Strongest Invincible Brat

Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 55


“Is this the legendary Desolate Sky City? It’s bigger than I thought!” Qin Xiaotian looked around, like a curious child, full of great interest in all new things.

Within Desolate Sky City, there are no magnificent buildings. There are no flashy pavilions. Some are just one ancient and heavy war fortress after another!

All around, the buildings are made of extremely hard obsidian. As if it has been baptized by history and war but still persevering.

Standing on this red land full of blood and killing. Fifty thousand years have passed but still looked the same!

Looking at the distance, you can see thick city walls and spacious streets. There are a total of eighteen streets in the city.

Each street is at least two hundred meters wide and fifty miles long. All the streets are grouped together to form nine more important neighborhoods, coinciding with the Nine Palaces of Array Diagram.

It seems as though that the entire city is just an array.

Qin Xiaotian muttered!

I wonder who owns such a skill? Turning the entire city into a Heaven and Earth great array… Even the Green Robed Old Ancestor never necessarily possessed such method.

There were many cultivators in the city. At least more than 100,000. Most of them were in groups, and some have formed small factions, and even some cultivation families and disciples from various sects have taken root here!

There were almost no cultivators below the Foundation Establishment Stage. The lowest cultivation base here was at least above the Foundation Establishment 1st Layer. This situation was normal.

In the Demon Beast Sea, even the lowest level 1st Rank Demon Beast has a quite lethal lethality, and most of the 1st Rank Demon Beast are grouped monsters, and there are dozens or hundreds of them.

As for the 2nd Rank Demon Beast, its strength is comparable to Foundation Establishment cultivator. Different types have different combat effectiveness.

But in any case, it is not something that cultivators in the Qi Refining stage can handle. If a cultivator in the Qi Refining stage is in the Demon Beast Sea, as long as he is not in the city, he is basically dead!

This kind of burden is naturally unsuitable for survival in the Demon Beast Sea, where the strong eat the weak.

At this time, Qin Xiaotian and his party appeared from the Transmission Array, which attracted many onlookers. Many people point to it.

“Are these the people from the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy? They all look young, but their cultivation bases are very good!”

“That can’t be true! There should be more than amateurs!”

“Shouldn’t there be a Nascent Soul Elder leading? Why can’t I find him?”

“What? Why is there a little kid? Who the hell assumes the Demon Beast Sea as some sort of a tourist destination? Bringing a brat over to join in the fun- could it be that the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy has become crazy?”

These cultivators talked loudly, and they were not afraid about it.

Even though Immortal Spirit Dao Academy is one of the top ten influences of the Nine States Continent, some cultivators don’t fear them. The cultivators of the Demon Beast Sea.

Each and everyone was the master of knife licking blood. Fighting all year round, they developed their sturdy temperament. All of them were murderous-looking.

They are all very ruthless characters who disagree with life. If you are the king of heaven, and these people will still not give you face. Here, fist means everything!

In contrast, Immortal Spirit Dao Academy has a lot of elite disciples. Facing the criticisms of the onlookers, they became a little uncomfortable.

They embarrassedly explained: “The little kid in front is our Elder at Dao Academy.”

Is this a joke? This might lose the Dao Academy’s reputation completely.

Unlike these elite disciples, Qin Xiaotian looked calm and comfortable.

In the face of other people’s comments and criticisms, he didn’t care at all. His skin is as thick as this city wall. Basically, it can shield all saliva attacks.

“Elder Qin, our Dao Academy has a station in Desolate Sky City. Or, let’s go to the station to rest for a while, and wait until we find out the specific situation of Demon Beast Sea before we make a plan?”

Behind Qin Xiaotian, a fatter Golden Core cultivator whispered. Not only that, but he also seems to use the sound transmission method, for fear that others will know the identity of Qin Xiaotian!

A sneer of disdain appeared at the corner of Qin Xiaotian’s mouth.

“Go by yourself. This Elder wants to go around alone!”

Upon hearing Qin Xiaotian’s words, the elite disciples were relieved. Lei Qiandong was also relieved at the same time. He was afraid that Qin Xiaotian would rely on his Elder status to blindly command.

If this guy’s brain gets hot, and he takes them out of the Desolate Sky City, the fun will be too much!

Although this brat is a reincarnated person, his past behavior is not very reliable.

Always thinking one out is one out. Doing weird things every now and then. People with a bad heart really will have a heart attack.

Now, this guy offered to part ways, and that was just right. Lei Qiandong can take over command as a matter of course!

As for those elite disciples, most of them don’t know about Qin Xiaotian’s ‘so-called’ reincarnation, which made it more worrying about following Qin Xiaotian! Although this brat can be called a peerless genius, he is only a small child after all, and his cultivation base only has Foundation Establishment 7th Layer, which is no better than them.

Adults listening to a child’s command. Isn’t this nonsense?

Qin Xiaotian had seen through these people’s thoughts long ago. He was not angry either. On the contrary, look relaxed!

If it weren’t for the Dean, he would not have let these ‘so-called’ elite disciples come with him to the Demon Beast Sea. Qin Xiaotian didn’t want to play with these garbage at all! This is merely dragging him down on the rhythm of upgrading and killing monsters!

After parting ways with the Immortal Spirit Dao Academy cultivators, Qin Xiaotian wandered alone in Desolate Sky City. Soon he heard something about Demon Beast Sea’s current situations.

“The Demon Beasts suddenly has IQ? They know how to help each other?” Qin Xiaotian muttered to himself.

According to Green Robed Old Ancestor’s 4,000 years of cultivation experience, generally, if Low Level Demon Beasts exhibit such abnormal behavior, there must be a very powerful High Level Demon Beast commanding behind them… Being able to order Low Level Demon Beast regardless of type or number. The lowest existence of this level is the 5th Rank Beast King level, which is equivalent to the existence of the Dividing Spirit powerhouse.

Divided by Demon Beast strength: 1st Rank Demon Beast is roughly the same strength as the strength of the cultivator who is in Qi Refining 1st layer to the 9th layer. The strength of 2nd Rank Demon Beast is equivalent to Foundation Establishment 1st Layer to Foundation Establishment 9th Layer. 3rd Rank Demon Beast is equivalent to Golden Core 1st Layer to Golden Core 9th Layer. 4th Rank Demon Beast is equivalent to Nascent Soul Early Stage to Nascent Soul Great Perfection. 5th Rank Beast King is equivalent to Dividing Spirit Early Stage to Dividing Spirit Great Perfection. 6th Rank Beast Sovereign is equivalent to Integration Stage power.

Meanwhile, the 7th Rank Demon Beast’s bloodline is noble and scarce. They are also called Starry Sky Giant Beast. They can eat the stars, the sun, and the moon, and cross the starry sky. Wherever they go, there is a bloody storm!

For such Starry Sky Giant Beasts, it is rumored that only the Supreme of the Crossing Tribulation Stage can surrender it!

Closer to home, These Demon Beasts will vary according to bloodline, innate talent, Divine Ability, type, and strength. Even if the Demon Beast is in the same level, their strength would still vary.

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