Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 26


Xiao Zhan is in a great mood!

After he walked out of his Cave Mansion, he planned to wander around outside to familiar himself with Taoist Academy environment.

A freshman disciple greeted him.

“Senior Brother Xiao, no good! Senior Yang Tao is injured!”

“Did he get injured by the little brat Qin Xiaotian? Hehe! Just follow me to the Law Enforcement Hall and report that the little brat Qin Xiaotian violated the school’s rules!”

“That’s not the case. Senior Yang Tao was not injured in that way, but was cursed by that brat!”

Xiao Zhan was taken aback when he heard this. “You mean, Yang Tao was so cursed by that little brat that he was injured?”

“Yes, Senior Brother Xiao Zhan!”

“What a waste! He said he would do more than that, but then he failed! A dignified Foundation Establishment 7th Layer cultivator cursed by a brat until vomiting blood, and the mud will not help the wall*!”

*TL note: 烂泥扶不上墙; làn ní fú bù shàng qiáng; useless (idiom); worthless; inept.

On the other hand, Qin Xiaotian was in a good mood. After those old students and seniors were cursed away by him in a pathetic manner, Qin Xiaotian planned to go around the Taoist Academy.

He had no acquaintances in the past two days, so he didn’t know where to go. Now that Long Xiaoyao is here, a free tour guide, naturally familiar with the environment.

“Xiaoyao, you know that I’m new here, and I’m not familiar with the environment. You can introduce this Taoist Academy to me!” Qin Xiaotian said as he walked, and Long Xiaoyao was tightly behind Qin Xiaotian.

“Understood, Senior Xiaotian. There are a total of six major divisions in this Dao Academy. Respectively: Martial Battle Department, Alchemy Department, Artifact Refining Department, Array Department, Rune Department, Dao Comprehension Department! This Martial Battle Department specializes in aggressive methods; whether it is saber technique, sword technique, fist technique, palm technique, or the various powerful magic spells of five elements of formidable power, all are the main direction of Martial Battle Department. So among other fighting techniques, the Martial Battle Department has the strongest heads-up ability. Generally, the academy assigns tasks of killing Demon Beasts to students, but most of them are students of the Martial Battle Department! The Alchemy Department, as the name implies, is to learn to make pills. I am most familiar with this department because I am a student of Alchemy Department and a 2nd Grade Alchemist! You know, for any cultivator, pills are indispensable. If you are injured, you need to recover with pills; you are poisoned, the pill can detoxify it. If your True Essence is insufficient, you can quickly replenish it with pills. Most importantly, if you need to improve your cultivation, you will need pills. Therefore, many cultivators will concurrently practice the alchemy technique, but in terms of actual skills and comprehension, nobody is better than students of the Alchemy Department!” Talking about Alchemy Department, Long Xiaoyao became unceasing torrent**.

**TL note: 滔滔不绝 tāo tāo bù jué= unceasing torrent (idiom); talking non-stop; gabbling forty to the dozen.

“Okay, okay. You can move on to other departments now!” Qin Xiaotian interrupted in due course.

“Alright, Senior Xiaotian. Apart from our Alchemy Department, next is the Artifact Refining Department. Students in this department specialize in the art of forging Magical Artifact. They basically manage the various Magical Artifacts shops around Taoist Academy! As for the Array Department, there are very few people in this department. Understanding the Dao of Arrays does not happen overnight. It usually requires years of research. Moreover, in the early stage, the Array Department students don’t have much attack power, so they’re currently in an awkward position. Naturally, fewer students are focusing on this department! But I have heard that once the formation method is mastered, one can use the power of heaven and earth to kill people without no one knowing. It is almost invincible in any way possible and could kill anyone higher than one’s own cultivation base. Once you fall into their formation, you may not even be able to touch the tip of your opponent’s clothing. You will die in the formation unknowingly!”

Qin Xiaotian nodded and agreeing with Long Xiaoyao.

Dao of Arrays is indeed a cultivation method that is more awesome as it reaches the later stages. However, it is naturally far worse in terms of using cultivation resources than pill refining, artifact refining, and even students from Martial Battle Department.

“As for this Rune Department and Dao Comprehension Department, the numbers are relatively small! Students in the Rune Department can portray magic spell and divine ability in the talisman spirit paper. This aspect is actually similar to the artifact refining array, but compared to the one-time use of talisman, most students to use Magical Artifact! After all, a formidable power of Magical Artifact can be used for a long time, but talisman is gone once. It’s expensive! The last is Dao Comprehension Department, it’s very mysterious, with fewer people than the Array Department. The students in it mainly focus on comprehending the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and only accept amazing people. I don’t know much about this department!”

Hearing Long Xiaoyao’s introduction, Qin Xiaotian had a general idea of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy. It seems that after entering the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, students still need to choose at least one major!

“Xiaoyao, isn’t there a student who majors in multiple aspects at the same time in this academy?” Qin Xiaotian asked indifferently.

“Yes, there are. But there are very few such students. The Taoist Academy does not encourage students to study in multiple majors at the same time. My teacher once told me that there are three thousand paths, and each path is very powerful in the end. Yes, majoring in multiple aspects at the same time may actually delay you! It’s better to specialize in one major! Although my teacher said that their lifespan is much longer than ordinary people, their energy is still limited, just like this alchemy method, which is already extensive and profound. Even if I have enough life energy to last a long time, I’m afraid I will still not be able to touch the highest level of alchemy. Why should I bite off more than one can chew? Especially for other Foundation Establishment cultivators and me, the maximum life span is up to 300 years. If our cultivation base fails to reach a higher realm, it is not appropriate to waste energy! Other methods are enough for me to get involved in one or two! Of course, Senior understood this better than me. However, suppose your cultivation base can reach the Nascent Soul Stage and have a lifespan of thousands of years. In that case, you can naturally waste time to pill refining, artifact refining, array, rune, and various Divine Ability magic spells. But despite so many cultivators in this world, how many of them can break through the Nascent Soul and become a powerhouse?” With that said, Long Xiaoyao couldn’t help but feel a little bit of emotion. Long Xiaoyao is confused about his own future!

Although he has an extraordinary talent and should be the number one genius in All-Heaven City, there are geniuses like him in this Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

It would be good for him to break through the Golden Core Stage in this life, but it can be said that it’s impossible for him to reach the Nascent Soul Stage without exceptional opportunities!

Nascent Soul powerhouse needs to break the core into a nascent to complete a life transformation. This process is hazardous.

Of the ten Golden Core Great Perfection powerhouses, maybe nine will die in the process of breaking the core into a nascent!

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