Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 54


Desolate Sky City. One of the Ten Great Ancient Cities on the front line of Demon Beast Sea. Here is the gathering place of human cultivators.

This is the forefront of cultivator against Demon Beasts from all over the Nine States Continent.

Every day, groups of cultivators would go out of the city to hunt Demon Beasts and exchange their inner core for spiritual stones, medicines, magical artifacts, and even secret books or other cultivation materials.

There are also many cultivators who can’t go back. Their bones are buried in this land forever.

At this place, everything is possible. You may become rich overnight. You may pick up the magic treasures that were left by the once mighty powerhouse when they fell, or even Top Grade Magical Artifacts, the secret books inheritance, and so on.

It is also possible that soon after leaving the city, you encountered a powerful, bloodthirsty, and brutal, terrifying monster.

You might become the freshest unlucky corpse among the billions of dead bones. Of course, more likely, there will be no bones left.

Five hundred miles east of the Desolate Sky City, there is a deep and boundless sea. This sea is called: “Demon Beast Sea.”

Over the Demon Beast Sea, there is a vast mist that shrouded the place all year round. It has never dissipated for thousands of years.

No one knew what the end of the mist was. In short, the cultivators who dared to go deep into the Demon Beast Sea had basically fallen!

Every year. Every day. Every moment. Many Demon Beasts from the other end of the sea of fog landed on the Nine States Continent, causing disasters.

All Demon Beasts that came out of the Demon Beast Sea were extremely brutal and bloodthirsty, killing people at sight.

And every fifty years, many Demon Beasts will spring up from the other end of the sea of fog, forming a tide of Demon Beasts and attacking human cities. Wherever they go, all things become barren!


Tens of thousands of years ago, a terrifying tide of Demon Beasts broke out. Hundreds of billions of monsters looted almost the entire Nine States Continent.

The entire continent’s citizens shivered under the silver power of the Demon Beast.

Every day, millions and even tens of millions of humans die at the mouth of Demon Beasts. Human beings were in dire straits. Mountains of corpses, seas of bones, and rivers of blood!

Just at the critical moment of this crisis. A peerless and powerful man who claimed to be the “Desolate Sky Great Emperor” came into being, covering the sky.

He killed the twelve Kings of 5th Rank Demon Beast and the King of 6th Rank Demon Beast with his own power. He is the best in the world.

Continent cultivators, all respect! Under his leadership, all sects, aristocratic families, and loose cultivators were all united. Willing to obey Desolate Sky, Great Emperor!

Later, Desolate Sky Great Emperor led ten Dividing Spirit powerhouses, 800 Nascent Soul experts, and launched a battle to destroy billions of Demon Beasts.

The continent trembled. Heaven and Earth changed colors. Countless mountains and rivers shattered, and earthquakes and tsunami broke out.

The corpses piled up like a mountain, and blood stained the ground. In the end, the human cultivators drove all the Demon Beasts out of the Nine States Continent at a hefty price.

Ten defensive ancient cities were established on the frontline of the Demon Beast Sea. This Desolate Sky City was built under the name of Desolate Sky Great Emperor.

Time flies, and that battle has passed for 50,000 years!


Recently, including the cultivators in the other Nine Great Ancient Cities, became a bit worried.

There were two years left before Demon Beast Tide broke out. But somehow, in the past few days, most of the cultivators who went hunting out of the city have never returned! The casualty rate has increased by 500%!

Even two days ago, some people heard that a Nascent Soul powerhouse went out to hunt monsters; he did not go deep into the Demon Beast Sea but still died!

For a time, most hunting cultivators panicked and dared not go out.

This situation is bizarre. In the past, when the Demon Beast Tide broke out, a large number of Demon Beasts would attack the Ten Great Ancient Cities.

But this time, the situation in the Demon Beast Sea didn’t look like it was about to erupt earlier, instead of the casualties of cultivators who went out hunting soared.

In a tavern in Desolate Sky City, many cultivators discussed.

“Damn, I’m too unlucky. Yesterday, I spent a lot of effort killing a 2nd Rank Demon Beast. Before I had time to cramp and peel its inner core, a group of 2nd Rank Demon Beasts immediately surrounded me. Fortunately, I have a Divine Movement Talisman in my hand. Otherwise, I would really die there!”

“Brother, that is awesome. Recently, the wind is so tight, and you dare to go out hunting? Sure enough, you want money. I admire you, Fellow Daoist!”

“Don’t tell me, these Demon Beasts suddenly gained IQ, and now they can do guerrilla warfare. In the past, when did these Demon Beasts ever care about the life of their kind enough to save each other?”

“It’s bizarre. If these Demon Beasts dare to attack the city and fight us openly, we won’t be afraid of these beasts. But now, when we go out of the city to hunt, these beasts will attack together. This is frustrating. I feel like my IQ is being crushed by Demon Beasts!”

“I came to Demon Beast Sea to make money. I didn’t come to Demon Beast Sea to die. Someone said that there is usually a danger, but it also comes with opportunities. But now there are only dangers, no more opportunities. What’s the point?”

“In recent years, the cultivation world is getting worse and worse. Resources are dwindling. The internal conflicts among humans are gradually increasing. We originally expected the Demon Beast Sea to make some sweetness, but now the Demon Beast Sea can’t play along anymore. How can this be good?”

With everyone’s discussion, most of the cultivators in the tavern looked sad. It’s like a group of workers about to be laid off. Who knows where the future is headed?

At this time, a white-clothed cultivator said: “I heard that the four major influences of Immortal Spirit Dao Academy, Encompassing Heaven Sect, Heaven’s Secret Pavillion, and Myriad Swords Sect have sent Elders to investigate the cause of the incident. And I also heard that an Elder of the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy would arrive in the Desolate Sky City in the near future!”

“Since it is the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy Elder, at least he should be a powerful person in the Nascent Soul Stage. I hope this matter can be resolved as soon as possible. Otherwise, we can’t continue to linger in the Demon Beast Sea. Rather than dying, might as well be a turtle!”

“That’s true. At least I am also a master when I go back inland!”

Above an altar at the central area in the Desolate Sky City, an extremely bright beam of light suddenly lit up. Along with the beam of light, the surrounding Spiritual Qi surged wildly. Suddenly, space shook for a while.

More than three hundred uniform cultivators appeared out of thin air. Most of these cultivators had a terrific aura. At such a young age, all of them were already heroes.

It’s just that there is this one little strange thing among the crowd. There is actually a kid who looks only six years old. This little kid wore a purple daoist robe.

With one hand on his chest and one hand behind his waist, he looked up at the sky as if the endless starry sky was his longing.

More than three hundred cultivators followed behind him, and two Golden Core experts, this little kid unexpectedly had a faint force!

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