Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 47


A fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl who looked quaint and striking; came out!

She walked to the Surveying Soul Stone, and immediately many cultivators recognized her

“It’s Gu Ling’er, the freshman ranked second, and the direct disciple of Elder Ouyang!”

“So she is Gu Ling’er!”

“As the direct disciple of Nascent Soul supreme expert, there’s no way her innate talent perception be bad, and who knows how high her soul light is.”

Just as the young cultivator finished speaking, Gu Ling’er’s slender hand had already pressed the Surveying Soul Stone! Suddenly, a dazzling green light erupted instantly, forming a beam of light. This beam of light broke through five meters in an instant, and it was continuing. Finally, it stopped at about twelve meters!

Many hearts trembled!

“Unbelievable! Her soul strength is so high. It’s no wonder that Elder Ouyang fancies her!”

“Out of more than 100 cultivators tested, the tallest seems to be only five meters. This Gu Linger rushed to twelve meters at once, which is really shocking!”

“Elder Ouyang, you have a good vision. This Little Missy is talented; her perception is amazing and has a strong will. She might inherit your mantle in the future!”

At this moment, Zhou Yishan, who was observing from the side, smiled and said to Ouyang Xiaoyan.

“That is obvious that this Eminence’s vision is naturally not bad, but contrary, your newly recruited apprentice does not seem to be very good. His cultivation base innate talent is not bad, but his temperament is really average!”

“Sister Xiaoyan, you don’t know anything. I have a relationship with Xiao Zhan’s father, Xiao Yanshan. A hundred years ago, I was seriously injured and almost lost my body and soul. Fortunately, Xiao Yanshan rescued me, and I survived. Now I take his son under my wing. It is also to repay for the life-saving grace in the past. It’s just karma!”

“My! Is that so?”

When Gu Ling’er finished the test, Xiao Zhan was naturally unwilling to lag behind.

Soon it was his turn! At first, he was confident and didn’t believe that he would be worse than Gu Ling’er. If only Qin Xiaotian didn’t stimulate him on Immortal Spirit Stairs, he would have been able to go further.

The result was a bit unsatisfactory for Xiao Zhan. His soul light was only eight meters high, which is four meters behind Gu Ling’er.

Although this result was outstanding and better than most Dao Academy students, his face was bitter. The main thing was that he had too high expectations for himself. However, reality can’t change!

Because there are too many cultivators at the scene, this soul test took five days!

For five days and five nights, you will definitely be exhausted if you are an ordinary man. However, these more than 20,000 students at the scene were all cultivators. Their cultivation base was pretty good. Even if they stay awake for ten and a half days, there will be no problem!

So far, more than 19,000 students have already completed the test. Among them, the former Alchemy Department number one genius, Senior Han Dong, his soul light reached 15 meters, which is impressive!

What’s more abnormal was that there was also a bald cultivator. This person’s name is Lei Qiandong, the number one genius of the Dao Comprehension Department. It is said that he was taken under the door by Dean Jin Chenzi twelve years ago. Since then, he has not been seen, and many people have forgotten about him! But now in this test, his soul light has reached a terrifying thirty meters.

It swept the audience! Shocking!

So far, Qin Xiaotian has not tested. He is different from other cultivators. Others regard this soul test as a test of their talent and perception! However, Qin Xiaotian felt that this was a complete pit. He was waiting for himself to jump down.

He was not afraid that his soul light was too weak, he was fearful that he was too strong, and if he was too strong, he might get mistaken for being possessed by the Green Robed Old Ancestor, and then there would be no place to cry!

Even more excessive… This martial arts field has also been barricaded with array by the mighty powerhouses. The Earth Escape technique can’t even slip pass it! One thing after another!”

At this time, many cultivators focused their eyes on Qin Xiaotian.

So far, Almost all genius cultivators with names have been tested. Only Qin Xiaotian, this kid who was in the limelight recently, hasn’t been tested yet.

Who knows how a child can be so calm?

“I heard that in this new year that there are three particularly outstanding characters; Gu Ling’er, Xiao Zhan, and Qin Xiaotian. This Gu Ling’er’s soul light reached 12 meters, and Xiao Zhan also reached 8 meters, then Qin Xiaotian, ranked number one, shouldn’t be worse than these two, right?”

“Who can say that’s accurate? The Soul Surveying Stone does not test the level of one’s cultivation base. Before the test, no one knows!”

“I think Qin Xiaotian should be able to compete with Senior Han Dong and even reach the height of Senior Lei Qiandong?”

“Are you kidding? Who do you think Lei Qiandong’s teacher is?”

“Although Senior Lei Qiandong is usually very low-profile, his strength is definitely far beyond your imagination. His cultivation has already reached the Half-Step Golden Core realm. Only one step away to enter the Golden Core Realm. I heard that he was able to break through a few years ago, and now he is suppressing his cultivation base in Foundation Establishment 9th Layer, just to make his foundation deeper!”

“That’s why he is so abnormal. It turns out that he is already a Half-Step Golden Core cultivator!”

The cultivators talked a lot.

Qin Xiaotian has also received more and more attention. He can only bite the bullet now!

He has been unwilling to test all the time, it’s a bit like a guilty conscience.

He took a deep breath. Taking a confident and elegant step, he calmly pressed his hand on the Surveying Soul Stone. Suddenly, a strange feeling was linked with his mental power through his arm!

One second. Two seconds. Three seconds. Ten seconds passed!

The Surveying Soul Stone was unresponsive. Everyone has a face **.

TL note: 所有人一脸**。I didn’t type it. It was there in the original.

Doe Qin Xiaotian even have any soul light? Just when these spectating people began to think about it, there was a violent tremor on the soul measuring stone!


An incomparable brilliance, straight into the sky. The dazzling beam of light instantly exceeded a hundred meters. However, this is just the beginning. This beam of light extended crazily and was incredibly fast.

Five hundred meters… One thousand meters… Two kilometers… Three kilometers… After reaching more than 3.000 meters, the bright beam of light slowly fades.

At this moment, twenty thousand cultivators collectively petrified! Gu Ling’er was shocked! Han Dong was shocked! Lei Qiandong was shocked! All the cultivators collectively frightened! All of them opened their mouths wide. The shock in their heart was beyond words to describe!

Although some people had speculated that Qin Xiaotian would be awesome, no one thought he would be that awesome!

“This… how is this possible?”

“The soul light is three thousand kilometers, and mine only reached three meters. Doesn’t that mean that the little devil’s innate talent is a thousand times better than me? A thousand times better?! Damn! I don’t want to live! This is too hard!”

“An illusion! This must be an illusion!”

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