Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 50


On the Alchemy Peak, Long Xiaoyao rented a venue in the name of Qin Xiaotian. An interview job fair was also specially arranged in a spacious loft.

Many Alchemy Department students came to register for the interview. There are many men and women.

Most of these people are low-level alchemy apprentices who are not so good at the Dao Academy. Only a few small numbers of 1st Grade Alchemists. No 2nd Grade Alchemists has seen one so far!

This situation is also normal. The 2nd Grade Alchemists have refined the 2nd Grade medicine pill without needing big help from the beginning.

Among the Dao Academy students, even if they are not particularly wealthy, they still have no shortage of spirit stones.

The company’s benefits spread by Long Xiaoyao naturally cannot attract 2nd Grade Alchemists.

At this time, Qin Xiaotian and Long Xiaoyao sat on the main seat of a rectangular table in the office. A sixteen or seventeen-year-old, sweet-looking, a little nervous-looking freshman and a student from the Alchemy Department was currently participating in an interview.

Outside the office, there are hundreds of students from the Alchemy Department waiting in line.

“Hello, Elder Xiaotian, and hello, Senior Xiaoyao! My name is Liu Yingying! I am seventeen years old this year. A freshman from this year! I have just joined the Alchemy Department! My father is a 3rd Grade Alchemist. I have followed my father to learn alchemy since I was ten years old. I have continuously conducted in-depth research on the Hundred Herbs Collection, the general outline of spirit medicine, and medicinal knowledge theory! I want to join Elder Xiaotian’s company to improve myself and live up to my father’s expectations of me!” Liu Yingying said seriously.

Her serious attitude made Qin Xiaotian a little uncomfortable.

Originally, this job fair was just to make a scene. The purpose was only to get more employees to work for him. He didn’t expect people to be so solemn.

Even the self-introduction of the interview said that there are noses and eyes! There was this feeling like one of the Fortune Global 500* company was currently recruiting employees!

*TL note:

“Well, yes, yes, Liu Yingying, right? Although you are just a freshman, only a Foundation Establishment 1st Layer, and has no Alchemist Grade, your serious, responsible, honest, and hardworking attitude is worthy of praise! From today, you are an employee of Xiaotian Pharmaceutical Corporation, and the manager Xiaoyao will be responsible for organizing your work in the future!” Qin Xiaotian said admiringly.

Liu Yingying was taken aback when she heard this. She didn’t expect to pass the interview so easily.

She felt so excited. She had heard that the company’s benefits were very good, and there were so many students who signed up for the interview, including many 1st Grade Alchemist.

She thought she didn’t have a chance. She just wanted to give it a try. Unexpectedly, she passed!

So far, no one has dared to treat Qin Xiaotian as a young ignorant brat. Where is his identity as the Dao Academy Elder, and no one is dissatisfied with his talent!

Joining his company is equivalent to joining Qin Xiaotian’s faction!

You will be regarded as an organized and back-office people, and you won’t be bullied when you go out!


Soon, the second student to participate in the interview walked into the office.

Qin Xiaotian was quite interested. He kind of enjoys being an interviewer. But after interviewing dozens of people, he suddenly lost interest.

He didn’t ask questions anymore, just handed over all the interview work to Long Xiaoyao. -Boringly eating snacks by himself.

But the snacks he ate are not ordinary snacks. Not a precious medicine pill either, but a Top Grade spirit fruit.

After he was appointed Dao Academy Honorary Elder yesterday, many Golden Core Stage teachers gave him gifts. He received a lot of gifts!

An elegant-looking middle-aged man passed over all the interviewees and went directly to Qin Xiaotian’s office.

“Elder Qin, the Dean asked me to inform you to go to the Elder Courtyard to pay respects to the meeting. It is said that what is important?”

“It’s Director Ximen. I’ll go over immediately!” Qin Xiaotian jumped off the chair and chased after Ximen Lie and asked, “Director Ximen, I don’t know what the Elder Courtyard Meeting you talked about, and what is the Dean asking me?”

“I don’t know much about the Elder Courtyard Meeting, but every time the Elder Courtyard Meeting is organized, it’s not about what events the Dao Academy will organize, or there are some large-scale tasks, or even there are unknown changes in the Nine States Continent. You don’t need to worry. In any case, nothing is wrong! Elder Xiaotian, you have just joined the Dao Academy. I am afraid that there are still many unclear things. In short, you just need to remember, listen more, watch more, and talk less. This is the kingly way that never changes!” Ximen Lie said earnestly.

“Many thanks, Director Ximen, for mentioning it!” Qin Xiaotian raised his hand in a salute.

After leaving the Alchemy Peak, he flew towards the direction of Elder Courtyard.

The Elder Courtyard of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is located at the top of the highest mountain in Dao Academy. This mountain peak is called Heavenly Path Peak.

Heavenly Path Peak has an altitude of 10,000 zhang** high.

**TL note: a measure of length, ten Chinese feet (3.3 m)

All directions are as steep as a knife and an ax. On the top of the mountain, many large arrays were also arranged.

Normal students are prohibited from intruding. Not only that, on the top of the mountain, there are 20 Golden Core powerhouses stationed all year round, guarding the Elder Courtyard.

It is said that this place is not only the place where Dao Academy executives gather but also the highest many kinds of cultivation in Dao Academy gather. Even the central hub of the Immortal Spirit Great Array is here.

Qin Xiaotian flew all the way without encountering any obstacles.

Just after that, he felt a powerful Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi. The Spiritual Qi above was almost reaching the state of liquefaction.

No wonder the Golden Core cultivators are willing to stay in this place willingly.

Qin Xiaotian estimates that one day of cultivation on Heavenly Path Peak can be worth at least ten days of cultivation elsewhere.

It may seem that it is not a lot. But if it’s all year round, the benefits will be basically unimaginable. Sure enough, all the Heavenly Paradise is occupied by the almighty powerhouses.

“Elder Qin, you are here. The Dean and the Elders are already waiting in the Assembly Hall. I will take you there!” Said a Golden Core Stage guard with a slightly respectful tone.

“Okay!” Qin Xiaotian nodded.

Entering the Elder Courtyard, Qin Xiaotian felt a little drumming in his heart.

He wondered what happened that made all the Elders gathered together.

He participated in the Council of the Elders for the first time. He never experienced this before, even in his previous life. There will inevitably be some cranky thoughts in his mind!

The atmosphere was slightly depressing. Qin Xiaotian tried his best to keep himself calm.

While pretending to be calm, he followed the Golden Core cultivator step by step into the Assembly Hall calmly.

The Assembly Hall is very spacious.

As soon as Qin Xiaotian walked in, he found seven powerful cultivators with unfathomable auras.

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