Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 49


Qin Xiaotian took his hand off from the pillar.

The soaring beam disappeared, but the shock in everyone’s hearts still hasn’t subsided!

At this time, the sky exploded like thunder! Suddenly, the wind was surging, and the sky was rumbling, and flashes of lightning appeared.

In the horrified eyes of everyone, the sky full of clouds condensed into a human face. The face was so majestic and bright that it almost covered the entire sky.

That vast and powerful aura shocked all Foundation Establishment cultivators!

“This is … Dean Jin Chenzi is coming!”

“Even the Dean is here?!”

At this moment, the huge human face slowly spoke!

“Students, this Eminence is now announcing that the soul test is officially over. From now on, Fellow Student Qin Xiaotian has been promoted to Immortal Spirit Dao Academy Honorary Elder. I have discussed this with my peers. From now on, see him as this Eminence sees it. He will also be the youngest Elder in Immortal Spirit Dao Academy ever!”

Everyone was shocked. Twenty thousand cultivators collectively petrified! The expression that had finally calmed down was stunned again!

“This brat, an Elder?”

“Fuck! This is crazy!”

“I thought that being a teacher at the age of six was unprecedented. I didn’t expect him to be an Elder?!”

“When I see him later, should I call him Elder Qin respectfully?”

“Old Tie, hurry up and see if I’m dreaming!”

“The Dean personally appointed him, and it looks like it’s been nailed down!”

The martial arts field suddenly became noisy like a vegetable market.

Some feel jealous. Some find it absurd.

There was also the feeling of being conquered by Qin Xiaotian’s powerful pressure. Among these people, they are mainly new students.

Qin Xiaotian himself was confused. Nobody expected such a good thing to hit him at all. He hasn’t even been a teacher for a few days, and he got directly promoted to Elder?

The promotion speed is comparable to a rocket!

If enough time passes, will he even be promoted to Dean?

At this time, the most excited person was Long Xiaoyao. He felt more and more that he had made an extremely wise decision in his life. That is to become Qin Xiaotian’s number one younger brother.

Senior Xiaotian is now promoted to one of Elder of Dao Academy. At the same time, Long Xiaoyao’s position in the Dao Academy has naturally risen!

As the saying goes: “One person gets the word, chicken and dog rise to the sky*”! Who would dare not give Long Xiaoyao some degree of respect?

*TL note: a person becomes an official, and those who are related to him also follow.

The Dao Academy Honorary Elder’s power is far from being an Alchemy Department teacher can compare. At the critical moment, he can even mobilize the Law Enforcement Department composed of dozens of Golden Core powerhouses!


The test is finished with the last student. This soul test has officially ended. The barrier array surrounding the martial arts field was finally turned off, and all the cultivators gradually left.

Although the Primordial Spirit of Green Robed Old Ancestor was not found, at least the identity of Qin Xiaotian as a reincarnated person was confirmed.

Moreover, even if Green Robed Old Ancestor really escaped the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, he would still at death’s door with that amount of Primordial Spirit.

If he wants to return to his heyday, it will be impossible to fully recover without hundreds of years of painstaking cultivation. At least they don’t have to worry about that devil for a hundred years!

As for the students in each department, the Alchemy Department continues pill refining, the Artifact Refining Department continues artifact refining, and the Array Department continues to study the array…

Anyway, what they are doing is what they should be doing!

Everything is restored as before. The only difference is… The name Qin Xiaotian, starting today, will be heard throughout the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy starting today. A legend of a generation.

His deeds, perhaps in thousands of years, will still be extolled by Dao Academy disciple!

He will become a landmark figure like Sword Immortal Chiyang. Unprecedented!


Early the next morning on the Alchemy Peak, many students from the Alchemy Department were discussing something.

“Have you heard? Elder Qin has set up a Xiaotian Pharmaceutical Corporation. I heard that he’s hiring. Let’s go and check it out!”

“Who’s Elder Qin?”

“You’re kidding, right? It’s Qin Xiaotian, Elder Qin. He was appointed as an Elder by the Dean yesterday. Don’t tell me you forgot about him in one day?”

“Oh, him. We’ve been calling him a brat, and then you suddenly called him Elder Qin. I’m still a little uncomfortable. After all, he is so young. I really can’t call him that…”

“If you don’t adapt, you have to adapt. He is now an elder of the Taoist Academy. He has a respected position. Don’t speak ill of him behind his back as before; otherwise, you will be heard by someone who cares about it. You might get into the Elder’s Courtyard to hear his sermon(?); you will have no place to cry!”

“Okay! Stop talking about it! Let’s talk business. I heard that the organization established by Elder Qin is different.” Another young 1st Grade Alchemist said this with excitement on his face.

“It seems that as long as you are an Alchemy Department student, you can sign up. Whether you are a 1st Grade Alchemist, or 2nd Grade Alchemist, a 3rd Grade Alchemist, or an alchemy apprentice that doesn’t even have a grade, you can join! Also, there are various benefits to this organization. Not only Elder Qin is going to be personally responsible for training and teaching, but they also said we could earn spiritual stones, and even the medicinal materials we usually used to practice are provided by the ‘Company’!”

“Is there such a good thing? We can learn alchemy and earn spirit stones. We don’t even need to buy medicinal ingredients? I don’t believe that the pie will fall from the sky. Is Elder Qin buying people’s hearts?” Another cultivator raised a question.

“I don’t know if he’s lying, but I heard that this company also has a pill refining task. Only after completing the tasks, you can earn spirit stones, and all the refined pills must be handed in!”

“So, it turns out like that. Like I said, there is no such good thing in the world, but even so, this company’s welfare is quite good. We usually spend a lot of medicinal ingredients to learn or practice alchemy techniques, which is itself a huge expenditure. Still, the low-level pills that we refined have no benefit for us. Only after becoming a 2nd Grade Alchemist, will we be a little more affluent. And right now, there is a company that provides medicinal materials, which also saves a lot of money!”

“Yeah, brother, that’s it! The way of cultivation emphasizes a financial partner, and financial resources are the first. To cultivate an alchemist, you need to consume countless resources. Only constant failures and continuous tries can accumulate profound pile refining experience, and the money needed for this process is unimaginable!”

“Why are we still here?! Hurry up and sign up! They might stop hiring if we’re late!”

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