Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 5


Zhao Song’s eyes showed unwillingness.

He was unwilling to die like this.

He still has many years to live, and he will dominate the world in the future.

He was unwilling to die in the hands of a small child.

The fear of death continues.

He is humiliated!

He is angry!

He hates it!

“Lil’ shit! Even if I die, I will drag you to hell to bury you myself!” Zhao Song growled wildly, and at the last moment of life dissipating, and he crushed a jade talisman in his hand.

The jade talisman was broken. It then immediately changed into a red light and disappeared into the sky.

At that moment, the noise in the restaurant attracted countless people.

Many other cultivators in there recognized Zhao Song.

“This… Isn’t this the eldest son of the Zhao family? Why is he… dead?”

“Unbelievable, Zhao Song was actually killed, and… died in the hands of a little kid!”

“He deserved it. Zhao Song, who is full of evil, relied on his identity as the Zhao family’s son to dominate the Tiandiu city. Dozens of innocent girls have been harmed by him. “

“I know that little kid. Isn’t this the kid who complained at Zhao Song at the gate of the Zhuanghuang Academy yesterday? I thought Zhao Song would take revenge. I didn’t expect him to be killed by the little kid!

The scene in front of them made everyone tremble with spectators.

Each and every one of them was stunned.

It seemed to be totally unbelievable that a five or six-year-old kid could actually play the Zhao family’s eldest son, who was full of evil in the capital city.

This courage is so big that it is much less of the law and natural morality!

Is it true that a newborn calf is not afraid of tigers?

In the shocked eyes of everyone, Qin Xiaotian calmly approached Zhao Song’s body.

He stretched out his small hand and touched his body.

Then he grabbed his bag.

After Zhao Song’s corpse, the two henchmen corpses were all looted by him.

Anything that worth a little money cannot escape from the clutches of this little devil.

Qin Xiaotian nodded in satisfaction until the scraping was finished.

“This is… murder for money?”

“A five/six-year-old kid who actually kills for money? There is still this sense of calmness from him… He looks like an old man?”

“Fuck. Is he really a brat? Are you sure he’s not a bandit?”

“What the hell is wrong with this world? A little brat will murder to get some money? He can’t be offended, cannot be offended!”

“Interesting. This little kid is very talented. He is truly a peerless genius, but he acted too recklessly. The red light just now should be the Zhao family’s talisman. I am afraid that now the Zhao family has learned about what happened to Zhao Song. The news of his passing is on the way, and this brat seems to be unable to escape. A pity! What a pity!”

Qin Xiaotian ignored the shocked gaze of everyone.

He didn’t have the slightest fear after committing a crime.

He just sat on the ground and opened Zhao Song’s bag with a smile.

His little hands fumbled inside for a while. After that, he took out a lot of good things.

This Zhao Song, the eldest son of the Zhao family, is really worthwhile!

Needless to say, gold and silver treasures. All kinds of precious herbs; ginseng, spirit mushroom, snow lotus, spirit grass, medicine pill, magic weapons, are all really dazzling.

Regardless of if it’s poisonous or non-toxic, and whether it’s edible or not, Qin Xiaotian sat on the ground and took a bite.

This scene made everyone dumbfounded!

After all the things finished being eaten by Qin Xiaotian, it quickly turned into a warm current.

It constantly strengthens his physical body and enhances his cultivation.

Qin Xiaotian could hardly count the system prompts in his mind.

In a short time, he felt that he was getting stronger and stronger, and then an explosive power in his body.

Mu Qianqian and Lan Shuang squeezed in from the crowd.

When both of them saw the dead bodies and Qin Xiaotian sitting on the ground eating wildly… Their brain immediately imagined what happened before.

“Xiaotian, you… killed Zhao Song?” Mu Yan asked in a trembling tone.

“Yeah, this big bad guy wanted to harm me just now!” Qin Xiaotian blinked his big innocent eyes.

This cute look really cannot make people think of his brutal and violent methods just now.

“Something’s wrong! Something’s really wrong! Why didn’t you leave? The Zhao family should be here soon!” Mu Qianqian spoke with reproach and a flustered tone, but she never meant to distance herself from Qin Xiaotian.

Mu Qianqian is really a kind and sweet little girl. Qiao Xiaotian got such a big problem, but Mu Qianqian was still thinking about his safety.

As the saying goes: “The husband and wife are birds of the same forest”.

They had only known each other for two days in total. It wasn’t normal for anyone to have this level of empathy.

“Don’t worry, big sis. It’s fine if the Zhao family doesn’t come. If they do come, then I just need to kill them.” Qin Xiaotian stood with his hand in his hand and said without surprise.

Above that small body, there was an inexplicable presence.

The momentum when its body is rising, which makes people dare not look straight.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred.

In the air, a powerful killing air suddenly filled.

One after another, black shadows surrounded in all directions at an incredible speed!

Three more men are standing in the air!

Among them is a middle-aged man, a murderous aura rushing all over the space.

A terrifying aura swept across the room. And under this powerful pressure, the air seemed to freeze. For a time, all the spectating people were inexplicably shocked.

“My God, the Zhao Family actually deployed such a big army. More than thirty Qi Refining 8th Layer cultivators, ten Qi Refining 9th Layer experts, and three Foundation Establishment powerhouses, especially the Zhao Family Patriarch, Zhao Lingfeng. It is said that this person’s cultivation base has reached Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer Realm. He appeared here just to deal with a five or six-year-old little child?”

“The elder son of the Zhao family is dead. It’s understandable why the Zhao family want this fight!”

“It’s a pity. That kid has such a superb cultivation strength at a young age. If he grows up, he will be a peerless cultivator, who will appear in a generation of legends. It is a pity that he is about to die. Sure enough, geniuses in the world are suffering too much!”

“Who is it? Who killed my Song’er?” Zhao Lingfeng looked down at the corpse on the ground and let out a grieving roar.

The force of terror burst out instantly.

Many people were shocked by this roar! Everyone was terrified!

Suddenly, a crisp child voice sounded in the crowd.

“My dear, what do you want me to do?” Qin Xiaotian stepped out and said lightly.

With one hand on his back, his waist stick is straight, like a long spear, with boundless confidence and sharpness!

On the weak body just over a meter, there was a faint… The atmosphere is depressing and suffocating!

One after another, sharp eyes is locked on Qin Xiaotian’s body.

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