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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 46


The expression of bitterness on Qin Xiaotian’s face was different from most of the other students that were high-spirited, smug, and quite a plan to take the opportunity to prove themselves!

Dao Academy students are now together. Twenty thousand cultivators were being tested together!

No matter which class of students, they all think that they have outstanding talents and amazing insights, and almost no one was unconvinced! Old students would look down on new students, and new students would also look down on old students!

It would be hard to judge innate talent solely by cultivation base! After all, the age of each student is different. Naturally, it’s not fair to simplify it! Besides, most of the cultivators lived their lives not that different from each other, which is not easy to compare! But now it’s different!

The Surveying Soul Stone is specially used to test the soul’s strength, not based on the cultivation base! Everyone is a Foundation Establishment cultivator. In general, there is no difference in essence! So, it’s easy to see who is higher or lower!

With the exception of a few who had given up on their own, most of the other students became eager to win.

Qin Xiaotian thought for a while.

In addition to the Dao Academy’s executives wanting to capture the Primordial Spirit of Green Robed Old Ancestor, they also want to detect the disciple’s innate talent and conduct a thorough investigation to see if there are any missing geniuses, which is also regarded as killing two birds with one stone!

Suddenly there were three extremely powerful pressures in the sky, floating down from the sky!

The three were an old man, a young person, and one beautiful woman. They came out of nowhere!

The old man looked like he was about 70 or 80 years old, with white hair and beard, holding a green bamboo pole, and there was not the slightest wave of True Essence Power showing off his body. He looked like an ordinary old man. But, Qin Xiaotian knew that the person who reaches this cultivation base to Return to the Natural State realm is the real big shot. An average person who lets out a murderous aura is only a second-rate expert at best!

Another young man, who was only about fifteen or sixteen years old, was holding scripture and looked like a scholar that went to Beijing to take an exam. Still, the vicissitudes in his eyes and the majesty of the fatly discernable body were enough to show that he has been in a high position all year round, and his age is much older than he thought!

The last beautiful woman, who looked like she was in her early twenties, was beautiful and angelic, dressed in white, fluttering like a fairy! Even if she doesn’t wear makeup on her face, you can’t ignore her outstanding beauty! The appearance of the three big shots made all the students of the Dao Academy stunned!

“This beautiful woman… could it be that 50 years ago, she was the one who killed the Blood Hand Rose Flower with her own power, and was also the only female elder of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, Ouyang Xiaoyan?!”

“It’s really Elder Ouyang. She’s more beautiful than I thought. I have been in the Dao Academy for several years. This is the first time I have seen Elder Ouyang!”

“I heard that Elder Ouyang looked gentle and lovely, but she was actually a female tyrant, jealously evil, and her methods were fierce. A hundred years ago, the name of Blood Hand Rose Flower could stop children crying!”

“Shhh! How dare you say bad things about Elder Ouyang behind your back! Do you want to die?”

“I… I’m not saying bad things, I’m telling the truth!” A young cultivator explained with an innocent look.

“Since Elder Ouyang has appeared, the other two must be Dried Bamboo Old Man Wang Tianba and Literary Sword Scholar Zhou Yishan. I heard that these two elders were responsible for the freshmen examination this year!”

“The three major Nascent Soul powerhouses are all well-known characters in the cultivation world. Normally, you don’t get to see any of them, but this time I can see three of them at once. It’s not a waste for me to come to this Immortal Spirit Dao Academy!”

Many young students are excited as if they have seen their idols!

“I heard that Elder Ouyang accepted a new student from this year as a direct disciple. It seems to be called Gu Ling’er, a little girl. Elder Zhou Yishan also accepted a fellow named Xiao Zhan. Do this year’s new students have dogshit luck?!”

“Isn’t there another one named Qin Xiaotian? It is said that he’s still a child, and he was appointed as a Medicine Pill Department Guest Teacher yesterday, after passing the examination of 4th Grade Alchemist!”

“I must be drunk. Even a kid can be a teacher?!”

What’s wrong with the little kid being a teacher? If you’re not convinced, why not become a 4th Grade Alchemist!”

Qin Xiaotian looked stunned. Unexpectedly, some guys talked about him.

Sure enough, they criticized the famous people!

Elder Zhou Yishan waved his hand. A black stone pillar emerged out of thin air! It stands directly in the center of the martial arts field. This stone pillar was five meters long and two meters wide. The whole body was as black as ink, and the pillar was engraved with a densely packed rune. It was impossible to see what kind of material it was. Like gold but not gold, like iron and not iron, like wood but not wood! It exudes a very strange aura! It is impossible to detect the existence of this stone pillar with Divine Sense as if this thing has the effect of shielding mental power!

“Is this the Surveying Soul Stone? It’s amazing! It’s right in front of me, but I can’t truly perceive it!”

“How does this Surveying Soul Stone detects soul strength?” A young cultivator raised this question.

The Golden Core teacher came forward immediately.

“Everyone, the detection method of Surveying Soul Stone is straightforward. You only need to press your hand on Surveying Soul Stone. This stone pillar will release a soul light. The higher the strength of a person’s soul, the stronger the light released by the stone pillar! On behalf of the Dao Academy elders, I announce that the soul test has officially started. Please line up, and no one must not miss it!” As soon as the Golden Core teacher finished speaking, a strange spiritual wave suddenly appeared in the entire martial arts field.

It seems that the barrier array has been activated, and the entire martial arts field has been completely isolated from the outside world!

Qin Xiaotian’s brow furrowed deeper!

At this time, a burly young man emerged from the crowd.

“I’ll do it first!”

“It’s Yu Liang, a Martial Battle Department student, and his cultivation has reached the Foundation Establishment 7th Layer. His famous unique skill is Wild Saber Nine Slashes. It is said that the experts of the Foundation Establishment 8th Layer may not beat him!”

“Yu Liang is still a little famous in the Martial Battle Department. He is a martial artist and loves to fight with people. Although he is very powerful, he is not very good at his brain. He is just a reckless man!”

Just when many cultivators talked, the cultivator named Yu Liang directly stretched out his big hand without any hesitation and pressed his hand on the soul-testing pillar!

The cultivator named Yu Liang directly stretched out his big hand. Without a trace of hesitation, he placed his hand on the soul-testing pillar! Suddenly, a bright green light appeared on the extremely dark stone pillar! The green light stretched from the top of the stone pillar to about three meters before stopping.

Since he was the first to test, everyone didn’t have a reference standard. They didn’t know whether his soul strength was high or low.

Soon, the second cultivator started! The second cultivator is a female cultivator from Rune Department. Her soul light is only about two meters.

As more and more cultivators are tested, everyone has a rough standard in their mind!

At present, more than 100 people have been tested. The lowest soul light is only one meter, and the highest soul light is five meters.

The soul light of most cultivators is only about two or three meters.

Less than five of a hundred people can reach four meters, and only one has reached five meters!

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