Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 41


“It seems that this kid’s alchemy attainments are still a bit worse than that of Senior Han Dong!”

“Isn’t that a very normal thing? How old do you think the child is? A six-year-old child with his current alchemy attainments is already an unprecedented miracle ad he wants to surpass Senior Han Dong, that’s already amazing enough. Compared to him, aren’t we far worse?”

“Don’t talk about it. When I was six years old, I was also a big genius well-known within a hundred miles but compared with a bear kid like Qin Xiaotian, but compared to a little devil like Qin Xiaotian, I didn’t even match my shoes!”

“Anyway, this kid is really awesome. Even though he is inferior to Senior Han Dong in alchemy, according to the current situation, his success rate of passing the 3rd Grade Alchemist is at least 50%!”

“Is it impossible to have two 3rd Grade Alchemists in a single day?”

“Let’s wait and see. The last pill is here. Can he pass the examination? Don’t drop mess up at a critical moment!”

As the examination continued, the atmosphere on the scene gradually reached its climax.

All the onlookers held their breath. They were engrossed, staring at Qin Xiaotian and Han Dong intently! Especially the students of the Alchemy Department, they observe more carefully than anyone else! It seems that Qin Xiaotian and Han Dong’s random movement contains hundreds of details, which is worth studying them in-depth! Some cultivators even took out notes, recording these details with a look of excitement!

And right then, several sharp-eyed cultivators discovered that Qin Xiaotian had made a huge mistake. He actually threw a highly toxic Breaking Soul Grass into the alchemy furnace!

“What’s the matter? Isn’t this kid trying to refine the Increasing Essence Pill? Why did he throw in the Breaking Soul Grass?”

“Sometimes kids make such low-level mistakes, maybe? I can recognize it was actually Breaking Soul Grass. Don’t tell me that a 3rd Grade Alchemist cannot recognize it!”

“Is he not trying to refine Increasing Essence Pill?)

“But… among the 81 different ingredients that can only refine 3rd Grade pills, none of them use Breaking Soul Grass?”

“Could it be that I’m just dumb? Or maybe Qin Xiaotian really screw up?”

For a while, many onlookers showed doubts in their eyes. Even Director Ximen, who was observing in secret, had a trace of doubt in his heart at this time.

The Alchemy Pavillion provided 81 ingredients for the examination, which he personally selected. He really couldn’t figure out which 3rd Grade pills need Breaking Soul Grass?

Did Qin Xiaotian really make a low-level mistake?

After the Breaking Soul Grass entered the alchemy furnace, it instantly clashed with the elixir that Qin Xiaotian had thrown in before.

The alchemy furnace began to shake. But Qin Xiaotian ignored it at all! He just continued to put two more ingredients: Ten Thousand Years Spirit Mushroom and Asura Fruit into the alchemy furnace.

Now, no one truly understands Qin Xiaotian’s actions!

Everyone in here knew that Breaking Soul Grass, Asura Fruit, and Ten Thousand Years Spirit Mushroom are three kinds of spirit medicine that are completely suppressing each other. There’s no way to combine them. Once gathered together, let alone refining a 3rd grade medicine pill, you’d be lucky if it didn’t explode!

However, Qin Xiaotian still went his own way.

When the alchemy furnace was in the most unstable state, an astonishing aura suddenly erupted from Qin Xiaotian’s small body.

“This… is the Foundation Establishment 7th Layer?”

“Fuck! This brat’s cultivation base actually reached the Foundation Establishment 7th Layer?”

“But when he was on the Immortal Spirit Stairs before, his cultivation level was obviously Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer. Could it be that his cultivation level broke through four realms in a row in just a few days?”

“Impossible! He must have hidden his strength!”

“Six years old at Foundation Establishment 7th Layer. If you continue to develop at this pace, wouldn’t you be able to break through Golden Core at the age of ten?”

They instantly discovered that their proud cultivation base strength was so rubbish!

They were all in their twenties, but they were still in Foundation Establishment 3rd-4th Layer. They have always been proud of themselves, thinking that they were a genius. Now, compared to Qin Xiaotian… Critical hit 10,000 points of damage! Forget it. It can’t be compared at all!

Just when these onlookers were shocked by his powerful cultivation, Qin Xiaotian’s knotted his hands, and then, he made one after another complicated condensing pill hand seals.

Golden runes poured into the alchemy furnace.

Qin Xiaotian once again erupted two distinct forces. He controlled the flame with his left hand and the power of ice with his right hand. Unexpectedly in a strange form, he was making the condensing the pill process quick. Over time, a thin bead of sweat also appeared on Qin Xiaotian’s forehead.

The atmosphere is suffocating! The whole audience was silent!

Just at this critical moment, “Boom!” There was a loud noise.

Qin Xiaotian’s alchemy furnace suddenly exploded!

Everyone looked dumbfounded! However, they had not had time to laugh.

They felt a powerful aura of a powerful Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi frantically converging towards the alchemy hall.

The air vibrates! In front of Qin Xiaotian, a pill exuding purple aura was floating quietly in the air.

This whole phenomenon created this medicine pill. Three Flowers Gather on Crown, the natural phenomenon of Five Qi toward Origin!

Han Dong stunned! Ximen Lie was dumbfounded! All the onlookers are stunned! They opened their mouths one by one. They can’t believe their eyes at all! The shock in their heart has gone beyond that!

“This… phenomenon descending from the sky, the pill’s aura, and the gathered energy. This is a unique symptom only to the birth of a 4th Grade spirit pill!”

“How is this possible?! This kid actually refined a 4th Grade spirit pill?”

“For a 3rd Grade Alchemist examination, he refined 4th Grade spirit pill. This little devil······ so terrifying!”

“Too abnormal, so awesome!”

“A Breaking Realm Pill, it’s really Breaking Realm Pill. How did you refine a Breaking Realm Pill?!” Even Ximen Lie, the head of the Alchemy Department who has always been calm, let out an exclamation!

“What is a Breaking Realm Pill? Is there a Senior in the Alchemy Department that can explain?” Someone asked aloud.

“You don’t even know the Breaking Realm Pill? This is a very rare type of Spirit Pill in 4th Grade medicine pill. Breaking Realm Pill’s main role is to help the Nascent Soul Stage follow the cultivator breakthrough cultivation base and break the bottleneck! As you know, once our cultivation base reaches the Golden Core stage, every time we break through a realm, it will become more difficult to break through again. Of course, if your cultivation base can keep improving, it doesn’t matter if the growth rate is slow! But if you fall into a certain bottleneck, you will likely remain stuck in this state; even for decades or hundreds of years, you will not be able to break through until your life essence is exhausted and the oil of the lamp ran out! At this time, if you can have a Breaking Realm Pill, it can help you break the bottleneck and enter a higher realm. Think about it. Which cultivator has never encountered a bottleneck? The value of this Breaking Realm Pill… think with your toes, and you should know, right?”

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