, the elixir materials needed to refine twenty pills are worth two to three hundred low-grade spirit stones. But she didn’t pit Qin Xiaotian either.

This Essence Nurturing Pills that are sold inside the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is much cheaper than sold to people outside the Dao Academy. One Essence Nurturing Pill is worth at least three hundred low grade spirit stones. Buying twenty; cost six thousand low grade spirit stones.

“Little Junior Brother, here. This is your Essence Nurturing Pills”

Qin Xiaotian reached out and took the jade bottle without being polite. He opened the mouth of the bottle and poured it into his mouth!

Guru! Guru!

He ate twenty Peiyuan Pills like they were a candy!

Tang Rou was instantly stunned!

“Little brother, don’t eat the pill like this! You will burst into death!” Tang Rou said anxiously.

She was the one who refined the Essence Nurturing Pills; of course, she knew the effects.

It takes at least one to two days for an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator to absorb the refining effect.

Although this Essence Nurturing Pill is considered a mild pill. But still, if you eat 20 pills in one go, even a Foundation Establishment 9th Layer cultivator can’t hold it!

This child… if rice can be eaten, then he will eat any pills regardless?

Tang Rou became more anxious, but Qin Xiaotian felt very refreshed.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up. The current level is LV14!”
“Ding! The host’s cultivation base has break through the Foundation Establishment 4th Layer!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning 2nd Grade Alchemy!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning the refining method, perceptions, and perfecting the Essence Nurturing Pill.”

【Essence Nurturing Pill: 2nd Grade type medicine pill. Designed to enhance the cultivation base for Foundation Establishment cultivators. The perfect form of Essence Nurturing Pill can help Foundation Establishment cultivator improve their cultivation base for three months. Reminder: If you take too much of this medicine pill, the effect will gradually weaken! 】

Qin Xiaotian was excited!

After eating this Essence Nurturing Pill, not only it improved his cultivation by one level but also Tang Rou’s memory when she was refining the pills came to his mind automatically. He immediately mastered all the methods, details, and heat of pill refining.

Of course, this isn’t why Qin Xiaotian was excited.

After eating the Essence Nurturing Pill, he learned the refining method. Then what happens if he ate other kinds of pills? Can he learn its refining methods too?

If he ate all the pills, wouldn’t he be able to become master alchemy quickly?

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaotian was inexplicably excited!

Alchemist is a very profitable profession—especially high-level alchemists. Almost none are not rich. However, although the alchemist makes money, they would also waste countless resources to cultivate their alchemy.

Ordinary cultivators who want to master alchemy’s technique require long-term, in-depth research, and they also need to experiment continuously. It wastes a lot of spirit medicine, and they will still experience countless failures before they can successfully master a medicine pill refining method.

But Qin Xiaotian doesn’t need to do any of that. He just needs to eat!

Eat and eat, and soon he will become a master alchemy! Is there anything better than this?

Initially, he didn’t have enough spirit stones, so he was planning to spend about ten thousand or less! But he already spent it all on his first buy!

For his superfood, how much money is not enough to spend!

But now, that there is one more way to make money, there is no need to worry about not having enough money to spend.

“Fellow Daoist Xiaotian, are you okay?” Long Xiaoyao watched Qin Xiaotian stand still and being silly. Thinking that something was wrong with him, he asked cautiously.

“It’s okay, Big sis. Your Essence Nurturing Pill tastes great. I like it very much. Do you have any other pills that are like it?

Tang Rou looked dumbfounded.

She even wondered if there was something wrong with her pills. This little kid ate twenty Essence Nurturing Pills, but there was no reaction at all.

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