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Strongest Invincible Brat Chapter 57


“Fuck! We offended an almighty powerhouse! The little kid is definitely a disguise!”

“Does all peerless experts like playing the pig, eating the tiger? What a terrible hobby! Pretending to be a kid scared me to death!”

The two Golden Core cultivators were worried. Looking at the leaving Qin Xiaotian, they felt complicated.

After Qin Xiaotian left Desolate Sky City, he headed east. Since five hundred miles east of the city is Demon Beast Sea, just by keep walking east, you will eventually encounter Demon Beasts.

After leaving the Desolate Sky City, Qin Xiaotian had no scruples anymore. There was a feeling that the sky is high and broad for birds flying; the sea is wide and deep for fish swimming.

He released his Divine Sense scan. The overwhelming mental power, like an infrared scan, centered on him, covering a diameter of twenty miles in a radius. Whether it is the Demon Beast hidden in the ground or the Demon Beast flying in the sky, he saw them with endless panoramic view.

Because he just left the Desolate Sky City, only a few Demon Beasts were nearby, and most of them were very low-level. The most powerful brood of Demon Beasts he detected was only a dozen of 2nd Rank Storm Wolf.

Qin Xiaotian obviously lacked interest in these low-level Demon Beasts.

He continued to fly east. After a while, he suddenly felt a violent battle fluctuation ahead. He vaguely felt a sword qi moving unhindered, and Power of Thunder flickered.

Qin Xiaotian’s eyes lit up. He immediately came over with interest.

At the center of the battle, there was a woman in white clothes. Her clothes in tatters. She was holding a long sword and currently confronting a huge Black Thunder Leopard.

Black Thunder Leopard is five meters long and about three meters tall. It is extremely sturdy and full of explosive power. That crazy, bloodthirsty, powerful aura makes people shake in fear. Not only that, but its skin is covered with extremely hard scale armor, which is hard to break through with just ordinary Magical Artifact. What is even more incredible is that the Black Thunder Leopard can breathe/spit out thunder and lightning.

Each thunderbolt spurted out of its mouth, just like that ground-to-air missile. Instantly explode on impact. Its destructive power can create a hole of 50 meters diameter and about ten meters deep. The powerful shock wave can spread to hundreds of meters away!

Chu Yun was desperate. Faced with such a terrifying Wild Thunder Leopard, she knew that she could not escape!

As one of the most terrifying Demon Beasts in the 3rd Rank Demon Beast, Wild Thunder Leopard can make any cultivator below the Golden Core 5th Layer who encounters it will die for certain!

This leopard can spit lightning, flying in the air, and it is as fast as lightning.

Once hit by the destructive thunderbolt, even the Golden Core powerhouse will turn into a coke!

What’s even more abnormal is that this Demon Beast is extremely powerful in tracking. Once locked by it, it can chase you down to death even if you are hundreds of miles away!

Chu Yun’s hunting squad was initially 20 people, including three Golden Core powerhouses as their members. But now, they are all dead. Dead under the grasp of Wild Thunder Leopard!

Despite being a Foundation Establishment 9th Layer cultivator, she managed to survive to this day. If she hadn’t had a secret treasure on her body that could block the smell on her body and can let her burst out the strength of the Golden Core Stage in a short time, perhaps she would have died already! But now, she can’t hold on anymore!

At this moment of life and death, Chu Yun recalled her life with a grim fate for more than two decades.

She was initially born in a cultivation Aristocratic Family, and her father was a powerful Golden Core 3rd Layer. Since she was young, she lived carefreely. But a change ten years ago completely changed her life. Her father died tragically, and the position of the patriarch was taken away. As a daughter of the Chu family, she was forced to live out. Fortunately, she was lucky enough to survive many life and death moments with her secret treasure. Inspired by hatred, she cultivated assiduously regardless of the situation. Her progress far exceeded that of cultivators her age.

Three years ago, Chu Yun came to Demon Beast Sea. She formed a Demon Beast Hunting Squad with some other cultivators. Every time she participated in a mission, she fought like a man. She eagerly hoped that she would become stronger as soon as possible. Until one day, she can avenge her father!

But today, all her luck seemed to have been used up. Even if she was carrying another secret treasure, she couldn’t escape from Wild Thunder Leopard’s clutches. Most likely, she won’t be able to avenge his father!

She was desperate, painful, and tired at the same time! Maybe death was a relief for her.

Thinking of this, Chu Yun closed her eyes. She gave up all resistance and waited for death to come. Maybe in the next second, a violent thunderstorm will tear her body to pieces. Obviously, a Demon Beast has no compassion for humans. Nor will it let someone go just because he/she give up resistance.

“Roar!” A roar. The leopard’s bloody mouth was wide open like a sacrificial bowl*.

*TL note: 血盆大口 xuè pén dà kǒu= bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl (idiom); ferocious mouth of beast of prey; fig. greedy exploiter; rapacious aggressor

Looking at the white-clothed woman about to die, Qin Xiaotian moved.

Just at this critical moment, there was a sudden cry in the sky: “Naughty cat! Stop hurting people!”

A hundred meters long flame sword qi appeared out of nowhere. It smacked the Wild Thunder Leopard’s head.

“Ding!” With a loud metal crash sound, it crashed into Wild Thunder Leopard’s head.

At this time, Chu Yun came back to his senses. She looked in that direction. She saw a pink little child standing over the void hundreds meters away from her. He was holding a long flame sword.

His aura is terrific, and his will to fight is exuded all over his body. This child seems to be about five or six years old.

Chu Yun suddenly looked dazed. She had imagined that a Young Master in white would come from the sky to save her like a hero saving the beauty. But isn’t this hero a bit too small?

Qin Xiaotian was also a little confused at this time. Regardless of his low cultivation base, the sword qi that he just manifested almost reached the realm of Man and Sword United, and the sword in his hand was 3rd Grade Magical Artifact Fire Spirit Sword. He felt like he can cut through a ten-meter-thick alloy steel plate. But even with that, it didn’t even cut the leopard’s skin.

At this moment, Qin Xiaotian carefully observed the black leopard in front of him. The aura on this Demon Beast was extremely terrifying. Not inferior to the powerhouse of Golden Core 9th Layer!

“Fuck! What kind of Demon Beast is that?!”

In Qin Xiaotian’s mind, a memory about many types of Demon Beast appeared instantly, and he recognized this Demon Beast soon.

According to Green Robed Old Ancestor’s memory, a Wild Thunder Leopard is just a very weak Demon Beast, which can be crushed to death with a little finger. However, that explanation was based on a Dividing Spirit cultivator’s perspective.

If the ordinary Golden Core cultivator encounters this kind of Demon Beast, they might not survive!

This is a kind of Demon Beast in 3rd Rank Demon Beast; its attack and defense are extremely powerful.

“This is my first time doing ‘saving the beauty’, but immediately I have to run away?”

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