Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 30


Gu Ling’er thought about it carefully.

Qin Xiaotian’s medicine here has a total of eleven Foundation Establishment Pills, and the market price is about 1,600 low grade spirit stones each, which totals 176,000. Yellow Dragon Pill, twelve, each worth fifteen thousand. A total of 18,000. Cleansing Marrow Pill, thirteen, each of which is worth eighteen thousand, totaling twenty-three thousand four hundred. Rejuvenation Pill, nine pieces, each worth two thousand five, totaling 22,500. The total value of all medicine pills should be 81,500 low grade spirit stones.

But it actually worth more than that.

The quality of these pills in Qin Xiaotian’s hands was obviously higher, and each one was plump and round, and also gave birth to pill mark.

Even if the market price is doubled, the quality of these pills are worth more than that.

If I were to buy all these pills and wrap them up in a packaging, then said to someone that these medicines were given to her by his master… I can resell these pills to some stupid new students.

Relying on her reputation as disciple of Nascent Soul, it’s not a problem to do this!

Thinking of this, Gu Ling’er felt more and more intelligent, witty, foresighted, and extremely wise!

“80,000 spirit stones is 80,000 spirit stones, I want it all!” Gu Ling’er’s eyes rolled around and she said very refreshingly.

“Then give the money!”

Qin Xiaotian didn’t know what horrible idea this little lady was thinking.

Anyway, he can sell all these medicines at the price of 80,000 lower-grade spirit stones, how can he not lose money!

“I don’t have that many spirit stones in my hand. Can I exchange something with you?” Gu Ling’er discussed.

“Then what can you change with me?”

As soon as he said that, Gu Ling’er immediately took out a Demon Beast inner core from her space ring.

Qin Xiaotian squinted and glanced at the space ring in her hand with great interest.

This equipment is really not something low-level cultivators can have.

Qin Xiaotian has been in the realm of cultivation for some time. Naturally, he knows how precious the ring is in this world.

Few Foundation Establishment cultivators can have this kind of equipment. Even a lot of Golden Core cultivators do not have a Space Ring.

Qin Xiaotian himself still used the Universe Bag that he had snatched from someone. Although the Universe Bag is also a magic treasure to storage stuffs, it has poor security and small storage space.

The space ring is different. Not only is the space contained in it larger, it is also not easy to be stolen by someone because the ring is in your hand.

Qin Xiaotian has been coveting this space ring for a long time. He’s a beast!

“See? This is an inner core of 3rd Rank Demon Beast ‘Earth Escaping Beast’. You should have heard of Earth Escaping Beast. This is the most cunning and hardest type of Demon Beast in 3rd Rank Demon Beast. If you’re not strong enough, it will escape into the ground. Even if you are a strong Golden Core Great Perfection cultivator, you can’t do anything about that. In order to kill this monster two years ago, my father specially invited an array master to put down a Sealing Earth Forbidding Spirit Great Array, which is twenty miles round below the surface. This is my fifteenth birthday gift. This birthday gift is worth five to six thousand spirit stones, don’t you think?” Gu Ling’er exaggerated.

Qin Xiaotian was stunned by this! Such a powerful monster that even the master of Golden Core Great Perfection can’t kill?

Qin Xiaotian didn’t know the specific value of this Earth Escaping Beast inner core, but he did know that inner core of ordinary 3rd Rank Demon Beast is indeed worth around 50,000 or 60,000 low grade spirit stone. Some particularly powerful Demon Beast inner core can worth a few hundred thousand.

“Okay, this inner core costs 50,000 low grade spirit stone, so you can give me 30,000 lower-grade spirit stones!” Qin Xiaotian nodded without bargaining.

He is very fond of the attributes and abilities of Earth Escaping Beast.

If I eat this inner pill and obtain the skills of the Earth Escaping Beast, then I will really make a profit!

Qin Xiaotian agreed very readily.

Gu Ling’er’s big eyes instantly became crescent moon. There was a hint of cunning in the strange eyes.

Sure enough, this little kid doesn’t understand anything. It’s just so foolish. He didn’t think about its innate talent. It’s not like this Young Lady tricked him really hard.

Although Earth Escaping Beast is the most difficult type of Demon Beast in 3rd Rank Demon Beast, its inner core does not have much effect at all. It can neither be used to refine pills or increase the cultivation base. The only function is to add training materials and increases the defensiveness of the Magical Artifact!

But the defensive Magical Artifact actually has many materials that can be replaced and it is not necessary to use the inner core of Earth Escaping Beast! It’s a pity that it taste nothing and to just discard it, just like a chicken rib!

If this inner pill is sold to others, no one will agree it costs 30,000 lower-grade spirit stones or even lower than that.

Looking at the expression on this kid’s face, it seemed that he still made a profit.

Gu Ling’er suddenly couldn’t bear it! After all, he is just a child. Although this little kid is not very likable, he also talks like some sort of big person, and always thinks that he is the best in the world… Is it a bit immoral for her to lie to a small child like this?

Forget it. Whatever it is, let this little kid learn a lesson. This lady will teach him how to be a human being. Eat a moat and grow in wisdom*. Suffer more when he is a child and will not suffer a big loss when he grows up!

*TL note: 吃一堑,长一智。(Chī yīqiàn, zhǎng yízhì. ‘eat a moat, grow a wisdom’) — Suffer a moat, grow in wisdom.

Gu Ling’er doesn’t feel guilty anymore.

The person herself looks like a money fan!

After completing the transaction, Qin Xiaotian’s pockets bulged again.

30,000 lower-grade spirit stones, plus a 3rd Rank Demon Beast Earth Escaping Beast inner core.

Gu Ling’er might make a little profit, but Qin Xiaotian doesn’t lose anything!

After leaving the trading market, Qin Xiaotian took out the inner core and examined it carefully.

This inner core is about the size of a baby fist, its whole body is earthy yellow, and it contains extremely powerful Earth Element spirit power.

He didn’t hesitate to do it.

Qin Xiaotian ate the inner core of this Earth Escaping Beast in one bite.

“Gā bēng!”
“Gā bēng!”

The extremely hard monster inner alchemy was bitten into pieces by Qin Xiaotian like a ‘wonderful brittle horn’ in his mouth. It’s like eating some fragrant nuts!

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for leveling up three times. The current level is LV17!”
“Ding! The host’s cultivation base has break through the Foundation Establishment 7th Layer!”
“Ding! Congratulations to the host for learning the Earth Escape technique!”

【Earth Escape: Earth Element high level Divine Ability. Once this Divine Ability is performed, it can integrate the host’s body with the earth and travel through the ground like a fish. This Divine Ability will grow stronger as the host’s cultivation base grows. The stronger the cultivation base, the faster the speed and the deeper the depth the host can travel!】

Qin Xiaotian looked ecstatic.

It is worthy of being a 3rd Rank Demon Beast inner core. Not only it allowed him to upgrade to three level in a row, but also made him learned such awesome skills as the Earth Escape technique, which is the most powerful Divine Ability among the magic spell of five elements.

As long as he can escape into the ground, let alone a Golden Core expert, even the Nascent Soul powerhouse may not be able to do anything about him.

One of the cheapest skills in Five Elements Divine Ability.

If I can’t beat my enemy, I will escape!

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