Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 42


“But what is strange is that the recipe for refining pill the spirit pill is said to have been lost. Who knows where this kid got it from?”

At this moment, everyone looked at Qin Xiaotian dumbfounded. Their bodies, their hearts, and the little brother in their trouser pockets all shuddered uncontrollably!

Among the crowd, Gu Ling’er looked sluggish with her mouth open. You can stuff a whole duck egg in it!

Although Qin Xiaotian had already performed very well in front of her before, she never expected this!

Qin Xiaotian’s awesomeness broke through heaven. To the extent that ordinary people cannot understand! It turned out that when he did the 2nd Grade Alchemist exam before, this abnormal little devil still hid his power.

A big shot who can refine a 4th Grade Spirit Pill, why are you showing off now? Are you playing the pig, eating the tiger*? Making this Young Lady think that I can catch up with you while in fact, you are making fun of me in your heart, right?

*TL note: 扮豬食虎 – Playing the Pig, Eating the Tiger. Chinese wisdom says maybe you weren’t a “tiger” in that moment, but have no fear, because you could win the battle in the long run, if you have the patience to be the “pig.” That is what the Cantonese like to call “playing the pig, eating the tiger” (baan3 zyu1 sik6 fu2 扮豬食虎). It is a tactic reserved for your strongest enemies: employing your hidden strengths to attack with the element of surprise. Almost like being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You must act weak and innocent until your adversary lets their guard down and then you may rush in with your victory. Surprise your opponent when the time is right. There are 36 strategies in the ancient Chinese art of war. They were originally used during a period of great turmoil in China, the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589). “Playing the pig, eating the tiger” is strategy number 26.


Compared to Gu Ling’er’s indignation, Long Xiaoyao was much calmer.

Among all the onlookers present, he was the only one who was the calmest. He had confirmed Qin Xiaotian’s identity long before. As the reincarnated peerless boss, no matter how exaggerated his performance, it is understandable!

He was very grateful for his wit. Becoming his little brother in advance was the right choice. Now that Qin Xiaotian has refined the fourth-grade spirit pill, which is still the long-lost Breaking Realm Pill,  more likely in the future, there will be many Golden Core powerhouses will seek Qin Xiaotian’s head.

Long Xiaoyao was Qin Xiaotian’s first loyal little brother. No matter how many people tried to fawn Qin Xiaotian, those who came later are not as good as he!

Meanwhile, the most embarrassing person on the scene was Han Dong!

The previous handsome face became very stiff! He has successfully refined the third 3rd Grade pill that he chose. He refined the most difficult pill among the 3rd Grade pills, the Golden Crow Pill. However, no matter how good his performance is, it is insignificant compared to Qin Xiaotian at this time!

As a matter of fact, Hand Dong was hiding his real strength; he too was able to refine a 4th Grade Spirit Pill. However, he could only refine the simplest pill among the 4th Grade Spirit Pills. Compared to Qin Xiaotian’s Breaking Realm Pill, which is the highest level of the 4th Grade Spirit Pills, even if he exerts his full strength, he still couldn’t compare to it!

As the number one genius Senior of the Alchemy Department, he was inevitably crushed by a kid! This frustrating feeling!

Why is there such an abnormal child in here? Where did he come from!

At this time, there were thousands of cultivators, with the most shocked expression; was Ximen Lie. As the dean of the Alchemy Department, Golden Core 9th Layer powerhouse, 4th Grade Great Alchemist, he perceived much better above everyone. Others only knew that Qin Xiaotian was terrific and had been able to refine a 4th Grade Spirit Pill, but they didn’t know exactly where he was so amazing!

The Breaking Realm Pill, refined by Qin Xiaotian, is a recipe that has been lost.

He used a 3rd Grade alchemy furnace to forcibly refine a 4th Grade Spirit Pill, and the medical ingredients used were all low-grade 3rd Grade. It caused the alchemy furnace to explode, but because he forced it with Ice-Fire Alchemy, he successfully condensed it into a pill anyway.

 The details involved, control power, medicine essence knowledge theory, pill refining experience, etc., are not something an ordinary 4th Grade Alchemist can do. Even if he is the head of the Alchemy Department, he might not be able to do it.

What does this show? It shows that Qin Xiaotian’s alchemy attainments are above him!

If Qin Xiaotian’s cultivation is still even stronger than he showed, he even wonders if this little kid is already able to refine a 5th Grade Celestial Pill!

There have long been rumors among the Dao Academy senior members that this First New Student, Qin Xiaotian, is very likely to be a reincarnated big shot. I didn’t believe it initially, but now it seems that this is definitely the case!

Thinking of this, Ximen Lie’s eyes became extremely hot, and there was a hint of respect mixed in it! If there wasn’t anyone around, he might even ask Qin Xiaotian for advice!

His alchemy attainments are so high. Before he reincarnated, he might really be a 5th Grade Alchemy Grandmaster. If I can get the guidance of a grandmaster, I might be able to make further progress!

Qin Xiaotian didn’t know what Ximen Lie thought. All he knew was that the look in this guy’s eyes suddenly became very ambiguous. It’s like looking at a friend, making Ximen Lie a little lecherous!

What the hell? Is this old man a pedophile? Or is it more of a gay pedophile? Qin Xiaotian felt a chill in his heart.

“Students, as the head of the Alchemy Department, I now officially announce that my Fellow Student Han Dong has successfully passed the examination for the 3rd Grade Alchemist and officially awarded him the 3rd Grade Alchemist Badge! As for Fellow Student Qin Xiaotian, he has been able to refine a 4th Grade Spirit Pill, and his accomplishments in alchemy are obvious to all. Then, as the deputy chief of the Alchemy Pavilion, I will grant him the 4th Grade Alchemist Badge and invite him as the Alchemy Department Guest Teacher at the same time. What does Fellow Daoist Xiaotian think?”

When Ximen Lie said this, all the onlookers were struck by lightning!

“That kid… as a teacher?”

“As a 4th Grade Alchemist, he is indeed qualified to be a teacher of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy!”

“Next time I met him, should I call him Teacher Qin?”

“When I imagined being educated by a six-year-old kid, that scene felt a little bit weird!”

“We are all students of the Dao Academy. How a come child be so good?”


Qin Xiaotian fell into deep thought.

There is nothing wrong with being a teacher. No one in this academy is willing to accept him as their disciple anyway, so why not become a teacher himself!

There were rumors that the Dao Academy senior officials did not value him, and that he cheated in the exam, and so on.

“Since Director Ximen said so, this Qin is grateful. But I usually don’t have much time, so in terms of teaching…”

“You can rest assured, Fellow Daoist Xiaotian. The Guest Teacher at Immortal Spirit Dao Academy does not have much teaching time to begin with; just once a week. And as Alchemy Department teacher, no matter who purchases medicinal materials from, or whoever sells the medicine pills to, you will always be the number one priority!”

When Qin Xiaotian heard this, his eyes suddenly brightened!

The word “priority” may not just mean ordinary profits!

“All right, I agree!” Qin Xiaotian nodded.

Now, all the cultivators can no longer remain calm!

“Damn, he really became a teacher!”

“A Six-year-old teacher, unprecedented, no more. I will enter seclusion to calm down!”

“The world is changing too fast. Is it because I can’t catch up with times?”

“If Qin Xiaotian becomes a teacher, compared to any teacher in the future, no one is better than him!”

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