Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 6


Mu Qianqian’s face turned pale, and her whole heart raised to her throat.

She never expected Qin Xiaotian to be so impulsive that he doesn’t know what he was getting into.

In the face of the Zhao Family expert and in front of the Zhao Family Patriarch, the Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer powerhouse, Qin Xiaotian dared to speak out.

This is no longer bold. This is simply… ignoring common sense.

Everyone at the scene looked at each other, with all kinds of complexities in their eyes:


A Pity!


And schadenfreude!

Even the Zhao Family experts and Zhao Family Patriarch themselves revealed an incredible expression.

It seems unbelievable that the eldest son of the dignified Zhao family would die at the hands of a five or six-year-old child.


It’s so ridiculous!

Although Zhao Song’s cultivation base is not high, he is still a cultivator of Qi Refining 7th Layer. If you were killed by a cultivator Qi Refining 8th Layer or Qi Refining 9th Layer, it’s understandable.

But what happened when he died in the hands of a five or six-year-old kid?

Shouldn’t a kid at his age play mud on the ground?

But after looking at the reactions of the surrounding spectators, it seemed that this kid really killed Zhao Song.

After Zhao Lingfeng was shocked for a few seconds, he quickly recovered.

No matter who killed his son, he must make the other party pay a bloody price! Even if the killer is a five or six-year-old kid… no exception!

“Get him!”

Zhao Lingfeng ordered the Zhao Family’s cultivator to dispatch.

As the black shadow flickered, Qin Xiaotian was already surrounded. Several cultivators among them drew their swords and attacked Qin Xiaotian fiercely.

Qin Xiaotian sneered at the corner of his mouth.

Did he even need to escape?

I’m afraid these stupid guys don’t know how strong this small kid they think it is!

Between the sparks and the fire, They only heard Qin Xiaotian shouted!

“Imperial Water!”

With a wave of his small hand, a ball of water suddenly appeared in the air.

This ball of water rose against the storm, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into two water dragons measuring tens of meters in size.

The water dragons growled and towards the cultivators of the Zhao family.

Even more peculiar is that the water dragons are actually black.

In the beginning, the Zhao Family cultivator didn’t take it seriously. After all, the water element magic spell was the weakest among the five elements.

But soon they found themselves wrong.

The water dragons summoned from this brat were actually filled with a strong power of corrosion, which contains highly toxic substances.

Even if it touches you a little bit, it will kill you!

Under the sweep of the water dragons, the Zhao family’s cultivators were killed and wounded in the blink of an eye.

Miserable screams can be heard everywhere.

All the people watching are collectively terrified!

Their people, their hearts, and even the little brother in their trousers tremble uncontrollably!

One move!

More than thirty cultivators of Qi Refining 8th Layer in Zhao Family, plus ten experts of Qi Refining 9th Layer, were all annihilated with just one move!

Noone left alive!

Is this… really done by a five-six years old kid?

This little kid that seems harmless to humans and animals is so terrifying!

Everyone opened their mouths wide.

Dead silence!

The shock in their hearts is completely beyond words.

“How could this be?! Impossible! It must have been my eye fooling me! How could there be such a terrifying kid!”

“These are more than forty people, and all of them are Zhao Family’s elite disciples. Each one is an outstanding expert in cultivation base, but was actually beaten by a brat, in a single moment?”

“Crazy! I’m going crazy! That is too terrifying!”

“Fortunately, I didn’t provoke the kid. Otherwise, I would have been killed!”

Everyone was terrified, but only the three masters of the Zhao family at the three Foundation Establishment Stage were losing their minds.

They initially thought that it would be a breeze to defeat a little kid with no hair. But who knows that they were actually massacred by the kid they were underestimating before.

It happened so fast that they didn’t even have time to save themselves!




Burning in anger!

These more than forty people are all the Zhao family’s elite disciples, and all have been beheaded.

I am afraid that the Zhao family will fall outside Tiandiu City’s Seven Great Cultivation Aristocratic Families in the capital city. The Zhao family might even be destroyed!

As soon as he thought of this, Zhao Lingfeng immediately acts straightforward to try to escape.

“God mortal little child, I ask you to please calm down.”

“You old thing, who do you pretend to be? When you were trying to kill me, you act like it was just a drop in the bucket. Your son’s death cannot wipe out all the crimes he did, and no one in your Zhao family is a good thing. You are the head of the Zhao Family, and you let Zhao Song be a scourge; it is also a crime. If you kneel in front of me and knock your head ten times, this little master may be able to spare your life!” Qin Xiaotian said without rushing.

This statement came out.

Lan Shuang was shocked!

Mu Qianqian was frightened!

All the onlookers were collectively frightened!

Although the kid had been reckless before, no one thought he would be this reckless.

He even dared to order the Patriarch of the Zhao Family, Foundation Establishment 3rd Layer’s powerhouse, to kneel in front of him, and struck his heads ten times.

Only in this way you can bypass each other’s life.

You don’t even know the strength of the Zhao family’s Patriarch. What kind of self-confidence and courage do you have as a kid who doesn’t even have hair? Even if you were born with better innate talents, you still have to be respectful towards certain people.

Is the powerhouse of the Foundation Establishment Stage comparable to the cultivator of the Qi Refining Stage?

At this moment, the Zhao Family’s three Foundation Establishment experts have lost their sanity.

This little bastard is so furious that he didn’t even care about his own life anymore. If I let him say any more words than this, I am afraid this little bastard would ruin the wise Zhao Family!


Zhao Lingfeng shaped his fingers like a knife, swiping across the air, and instantly condensed a fifty-meter-long terrifying sword qi.

For a second, the air trembled and the world changed color.

The terrifying sword qi carried the potential of breaking the sky, moved towards Qin Xiaotian.

The other two Zhao Family Foundation Establishment experts were not idle.

Their swords came out of their sheaths. Their swords were divided into two, the two became four, and the four became eight.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of thousands of sword shadows permeated the sky.

The terrifying flying sword, which seemed like a torrent, and moved towards Qin Xiaotian strikes.

With such a tremendous momentum, the cultivators of the cultivation base near there were scared to death.

“Is this… is this the power of the Foundation Establishment powerhouse?! Sure enough, they are terrifying!”

“I didn’t expect the Foundation Establishment powerhouse to use Imperial Swords. And Zhao Lingfeng himself raised his hand to use his Zhao Family secret art ‘One Finger Asking Heaven Sword’. I wonder if that kid can hold out!”

“Hehe, I think this Zhao family deserves to do it. Dignified Foundation Establishment experts; the three of them besieged a child together? I feel ashamed to say it! “

Those who dare to say this are naturally a prominent family in Tiandu City that is not inferior to the Zhao family.

As the situation continues to escalate, it gets worse.

Almost all Seven Aristocratic Families in Tiandiu City were attracted. But they never meant to help.

Zhao Family and Qin Xiaotian have arrived at the place where irreconcilable until death, and no one wants to go to this pool of blood.

At this point, Qin Xiaotian had reached the most critical moment.

Although his previous performance shocked everyone, now no one believes that he can resist the joint siege of the three Foundation Establishment experts.

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