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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 39


Generally, you need to prepare in advance for the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination! At least three days in advance are required.

Because the examination officer responsible for the examination 3rd Grade Alchemist can only be assessed by an Alchemist who is above 4th Grade! And the 4th Grade Alchemists must have a certain status! Such a big shot is second only to the existence of the seven Nascent Soul elders in the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy.

Naturally, it is impossible for the person to stay in the Alchemy Pavilion to be responsible for the examination anytime and anywhere!

But Qin Xiaotian had good luck. Because Han Dong came to do the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination, the application was naturally submitted to the Dao Academy early.

In today’s Alchemy Pavillion, there happened to be a 4th Grade Great Alchemist sitting here. He also avoided many complicated procedures, just to assess the guy named Han Dong!

In the cultivation world, Alchemists are divided into nine grades in total.

1st Grade and 2nd Grade belong to low-level alchemists, so the refining medicine pill can only be provided to the cultivator below the Foundation Establishment 9th Layer. 3rd Grade and 4th Grade belong to middle-level alchemists. The medicine pill refined by these alchemists significantly affects the following cultivators of Nascent Soul Stage. 5th Grade belongs to high-level alchemists, but in the mainland of Kyushu, 5th Grade Alchemists can already be known as Grandmaster of a Generation. It is Nascent Soul powerhouse that must give sufficient respect in front of such Grandmaster! 6th Grade Alchemists is called Alchemy King, and almost no one dares to offend before the Dividing Spirit Stage. 7th Grade Alchemist is called Alchemy Sovereign. This is already a character of the Legendary Level. Even in the Universe Starry Sky, it is also a favored existence of the top-level influences. 8th Grade Alchemist is called Alchemy Venerable. Such a peerless big shot that reached that state was Green Robed Old Ancestor, which was once the Dividing Spirit Late Stage that everyone must look up to!

It is said that these powerful humans who reached this stage can use Heaven and Earth as the Furnace, using the Sun as the Fire, and refining Supreme Divine Pills.

Once an 8th Grade Divine Pill is completed, Nine Heavens Thunder Tribulation will drop. Just the formidable power of this Thunder Tribulation can instantly destroy even Dividing Spirit powerhouses, both body and soul!

It seems that in Green Robed Old Ancestor’s memory, Qin Xiaotian could not recall any information about 9th Grade Alchemists.

It may be that in the face of such Supreme Existence, the Dividing Spirit powerhouses are like ants!

Of course, it is still a bit far away for Qin Xiaotian to talk about this now!

Closer to home… When Qin Xiaotian walked into the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination hall, he found that there were already people inside. At a glance, there are thousands of people. And the number is still increasing!

Originally, Han Dong wanted the examination 3rd Grade Alchemist, which had already attracted many Alchemy Department students to come and watch, but then more people heard that Qin Xiaotian also wanted to do 3rd Grade Alchemist examination. The number of onlookers instantly increased more than three times!

The very spacious alchemy examination hall suddenly became a bit crowded!

The moment Qin Xiaotian walked into the examination hall, countless lights immediately gathered at him. Mainly because his young body is too eye-catching, even Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, who have never met him, can recognize him at a glance.

“Is he Qin Xiaotian? It really is as rumored. He is a five or six-year-old kid!”

“Is he really the abnormal kid that many people talked about? I think he looks so cute and small, making a girl’s heart going overflow, yingyingying*!”

*TL note: 嘤嘤嘤 yīng=calling of birds

“Senior Sister, you are over thirty. Don’t pretend to be an innocent girl, okay?”

“You must be kidding? What’s wrong with being an innocent girl in early thirties? Elder Ouyang is more than 500 years old, and she still looks like a little fairy!”

“Elder Ouyang is a Nascent Soul supreme expert. Can you compare yourself with her?”

“Stop arguing. You guys are not students from Alchemy Department. You came to join in the fun? This is the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination, do you understand?”

“This man… You’re not listening. Who stipulates that only students in the Alchemy Department can learn alchemy? Is your Alchemy Department better than anyone else?”


Just when the spectators in the hall were chatting, an extremely majestic voice mingled with the Power of True Essence rippling away.

Everyone’s ears was blasted hearing thunder! The hall that had been noisy was immediately silent.

Qin Xiaotian looked around and saw a middle-aged man with the appearance of a scribe, wearing a black daoist robe, standing with his hand behind his back.

The aura on this person is extraordinarily powerful. Second only to Nascent Soul powerhouse. And on his chest, he also carried a 4th Grade Alchemist Badge.

Qin Xiaotian glanced at it casually and already guessed who this person is.

In Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, generally, those who wear black daoist robes are teachers!

As a 4th Grade Alchemist, this middle-aged man had reached the Golden Core 9th Layer, and he looked like a middle-aged scribe/scholar. The only person who met these three descriptions was the Alchemy Department director mentioned by Long Xiaoyao, Ximen Lie!

As the director of the Alchemy Department, Ximen Lie has not only a profound cultivation base, but also his accomplishments in alchemy were also ranked as the top in the entire Immortal Spirit Dao Academy! And as the chief examiner of 3rd Grade Alchemist, he is absolutely authoritative!

In order for Han Dong to amaze the world, it took a lot of effort to invite the director to be his examiner!

Initially, after seeing more and more onlookers, who even came from other departments in the examination hall, Han Dong’s heart felt a little strange!

Is my name already so famous? Students of the Dao Academy, when they learned that I was about to be promoted to the 3rd Grade Alchemist, they came to watch the ceremony! Could it be, I, Han Dong, even though for several years never showed my true strength, my reputation still spread out unknowingly! When they are too good, they can’t hide after all! Han Dong initially thought so!

But after Qin Xiaotian came in, he found himself wrong! People have no interest in him at all! He is completely self-conscious and self-inflated!

In Alchemy Department, he still has fame. But for others, 3rd Grade Alchemist is nothing strange!

When Han Dong learned that Qin Xiaotian was also going to do 3rd Grade Alchemist examination, his face immediately turned black!

What does this kid want to do? Could it be that he wants to step on my Alchemy Department number one genius’s name and take the opportunity to hit my face in front of everyone?

Although it was a bit rude to think that way, Han Dong never treated Qin Xiaotian as an ordinary kid.

What a joke. Can an ordinary little kid pass the 2nd Grade Alchemist exam? Can an ordinary kid break the record of the Sword Immortal Chiyang? If this kid really doesn’t have a skill, how did he manage to step on the likes of Gu Ling’er and Xiao Zhan?

In this cultivation world, if you’re looking down on a person because of his/her age, there is no doubt that such a person is the most stupid!

Han Dong will never look down on any opponent, even if the opponent is just a child!

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