Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 38


Meanwhile, Gu Ling’er’s pill was finally refined.

The medicine pill she chose to refine this time was Herbal Revitalizing Pill, which is a medicine pill that can cure 100 poisons. Although it is only a kind of 2nd Grade medicine pill, its effects are not small and can save lives at critical moments. After all, the weak are prey to the strong in the cultivation world, and they talk not with the law. If you are overcast when you go out, you will have no place to cry! Therefore, carrying this kind of medicine that can cure hundreds of poisons with you is an essential medicine for walking around the whole country!

Gu Ling’er was quite satisfied with the Herbal Revitalizing Pill she refined. She played well this time.

Herbal Revitalizing Pill is of the highest quality. This kind of pill is relatively difficult to refine among the 2nd Grade medicine pills.

The medicinal properties involved are very complicated. For ordinary 2nd Grade Alchemist, the difficulty of refining is very high.

Just as Gu Linger was complacent, she turned her head and looked at Qin Xiaotian- Then, shocked!

She saw this little kid holding the newly released Foundation Establishment Pill, looking at her with a smile, and showing small white teeth! There are ten golden Foundation Establishment Pills in total.

At every moment, its spiritual power was full, and all of them gave birth to pill patterns.

Top Grade Foundation Establishment Pill? Why are ten of them at the same time?

What’s even more abnormal was how long it took this little kid to refine alchemy in total. It looks like not even five minutes have passed, right?

Gu Linger couldn’t calm down!

At this time, She just remembered the pills that she had bought from Qin Xiaotian not long ago.

At first, she thought that these pills came from a master. After all, Qin Xiaotian, that brat doesn’t look like he can pill refine! But now she finally understood. It turned out that this kid really made these pills.

Among the pills she bought from Qin Xiaotian, there were actually 3rd grade medicine pills! In this way, this little devil’s pill refining technique has already reached the level of 3rd Grade Alchemist!

“I don’t understand!”

“What kind of monster is this? Mastered the 3rd Grade Alchemy at the age of six?”

“What the hell?”

As if ten thousand alpacas ran past her head. Gu Linger felt like she was hit by an endocrine disorder!

This bear kid is only six years old. If he grows to sixteen, wouldn’t he be able to abuse me to the slag?

When she thought of this, Gu Linger’s proud heart shattered instantly gave rise to an extremely powerless frustration!

Whenever her sect brothers looked up to her… and now, she can only look up to a small child with no hair in the same attitude!

“I’m banana, you guava!*”

*TL note: “我香蕉你个芭拉!” I didn’t really understand this part. This is the closest and the most sense I can get. I think it came from the fact that you should not mix guavas and bananas. So probably, he’s saying “I’m different”, or something like that.

“Little kid, how did you refine so fast? How did you do it?” Gu Linger couldn’t help asking.

My dear. I’ve been single for twenty years. How do I become famous this fast?

Qin Xiaotian stood proudly, with one hand on his chest and one hand on his waist. His back was straight, like a spear piercing the sky.

Showing off one’s ability!

His eyes were extremely arrogant, with an aura of contempt for the world, he scanned the crowd in the hall!

At this moment, above his small body. There seemed to be rays of light ten thousand zhang. Making people afraid to look straight!

“This has to be an illusion! Only a kid, even if his innate talent is high, can he have that kind of overlord powerhouse spirit?”

“This kind of aura- I have only seen it on Dean!”

Qin Xiaotian’s edge disappeared in a flash. Soon, it turned back to that kind of cute and adorable child!

“Damn it! I was excited for a while, to be exposed to the invincible aura that is capable of moving unhindered in the world!”

After devouring the Primordial Spirit of Green Robed Old Ancestor, Qin Xiaotian’s body changed! No doubt.

Qin Xiaotian passed the 2nd Grade Alchemist examination successfully! Gu Ling’er also passed the 2nd Grade Alchemist examination. The two advanced together.

Although he was also a 2nd Grade Alchemist, everyone can see that Qin Xiaotian’s alchemy skills are more than that! So next, will he do the 3rd Grade Alchemist exam? The 3rd Grade Alchemist and 2nd Grade Alchemist exams are entirely different.

2nd Grade Alchemists can only refine some useful pill for Foundation Establishment cultivator. On the other hand, 3rd Grade Alchemist can refine pills that the Golden Core powerhouses require. There is a huge difference between the two. Being able to refine 3rd grade pills means that you can make many Golden Core pills! Such an existence is valuable no matter where in the realm of cultivation! And the wealth of 3rd Grade Alchemist is far from being comparable to 2nd Grade Alchemist! One represents that you have opened up the high-end market, while the other can only eat ashes at the bottom, making a small profit at most.

Qin Xiaotian did not disappoint. He really asked for the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination!

At this moment, all the cultivators in the entire Alchemy Peak exploded! Many spectators even took out their Communication Spirit Talisman to inform their friends to come to the Alchemy Peak to watch the fun!

“Little Junior Sister, come here quickly, this Alchemy Peak has big news! Qin Xiaotian is going to do the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination! …What? You don’t even know Qin Xiaotian? Did you come from space? He is the First New Student, the kid who broke the Sword Immortal Chiyang’s record! Not only Qin Xiaotian, but also the Senior Han Dong are also doing the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination. All these things are gathered together. If you don’t come see it, you will regret it for the rest of your life!”

“My goodness! Are the people in the Alchemy Department so awesome these days? There are two examinations 3rd Grade Alchemist happening at once?! I haven’t seen one happening in a year and a half!”

“Wait for me, I’ll come over and watch the fun!”

With the spectators’ automatic publicity, there were more and more cultivators going to Alchemy Peak to see the excitement.

Groups of three or five flew towards the Alchemy Peak! Among these cultivators, not only were students from the Alchemy Department, but almost all of them came from the Martial Battle Department, Artifact Refining Department, Array Department, Rune Department, and Dao Comprehension Department.

It’s mainly because Qin Xiaotian’s recent fame is really loud! He was the number one freshman, and he broke the record of Sword Immortal Chiyang. The rumor said that he’s still a very young child! Together, these elements will naturally have a high degree of topicality. However, this child sees the head of the divine dragon but not its tail. After entering Dao Academy, he did not attend any events, nor did he organize freshmen to set up a new student management department. The head of this school is also nondescript. Few people have seen him!

Now, everyone heard that this kid appeared at Alchemy Peak, and naturally, people will swarm over! Moreover, this child actually about to do the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination. What does this mean? It shows that this child has passed the exam of 2nd Grade Alchemist.

Breaking news!

When a six-year-old child does the 3rd Grade Alchemist examination, almost no one is not curious!

Several Taoist school seniors are planning to cultivate in seclusion. But, after hearing about this, they all decided to watch the wave first, and then come back to seclusion after watching the excitement!

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