Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 29


Back in his Cave Mansion, Qin Xiaotian began to refine the pill.

He first took out the 2nd Grade Magical Artifact Alchemy Furnace from the Universe Bag and then took out all the spirit medicine he bought today. Organizing and sorting by categories…

Initially, he knew nothing about these spirit medicines, but after understanding 3rd-grade alchemy, he had a lot of inexplicable knowledge in his mind.

For example, root ginseng was placed in front of him. Basically, he only needed to look and smell it, and then he can accurately determine what year the ginseng is, how effective it is, and what kind of materials can be mixed to make it work best.

This skill seems to be innate. There is no need to learn at all!

The alchemy technique has three stages in total.

In the first stage, learn to recognize all spirit grass spirit medicine in the world. Familiar with all spirit medicine. This stage has nothing to do with the cultivation base; the key is to master a lot of knowledge. In fact, the first stage is also the most challenging stage. No matter how strong the alchemy master is, he/she may not be able to know all spirit grass in the world in his/her lifespan. At best, the higher the level of the alchemist, the more profound their knowledge is. Requires understanding of spirit medicine more comprehensive and deeper!

The second stage is to refine medicine with an alchemy furnace. Control the heat, remove the impurities, and extract the essence! This stage is more sophisticated about the cultivator’s patience, determination, mastery of the flame, and cultivation base proficiency.

In the third stage, mix different kinds of spirit medicine to neutralize the medicinal properties and successfully condense it into a pill. This process requires constant experimentation. Once the integration fails, all previous efforts are lost.

Generally, the higher the grade of the pill, the more difficult it is to integrate and the more details involved.

These three stages are simple to say, but in fact, each stage has infinitely rising space.

Alchemist examination of three topics. It is also to assess an alchemist’s mastery of these three stages.

For ordinary cultivators to become a high-level alchemist, it will inevitably consume countless time and energy. But Qin Xiaotian didn’t need it.

He moved his hands as if he had gone through thousands of trials and errors. Whether it was merely materials selection, refining medicine, extracting, fusing, pill condensing, flame controlling, all of the details are superb.

Those who don’t know about Qin Xiaotian will have thought that he had been immersed in this way for decades! In addition, he also has the skill Fiery Flame Burning the Heaven, making his alchemy process even handier at this time.

Three days passed by.

After three days of sleeplessness, Qin Xiaotian successfully refined 20 Fasting Pills. 11 Foundation Establishment Pill. 12 Yellow Dragon Pill. 13 Cleansing Marrow Pill. 9 Rejuvenation Pill.

Although he was tired like a dog, the results are fairly satisfactory. His success chance of pill refining is also very high, reaching 80%.

You must know that the refining of these four types of pills is very difficult. Even 3rd Grade Alchemist will have a success rate of 30%.

A success rate of 80% is so terrifying!

Qin Xiaotian thought that these pills are very popular in the student trading market, and the quality of the pills he refined is also very high. Even better than the quality he ate himself yesterday.

It should not be a problem to give these pills a price of 70,000 or 80,000 low grade spirit stones on the market.

Early the next morning, Qin Xiaotian came to the student trading market confidently, found a spot at random, and started selling pills.

There are still many people trading in the market. Many cultivators showed strange expressions when they saw a little kid like Qin Xiaotian come here to sell pills. Since it was strange, no one came to buy his medicine.

Qin Xiaotian was confused.

It stands to reason that these pills are all popular medicines. As long as anyone sells these out, they will basically be sold out in a short time.

How come this is getting to the point where no one cares? Besides, the price I gave is not that high. It’s even a little bit lower than the price I bought myself a few days ago.

“Are they blind? Why are they so ignorant?”

Just when Qin Xiaotian was frantically complaining, A strange-looking girl who was about fifteen or sixteen years old came over.

“Qin Xiaotian, is it really you?” The girl exclaimed as if she had seen an idol.

“You are······?”

“I’m Gu Ling’er, second place in the freshman assessment, don’t you remember me?” Gu Ling’er looked at Qin Xiaotian with his hands on his hips a little angrily.

As the Misty Cloud Sect daughter, she exists as a proud daughter of the heavens. No matter where she goes, she is the focus of everyone’s eyes. She didn’t expect that in the eyes of this little boy, she was so non-existent!

“Oh! I remember now! Is there something wrong?” It is rare for Qin Xiaotian to take care of this little girl when he is currently depressed!

“You brat, why are you not cute at all? We are freshmen in the same class, can’t we get close to each other? Don’t think that you are a freshman leader; you can look down on people. And let me tell you, your medicine can’t be sold!” Gu Ling’er said more angrily.


“You didn’t look at seniors who sold the pill, did you? They all carry the Alchemist Level Badge. You don’t even have the Alchemist Level Badge. Who would feel relieved buying the pills from you? Besides, you’re just a kid. No matter how you look at it, you’re not reliable!”

“Alchemist Level Badge, where can I get this thing?” Qin Xiaotian asked quickly.

“It can be obtained through alchemist grade examination at Alchemy Peak. I heard that the entire Kyushu continents recognize the Alchemist Level Badge of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy!” Gu Ling’er said, opening a medicine pill jade bottle at Qin Xiaotian’s booth, immediately, a faint scent of medicine overflowing from the mouth of the bottle.

“This is top grade Yellow Dragon Pills?! It actually gave birth to a pill mark, and its spirit power is also abundant, and the quality is almost perfect. How about I buy these pills?” Gu Ling’er said with interest.

After that, she opened several other medicine pill jade bottles.

“Wow! Foundation Establishment Pill, Cleansing Marrow Pill, Rejuvenation Pill, and all of them are top grade. These should all come from the hands of the Master. What a pity that you sold all of these!” Gu Ling’er is like a self-cooked person. These medicine pills were all caught in her hands, and she didn’t seem to plan to let them go.

“Since you want it, then buy it for 80,000 low grade spirit stones. If you have money, I’ll give it all. If you don’t have any money, go away!” Qin Xiaotian waved his hand. He was already planning to close the stall.

Since Alchemist Level Badge was needed to sell medicine pills, he had to go to Alchemy Peak. After he became a 3rd Grade Alchemist, he looked even more arrogant!

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